Possible replacement for the Incas

I realized that in the Andes the Incas are still available for a minor native alliance, this data is interesting, because if the Incas play “local” they can be quite broken.
As happened in TWC, that the added civilizations were replaced, probably the Incas in the future will also be replaced, the idea of ​​this topic is to discuss a possible replacement, in my humble opinion I think it should be the Aymara, they are a fairly large people that also lives in that region of the Andes.

The same text, but in spanish.

Me di cuenta que en los Andes los incas todavía están disponibles para una alianza nativa menor, es interesante este dato, porque si los incas juegan “de local” pueden estar bastante rotos.
Como paso en TWC, que se reemplazaron a las civilizaciones agregadas, probablemente los incas en el futuro también sean reemplazados, la idea de este topic es discutir un posible reemplazo, en mi humilde opinión creo que deberían ser los Aimaras, son un pueblo bastante grande que también habita en aquella region de los andes.

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Please don’t take more good things out of the game, fully upgraded training times for cavalry is trash without natives with cav training 50% slower now and infantry 25% faster. Treaty and lategame just gets butchered even further than they already did with this ■■■■■■ remake.

In 2006 when the DLC ‘The Warchiefs’ was released some minor tribes or facsions became complete facsions, and were replaced by minor facsions that are conseptually paired.

I think that new minor facsions can be introduced by rescuing similar mechanics from the faction that it would “replace”, so to speak.