Possible civilizations to add by number of campaign appearences

Okay so lets try to predict whats next based on the current DLC civs. And it wont be just “haha Europe go brrrr” (sorta) but it has to be civs that are both already in the campaigns and can work without new architecture (probably the better the earlier). So these are the civs that appear on campaigns by order of appearances;

Tamils (but including all Dradivians for the sake of simplicity)

  • Suvyavarman 4
  • Almeida 4
  • Prithviraj 2, 3, 5
  • Gajah Mada 5


  • Almeida 1
  • El Cid 3 and 5
  • Bapheus

Mamluks/Egyptians (honestly this civ is questionable, but I could see it happening unlike civs like Sosso)

  • Longshanks 2
  • Tamerlane 5
  • Almeida 5
    (if Egypt included also Saladin 1)


  • El Cid 2, 3, 4, 5
  • Tours
  • Possible replacement of some of the players of the Berber campaign


  • Sforza 1,4,5
  • Barbarrosa 4

Ghurids/Afghans (basically Delhi + Ghurids)

  • Tamerlane 2
  • Prithviraj 4, 5

Welsh (not a fan, but very possible)

  • York
  • Edward Longhanks 1, 3


  • Gengis Khan 1
  • Bukhara


  • Barbarosa 1, 2
  • Hastings


  • Barbarosa 1, 2, 4


  • Yodit 2, 3
  • Saladin 1?

Gurjarati/Rajputs/Northern India civ (another questionable adition from the point of view of the devs since it would leave Indians representing Mughals)

  • Almeida 5
  • Arguably all of Prithviraj


  • Dracula, all scenarios


  • All of Montezuma but scenario 1


  • Pachacuti 1-4

Sosso (extremely questionable choice simply because they are more unknown than even a civ like Kanem would be)

  • Sundjata, all scenarios but scenario 2.


  • Gengis Khan 1, 2

Scythians (Alans and Sogdians included)

  • Attila 1, 2, 5


  • Bayyainaung 4


  • Suvyavarman 5


  • Gengis Khan 3


  • Pachacuti 5


  • Tamerlane 5


  • Almeida 3


  • Tamerlane 5


  • Gengis Khan 3


  • Prithviraj 5


  • Sundjata 2 (as Wagadou)


  • Sundjata 2 (as Niger)

Dutch (Burgundians kidn of cover them so idk)

  • Grand Dukes 5

Mention more if you want. You could also make a case for Romans considering they are in every scenario of two diferent campaigns.

After looking at it I think the most possible DLC following the current format and following this campaign apearances thing would be an Spain DLC including Aragonese and Moors. I would personally slap into it an aditional Viking Sigurd I campaign, since he had some “adventures” around that region. Btw, this isnt what I want, but what I would expect following the current wave of DLCs


Not a fan of either to be honest. This campaign appearance thing is secondary. And considering the general feedback I think the most likely thing next is an Indian expansion, both due to Euro civ fatigue as well as general request frequency.


Tbh it was more of a thought experiment (and i think that the campaign thing beins so accurate is kind of weird) and honestly Im not a fan either


Tbh I think that after that the most possible civs following this (arbitrary) method is an Indian or Middle Eastern DLC


I support the addition of Vlachs 100%.


Exactly. If it has nothing to do with old campaigns, the dev will even not need to change the old data.

BTW, since Xi Xia basically is equal to Tanguts, it is better change one of them to Liao, then Khitans may have a chance for Liao. I wonder why the dev still keeps both Xi Xia and Tanguts in that campaign.

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Oops, totally forgot about Khitan.

Thats a big one

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Yeah I know, just a thought experiment.

Its just a probably accidental trend

Btw, Liao didnt exist by then. The Khara Kitai are kind of the heirs of Liao


I knew, just an option for replacing one of Xi Xia and Tanguts.

In the campaign of Bukhara, the White Huns and Hun Raiders actually are the Iranic nomads, which is close and may be covered by Sogdians (Scythians you stated). In the other hand, Gokturks in that campaign also could be different from current Turks civ, considering the relations and potential choices of new campaigns with Tang Dynasty of China. Also, Khazars may probably be covered by Gokturks too since it was also led and ruled by Ashina tribe.

Yeah and Uyghurs could also be included with those. Gotta add that to the list

Do we really know what was the deal with white Huns? I thought no one knew what was going onwith them in terms of which group they are part of

It was possible to be the Iranic nomads who called themselves “Hun” or “Xiongnu”.
Also, they ruled Sogdia then.

To be honest, I think it is not bad that Uyghurs is covered by Tatars.
One is Uyghurs was one who opposed Ashina tribe of Gokturks and toppled their rule. Other one, It was influenced by Mongols later like Tatars.

You could check this template in traditional Chinese wiki.
It colored the relative groups on Mongolian Plateau in the same color.
Xiongnu is pink, Xianbei and Khitans are bright blue, Gokturks is bright violet, Tele and Uyghurs (who may be represented by Tatars) are bright indigo, Mongols is orange brown (Mongol Empire is the darker one).

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They are far closer to Gokturks than to Tatars from what I understood

I cannot say it is perfectly right or wrong.
Turkic people is such a huge, complex and historical group.

But we know Gokturks was far from Ottomans, Seljuks and Tatars.

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Fingers always crossed for Caucasus to get their presence with an entirely new bset.


It’s really interesting to see this list, but for some reason the main thought I had while reading it is that if Welsh were their own civ, they wouldn’t have longbows, and that would be super weird.

Then I remembered that they actually don’t have longbows when they appear in the Longshanks campaign, and it is super weird.


The Moors are literally what the Spanish called the Berbers, it’s like having an “Iranians” civ along with the Persians
Also the Aragonese coat of arms is literally part of the Spanish civ Icon
Basically most of these are already covered by other civs


Didnt the Muslims that arrived at Spain create their own diferent culture? Imo fairly comparable if not a bit better thsn a Norman civ

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Also, surprised at there being not any scenario including Sweden

Also, im not saying the civ choices are good (a lot of them arent), but its certainly following on how we have gotten civs lately


Not that I particulary want the aragonese in the game, but the current “spanish” icon is the coat of arm of “Castille and Leon”.