Potential new AI personalities

Currently, each civilization has only one historical figure as its AI personality.
It would be interesting if we could have the other one for each civilization and each AI personality has its own style.

Taking the French as an example, “Napoleon Bonaparte” will tend to age up quickly, prefer direct, aggressive strategies and favour using Grenadiers and Skirmishers, but will no longer be fond of native alliances. While in comparison, “Louis XIV” may be better for treaty games, tends to develop a strong economy, age up slower, more often using archaic units and natives, and will definitely not go into Revolutionary France.

For example, here are some potential new AI personalities that I think might work.

For those who are familiar with European history, these names may be very familiar, but I still include Wikipedia links for those who may need more information.

I didn’t list other civilizations, but they can certainly have new AI personalities too. The characters I’ve listed aren’t necessarily the best choices either. Please share with people and me any candidates you think are good.


It would be cool to have Charles I/V for both Spain and Germans at the same time

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I think it would be best to only add crowned rulers for civs that were monarchistic.

I think Portuguese already failed these rules.


I’ve been concerned about a common monarchs, but I think that would cause interesting trouble in a multi-AI game, like Charles I’s Spanish fight against or allied with Charles V’s Germans.

Maybe. I just wanted to say that we already have Henry the Navigator.

I had chosen him, but I was concerned that he is later than other candidates and that Austria was already in decline at that time. With that being said, Empress Sissi will be a new skin for Explorers.

I’m personally interested in Zara Yaqob as Ethiopian leader, I was rather surprised he wasn’t picked in the first place when the civ came out.

At that time, Austria was not about to collapse, but only transformed into Austria-Hungary. The cause of the collapse was the enormous destruction during WW1 and, in particular, the Entente’s support for subversive activities within the countries of the Central Powers.

John IV would be interesting for Portugal, with a very defensive style of play.
To play offensively… Sebastian I maybe.

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It would have to be Charles XII (Carolus Rex)…

Very medieval, Fasilides (1603-1667) or Menelik II (1844-1913) would be better…

my brother in Christ when did you think Isabella and specially Henry the Navigator lived?

Good, but not so 15th century…something more from the 16th century may be better…

Two style in sharp contrast. Pretty interesting picks too.
About my picks, I think John III would favour building TPs and play good in team games, and John V would fit treaty games, tending to go booming, especially mining and gathering on Estates, and suddenly turn all the wealth into military.

15th century is fine, but maybe he had never used gun powders.

I picked Karl XI because he was the founder of Sweden’s strength at the time. Save the country from the Danes and reform politics, finance, economy and military. The Caroleans were what he founded, and the last 20 years of his reign were the longest period of peace in the Swedish Empire.

Undeniable that XII’s story is somewhat romantic, but his success was based on his father’s achievements, and his failure caused Sweden to lose its status as a great power.

That’s true, maybe any of the Karls and Gustavs can serve…we mustn’t forget Queen Cristina either…

Very nice Idea.
Feel like AOE IV Variant’s civs
This is the base civ gameplay with new mechanics, features, units and buildings


Right now you can have repeated AIs so. Also in Civilization games it already happens

Does it have to be these specific rulers? I’d personally have John II, John IV and Joseph I.

Yeah, I’ve been interested in the possibility, I’m not sure you can mode them in a way that you can swap them, have both in the same game (cuz IIRC you need to assign a single Personality to a civ), but shouldn’t be too hard to get working.

It’s mostly a matter of AI personalities being… a tad bit expensive to record.

Cesare Borgia for Italians, Karl XII for Swedes and even Hernan Cortez for Spanish could work.
Even silly ones.

I wonder what will an AI say when it meets itself in the game.

Totally not like AOE IV Variant civs.
They’re just new AI, with styles different from the current one. No new mechanics, features, units and buildings.

Every one has its own taste. I personally choose John III and V, and sure you can have yours.
If one day the new AI personalities are going to be implemented in the game, the devs can choose one of we suggesting.
The most important is, the new AI personalities have to have different styles, like different strategies, to offer different experience in the AI games.

Maybe let the AI personalities can be chosen in the UI of the Home City.

so far we lack candidates for Maltese, Hausa, Aztecs, Hauds, Lakotas, Incas, Chinese, Japanese and Indians. Maybe we can have Qianlong Emperor for Chinese. Any idea?

didn’t see anyone suggested for Mexico either, although Santa Anna would be hilarious, Mexicans would hate it, but by God he’d be hilarious.

Maybe Lincoln as the US leader? Not the most original option, but not the worst by a longshot.

Aurangzeb would give a wildly different vibe to Indians, so I’d be all for it. As for the Inca, Tupac Amaru II as a proto-independence figure certainly would be cool.