Potentially good Bulgarian idea(s) to help the civ have more options

With the removal of Paladin 3 patches ago. You can tell by the stats provided by aoestats on 1650+ level and even on all levels that the civ has fallen rapidly in winrates. It’s not to say the civ is bad. But it could use some boost to help give it more of an identity and a bit more help in areas it struggles most (the mid game and early late game). And this is including all maps not just arabia. But even on arabia alone they’ve had a drop off. So let’s try to rectify that here.

So. What are these potentially good ideas? Luckily for you I have it all panned out for you here. If you don’t want to read all the reasonings an explanation. I’ll make a TL;DR at the end.

Idea number 1: Bulgarian Cavalry Archer frame delay reduced.

No civ has a bonus where their cavalry archer frame delay is reduced. And no other civ is a perfect candidate for this besides Bulgarians. Why may you ask? Well you probably noticed. They miss ring archer armour. Most other cavalry archers with access to Parthian Tactics at least get the final armour upgrade. (Tatar Magyars Saracens Turks Indians Japanese)

And the only civs that don’t get final armour with no bonus is Bulgarians (Huns at least get a discount and Mongols get a faster firing speed). This is super unique and it gives Bulgarians very viable cavalry archers early on as they simply do not get crossbows and their skirms fall off without any armour. Their CA with lower frame delay would still be behind Magyars Turks and Tatars too.

Regular CA frame delay can be 8 or 7.5 and Heavy 6 or 5. It fits the civ really well and is a welcomed change.

Idea number 2: Siege Workshop technologies cost 50% less.

You may ask. Why? I’m glad you did. Let me make you look at civs with similar siege tech tree as the Bulgarians.

Look at celts. They get faster firing siege and Furor Celtica 40% more siege hp. Thats already TWO amazing bonuses for their amazing siege. Needless to say they get to even create siege 20% faster. 3 formidable bonuses no one can overlook.

Next up Mongols. They get Drill. Their siege moves 50% faster. Giving them one of the best siege weapons in the game where mobility matters most. You cannot deny how insanely good this is. Choosing your engagements and having one of many SO to actually kill bombard cannons cannot be overlooked.

Next up slavs: they get 15% cheaper siege. Discounted siege adds up overtime and slavs definitely get the most value of their siege weaponry

Ethiopians: technically they don’t have the same siege tech tree as Celts Bulgarians Slavs or Mongols because they also get access to Bombard cannon. The only civ with an FU Siege workshop. But they get access to Torsion Engines. Expensive but very well worth it for their siege weaponry.

Now Bulgarians. They have good siege no doubt. But its very odd they get no bonuses for it? Maybe they thought every siege idea is taken and I’d agree. I’d even once suggested +2 PA on their siege but that could be a little OP so another idea is Cheaper siege techs. 50% off. Italians get one for dock techs. Burmese for monk techs. Sure after those techs are done. Bulgarian siege is generic again. But their early power spike would help them in areas they need it most. This is one change I definitely would like to see this civ have. It doesn’t change their identity and it brings them more in line vs other civs.

Idea number 3: team bonus changed to blacksmith works 80% faster. If malian university can work 80% faster. I don’t see any reason why Bulgarian blacksmith can’t either.

Idea number 4: blacksmiths cost -50w. Similar to saracens bonus. This could help them a little. Its very rare someone will make more than 1 blacksmith early on. And maybe you’ll see someone make two. But other than that. Its a niche bonus idea that could be added.

So yea that’s all the ideas and reasoning as to why these small changes could help Bulgarians out alot and not ruin their identity or make them too OP. That’s something I’ve actively tried to avoid.


Give Bulgarians these changes. Ontop of their current bonuses:

  • Militia line upgrades free

  • Can Build Krepost

  • Town Centres cost 50% less stone

  • Cavalry Archer Frame Delay reduced to ~7. Heavy reduced to ~5

  • Siege Workshop Techs cost 50% less

  • Blacksmiths cost -50w

Team Bonus: Blacksmiths work 80% faster

Castle UT; Stirrups: Cavalry attack 33% faster

Imperial UT; Bagains: Militia line +5 Melee armour

If you disagree with any of these changes. Please discuss why and what would you suggest. Thanks


My idea was this:

  • remove ALL the infantry armors from their blacksmith
  • new civ bonus: infantry benefits from blacksmith armors for cavalry

I don’t like it
-Doesn’t make sense. Why would a cavalry require infantry upgrades?
-Huge buffs to an already strong unit: konniks.
-Too good synergy between cav an infantry.


It is at 48.98%, which is balanced.

Uhh this makes them OP and makes their civ gameplay far too one dimensional.

Keep their blacksmith upgrades as is

The goal is to speed up the konnik upgrade which is the most expensive unit in the game to upgrade. It is also very unique as boost.

Overall it was just a proposal. If you ask me, Bulgarians do not need a buff, considering that there are a couple of much weaker civs… Maybe a cheaper blacksmith as proposed at most…

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We need the old Bulgarians, with Paladins.

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Then you would need to revert the Stirrups buff so it does not work on Knights anymore, and Bulgarians would just go back to being a basic Paladinciv that does nothing else but Paladins.

If I want to play Paladins, I would rather go with Franks or Teutons, not Bulgarians anyway.

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This is not gonna happen


I don’t have much experience with bulgarians so I’m not gonna propose any changes here, but I’m pretty sure that removing infantry upgardes so that cavalry upgardes function as infantry upgrades is a bad idea.

ironic as top players never want to play this civ anymore. And won’t even pick it in tournaments since paladin removal as their is a sharp drop off with no access to xbows and in match ups where konnik is not the go to answer.

it is a buff which is weaker than free armors for cavalry… I said I do not think they need a buff, my proposal was something to follow their identity.

A buff that kinda goes in the direction I don’t want it to. It’s also where they do not struggle in either

I’ll take all of the above thank you very much.

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Free stone mining. That’s either more kreposts or a faster castle-> stirrups

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Oh dear god. Endless towers after man at arms. No thanks 11

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  1. Paladins

That was the stupidest change ever. Makes 0 sense to use Cavaliers over Konniks. Cavaliers have more RoF but it’s MUCH harder to kill Konniks

  1. Militia-line

Add Champions (not free) and Bagains give +4 melee armor instead of +5

  1. Blacksmith works 80%

Good idea, why not?

  1. Cavalry Archer

They are not a Cavalry Archer civ, I disagree

  1. Crossbowman

Someone proposed this, but I won’t happen because Bulgarians lacked crossbows irl

  1. Cheaper siege upgrades

They would be Slavs 2.0 as a slavic civilization, that’s my problem with this bonus

I would say they’d be more useful than Turk and Tatar CA and I doubt thats wrong

Monks and water are both niche tho, 50% would be a bit too much.

But university only has like 2 relevant techs that you want to research as fast as possible, chemistry and ballistics. Can’t say same for blacksmith

The winrates also aren’t low enough to give them 4 different strong buffs when we still have some weaker civs

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While it help, i don’t think it would push every player to go for a thrush. I meanz you can perfectly go for a trush without stone mining.

Make Bagains to affect dismounted konniks (Currently that tech feels now like a limited but better version of the Teutonic bonus of melee armor)…
Agree with cheaper siege techs