Possible new way of playing with the Incas?

The Incas will have wonders in the style of Asian civilizations to pass from age? or what do you think these buildings are?
Remember that native civilizations could not build wonders in the aoe3 cc, will that change? In the news about it they mention that the Native Americans have been reviewed, what are your impressions?

Edit: hey guys, thank you very much for your contributions, I have not commented because you have much more information than me, so I do not have much to contribute, I must acknowledge the great contribution of FranzVonNogay, Josh1Axel and AdoringDegree82, that cannon that appears on the Big button has left me with more questions and hype haha


The one at the right or the one at the top might be a temple, the big square looks like a fort.

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Ok, it looks like they will have similar gameplay to European nations, as no American nation (Aztecs, Iroquois, and Sioux) has temples or fortresses.
I have reviewed the information again and they say that the Incas will have a more traditional game, so it could be that if, in terms of gameplay, they are like the European nations

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here is my expectation of the different buildings we see:

top right is an advance military building or maybe something like an arsenal.

bottom right (and left middle) looks like some sort of production or housing buildings, perhaps villages similar to china?

furthest left is a barracks, no doubt about it.

below that is docs.

top building is TC, to the right of that looks like an advance training building (similar to Aztec)

middle left is a market.

middle right (the large building) looks like a fort to me, i expect it to work similar to European forts.


I have to be onest, while I love the introduction of the swedes, I’m not crazy about the incas, I even dare to say that they weren’t necessary.

Don’t get me wrong, I always love a new civ, but I don’t agree with the choice, meso civs are more the field of AoE2, and aoe3 could have introduced more unique civs, like a new north american native civs, new european civs, or some african ones, since Africa is the only continent that were colonized and that isn’t included in the game.

Still, I can’t wait to play them, but I hope for new civs in the future…


I smell these guys will have some kind of gold eco bonus


I think that there will be something related to the network of road that they have, and the fact that usually instead of having armies March fully equipped, they had several warehouses to arm men on the spot, so that they could travel for longer distances faster.


wtf? The Incas are not a Mesoamerican civilization, it covers all of suthamerica, a region larger than North America, AOE3 is a game that focuses on the era of American colonization, the Incas, being the largest American empire in history, had every reason to be present, what’s more, initially it was thought to include them but the developers preferred the Aztecs

AOE2 a game of Mesoamerican civilizations? Do you realize that in AOE 2 we only have 2 Mesoamerican civilizations? Mayas and Aztecs, AOE2 did not give the prominence that the Meso civis deserved at all, please, check your history book and your geography book, Aztecs, Tlaxcalans, Mayans, Zapotecs, Mixtecs, Toltecs, Tehotihuacanos are examples of civis Meso, Incas, Nazcas, Mapuches, Moches are examples of South American civis and have not even covered all of those in any AOE


To say that the Incas are Mesoamericans is like saying that the The Chinese are Arabs, religion, customs, language, architecture, art, etc. are completely different, to give you an idea, there were never wars between Aztecs or Mayans, and much less with Incas because they were separated by the entire Panama pass and the Petén jungle, even though they lived in the same period of time


Calling Incas “meso” is just a bad habit AoE2 players got since they are very similar to Mayan/Aztec in the game.


Exactly, aoe2 is terrible in terms of the representation of the American civis, that is why it bothers me that he says that we have aoe2 for that, when NO, aoe3 on the contrary has been excellent in it, and with the Incas it seems the same will happen, they are completely unique and different from each other, (as an example, the Incas never built pyramids, which the Mayans and Aztecs did all the time), nor did they worship the eagle, they worshiped the condor


I didn’t meant it literally, but as a group, aztecs, mayans and incas are the “meso” civs in aoe2, in my opinion they shouldn’t add aztecs too in the old expansion, like in aoe2 there aren’t the romans, since they were in aoe1.

I have nothing against aztecs or incas, I just think that they could have add different civs.

I meant that aoe2 cover the early colonization period, so instead aoe3 with new content could have gone further, on more recent history.

I didn’t meant that they are literally meso civs, my mistake, let’s call them pre-Columbian cultures of center and south America, still the point is that is an overlap with aoe2, which is fine, but I would have personally like something different.

Let’s be clear, I’m happy about incas, but if I had to choose only 2 new civs, I wouldn’t choose them, I’m way more happy about swedes.


