Possibile new expansions of AoE3DE

So, with the new AoE3, and considering that AoE4 is already confirmed to be settled in the middle ages (not in more modern era, like the napoleonic or the word wars era) I think that there are possibilities for a lot of new context and scenarios for the game.

  • The introduction of the swedes get my hopes up for the 30 years war, with the central Europe as the new maps/scenario and the various pieces of the HRE as the new tribes, there could also be new civs, like danish, polands, hungary and such…

  • The colonization of Africa also is a big possibility, since almost all mayor European power had colonies in Africa, and it open up the possibility for new maps, tribes, and civs, both African ones (like etiopians) and European (like Italians).

  • The napoleonic wars (I mean, napoleon represents the French, but other than that there is anything about it in the game).

  • The war of unification of Germany and Italy in the 1800.

In general, any conflict, war, conquest or colonization before the word war could be implemented through the main game, DLC and mods, and that means a lot of possibilities.


How you can hope for a new dlc?don’t wait for unannounced things.
Probably these two new civs and art of war/historical battles is our last content for aoe3.
Don’t wait a new dlc for aoe3 or aoe2.


Won’t prevent me from hoping for some more for both.


With aoe2 they specify that there won’t be any more DLC, but they didn’t said anything for aoe3.

Also, mods would work too.

To be precise, they said it’s unlikely that they add new civs, not impossible.

They didn’t exclude other types of DLC.

To be honest, they’d really not be smart to not add new civs considering how often new civ request threads pop up.


We really need African, South east asian and middle eastern civs… they can take so much ideas from the mods like wars of liberty, age of dynasties, indonesia etc


Well in an interview with gamestar they said: “Adam Isgreen throws in a “Never say never” and hints that further campaigns could be delivered after the release”


South est Asia and Middle East is at least represented with maps and tribes.

I think that Africa and Europe takes the priority.

For AOE2 DE they said that there will be no more civilizations, but that if you could open more content such as campaigns or things like that and in AOE 3 DE they can add much more, since it is not as full of content as AOE2 DE.


AoE2 DE is so saturated with plenty of civs that there is no need for adding others. From time to time somebody comes with wishlist of new civs but general view, I suppose, is there is enough of them :slight_smile: (Personally I would like to add few more but their additional value for the game itself is very limited).

AoE3 DE is a different case. I see there is a room for new maps (continents) and this brings also a new possibility for new civs. I am against ideas to add many civs or even to equalize the number of AoE2 DE. But adding 5 civs to the AoE3 in phases should server well, shouldn’t it?


I wouldn’t assume that the devs add more civs into this game. They announced AoE3DE pretty soon and started working on it since then to only add 2 more civs. AoE3 is just not popular enough to put more work/time into it and adding too much new content wouldn’t pay off too much. The focus is clearly on AoE4(and AoE2DE maintenance mode) after the release of AoE3DE.

Persian Empire DLC,plz!Take my money!


given the fact that players cant chose same civs like aoe 2, there should be more civs in aoe 3


AOE 4 is already being made Relic… really good and reliable rts maker company… tantalus and forgotten can work on aoe 3


The inclusion of the Swedes and Incas definitely makes the game feel a bit more complete, but they could do expansions with these civs…

Asian Theme:

  • Siamese - The Thai weren’t a civilization in Age of Empires II: Rise of the Rajas, but Thailand was a rich, independent kingdom that dominated Southeast Asia around the end of the Age of Empires III timeframe.
  • Persians - Based on the Safavids.

African Theme:

  • Omani - They were a prominent empire that dominated the Swahili Coast.
  • Ethiopians - They remained a world power that originated in Africa.

European Theme:

  • Habsburgs/Austrians - Not really major colonists, but like the Ottomans they were a major world power that greatly influenced the course of events.
  • Danes - This one has been requested a lot.
  • Poland? - I’ve heard people say they’re too primitive to fit, but they were still a large empire.

Of these, I think the Omani and Danes are likeliest due to the game’s focus on colonization, but if the focus was on specific themes, then I’d imagine either an African or Middle Eastern expansion with the Omani as one of the civs (as well as either the Persians or Ethiopians), while the European expansion would most likely have at least the Danes and either the Austrians or Polish, possibly the Italians instead.


Well, there are still unrepresented areas in both games. South Africa, most parts of South America and Polynesia for both, North America for AOE2.

We have barely any Eagle Warrior civs.

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South America is well-represented in AoE3 now that the Incas are going to be a civ. The rest of the continent is basically Spanish, Dutch, French, and Portuguese colonies whose independent nations are available through the Revolution feature.

It’s really Africa and the Middle East that are severely underrepresented in 3 aside from the Ottomans. Thailand would be good for variety’s sake because that was the definitive Southeast Asian-based empire, independent of colonists.


I could easily imagine Mapuche and Tupi as major civs like Wars of Liberty does it.

Wars of Liberty also allows you to play as some of those colonies too as major civs which is great. Playing as Simon Bolivars Colombia is fresh and interesting.


Last European Powers: Polish, Danish, Austrians and Swiss.
Into Africa: Italians, Songhai, Moroccocans, Ethiopians.
The Indochinese revolt: Burmese, Siamese and Vietnamese.


Swiss weren’t a big power, they were rinomate mercenaries, but beyond that didn’t have a big impact on the politic of the time.

Instead, states like Hungary and Italy (savoy) should be add in an eventual 30 years war scenario.