Well, the fact that they are meso civilizations in AOE2 does not mean anything, I repeat, historically and geographically it is an insult to intelligence, it is like saying that Arabs and Chinese are the same, I guess you don’t know much about the Incas and that’s why you don’t you make such a serious mistake, that in aoe2 it is wrong does not mean that in aoe3 it is right, most of the aoe2 community does not even play the 3

You have said the key word, AOE3 focuses on the era of colonization of America, the Incas, being the largest empire that has existed in the history of America and having fought against the Spanish are a crucial piece of the historical period, by the way , the last Inca stronghold fell in 1573 !!! covers perfectly the period of time

Wait, are you telling me that even the Aztecs weren’t supposed to be there? Thank you, you have answered all my questions, you simply want your whims to be given importance, not the historically correct, how the ■■■■ do you make a game of American colonization without Incas and Aztecs? it’s like making a starwars movie without jedis hahaha

Sure, that you like the Swedes is great, but to say that the Incas are not necessary? It seems that I did not make it clear, aoe2 practically insults the Incas by putting them as civi meso, it is the furthest thing from reality, their mother civilizations are not even the same (mother civilization of the Meso = Olmecs, mother civilization of South America = Moches and Nazca) literally the Egyptians are more similar to the Incas than the Aztecs


that I remember the Byzantine empire is the eastern part of the Roman Empire so your analogy is very bad haha

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Would love to see more American civs for both games.


cough Byzantines cough

Well, AoE3 has Isabelle of Castilles, which is both from an AoE2 civ AND older than the Aztec/Inca colonization. Same with Henri the navigator, and almost same for Suleiman.

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Sorry for deleting the reply, accidentally deleted it
I would like to highlight some aspects about the Inca culture that might give you one idea of what this buildings might be.
First of all, I’m peruvian and as a student we always learn about our cultures, I might no be historian but I can tell the basics. (sorry if my english isn’t that good)
The big one being a fort wouldn’t be a surprise. The incas had highly fortify towns and cities, examples of these are: Ollantaytambo and Sacsayhuaman, the remains of those lets you see how fortified they were.
The one at the back might be a temple, however it seems a little off to me, because temples didn’t look like huts but the most similar thing I could find is the Temple of the three windows
I read some comments about a specialized unit barrack like the aztecs and that would be the case surely, because the inca army didn’t had any cavalry and consisted mostly of infantry (about artillery I don’t think there are any dates of it being use)
However I can tell about probably the huaminca and the inca bolas warrior would be the units from the first barrack with adition of a fast unit melee combatant (with a club or axe)
There could be archers in adition
For the advance Barrack, probably there would be some kind of Inca knight type unit with high hp and slow. Lastly if we speak about the era after the conquest, where Incas were chased, there could be some kind of Inca with a rifle, like a revolutionary inca unit (musketeer or skirmisher). Incas might have great relations with natives, because lots of other natives were part of the Great Inca Empire, otherwise some of this natives might be units that fill the holes in the Inca army (like chinese with mongols)guerreros-incas
Finally the incas probably won’t have normal houses, they would have villagers like the chinese. Incas lived in communities that served the INCA (the real one, because the Inca was the king and not all the habitants) and he distributed the resources among all the aillus.
Lastly expect some good economy and turtle strategy from the incas, because from history probably they would have structures with high hitpoints and a extremly good economic (lots of gold)
This doesn’t appear here but tambos were buildings to rest for the messengers (chasquis), those also served as storage for food and other supplies.


Bizz existed for about another 1000 years, and they become something different from the old Roman Empire, so it’s another thing…

What? I can’t have opinions? I can’t have my own preferences? I can’t share them here?

Who said that? I expressed my preference, like you are expressing yours, so stop ranting.

Did you get offended because of my inappropriate use of the term meso, or because I said that aoe2 already cover the early colonization, well I’m sorry, but that isn’t a excuse for ranting.

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at what point have I been offended? At what point have I said that you cannot have opinions, you are not saying that it is your opinion that the Incas are not there, you literally wrote “the Incas are not necessary” to which I replied, since you have run out of arguments you are entering a field in which you are only victimizing yourself, friend, I wanted to hear arguments and points of why they should not be, not just say “you have been offended”, I think we have nothing more to discuss.
And do you think the Aztecs and Incas did not change in these periods of time? literally the Aztecs went from calling themselves Mexica to Aztecs hahaha

bro this must end, this post is to talk about the gameplay of the Incas and you put something that is not even going to change, it’s like you only got to complain, I don’t understand why every time someone opens a thread to talk about Americans civilizations go so far as to say they shouldn’t be in the game, honestly it’s silly to debate it

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