Prevention of "Quickwalling"

I think all buildings should have walkable foundations until they are built to lets say 50% then proceed as you would normally build a building. (all units must clear foundation to proceed above)
I really enjoy pro player play, but the idea of quicwalling really makes the game feel worse at times.

What are your thoughts?


But wouldn’t the alternative exploit be even worse? I see my opponent building a castle, park some knights on top before he’s halfway done, deny the castle and kill all his villagers with my reinforcements.


I realize it would be an exploit, but isn’t that what would normally happen?

And yeah, parking units on top of the foundation would be op. If it were to be implemented, allow foundations, given no other buildings or foundations are being built on the tiles may be started and brought to the 99% mark but only finished once the area is clear.

But even then the parking of units on top of a foundation would still be op and take pleasure away from the game.

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would be a big buff of cavalry and I can see the fc into knight meta is coming

You would have to support your buildings with units under construction. As should be. And vills could build building under enemy units until 50% than everyone need to move off to start the construction as it does now.after 50% its no different that it is now.
nowdays pro players are using vills that spawn building gates to block units from 30 m away.

You can even reduce the 50% to lets say 20%. its just to prevent quickwalling.

for me pleasure is taken couse of quickwalling.

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If this was the suggested alternative I’d take quickwalling any day.

Personally it has just become part of the game. It was revolutionary at first, then expected. If people quickwall with gates, it’s mostly only useful for blocking your first scout, otherwise if you have more military units, it’s really easy to break in through quickwalls, or idle parts of their economy as they’ll have to continue building/repairing.


though you might get a mangonel shot on your head when trapped inside with your army before you can break trough :stuck_out_tongue:

Surely you could have it so that when a building hits say 80% all units on top of the foundation are given an uninteruptable “move off this spot” command. Alternatively (and more drastic) you could have it that all units on top of the foundation at 100% are killed (falling objects during construction are a big risk).

Personally I do not like the quick walling meta and would be happy to see any replacement. In my mind it promotes reactionary twitch gameplay Vs rather than strategic planning. But that is just my subjective opinion.


My thoughts that you are totally correct and I think the quick walling stuff is ruinning the game. I never liked it at all and they should do something with the buildings foundation. As you suggested the 50% would be good.

Many greetings

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This will lead to frustrating and counter intuitive gameplay

Both being complicated to fight over (having to hold alt the entire time), ugly to look at (units on foundations) and difficult to follow (is it 45%? Is it 49%? When will it block, why have my Vils stopped?)

I’m glad you guys aren’t in control of the game

Best alternative is adding negative melee armour. Any of these other suggestions make the game worse. It’s an old game with inherent limitations. Even SC works like this. The only way to stop it is have open space around buildings like aoe4.


well starcraft is futuristic and it can be more belivable that scv drops a box from orbit to build building. But here it gives me the impression as that villager thwors several tonnes of wood and stone in that area instantly and then proceeds to build from it.
Well i am also glad we disagree. I just would enjoy the game more and as far as I see it I am not alone. :smiley:

I personally think it is unnecessary to prevent quick walling but it is also my subjective opinion.

In particular, I think reducing armor to 0 is a better solution mentally - when villager construct the site is already there and you normally cannot enter a construction site, but why a construction site has same melee armor as a finished building?

(afaik it is what war3 does, please correct me if im wrong)


Apparently that’s your priority hey?

And EVERY other single thing is accurate? I guess you have a different outlook on life when you think unmanned mangonels, throwing swords and fantasy mesos are realistic

Don’t worry you are far from the minority. This whole thread would’ve been downgraded on Reddit. Unfortunately you can’t do that here , so it never gives an accurate impression what the majority thinks. It purely indicates what some vocal minority thinks


No, foundations just need 0 armor and have a logaritmic increment in hp. Very low at start and middle time and huge rising at the end

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Quickwalling is a very silly idea and a logical consequence of the game’s building system which I vehemently disagree with. A good solution would be having building foundations take twice as much damage- as they do in AOE3. If you’re building a house and a soldier comes by and lights the foundation on fire or tries of otherwise prevent you from building it- its not going to get built.

On the contrary, careful strategic planning with traps is also what quickwalling enables you to do. This is not a turn-based game, you are reacting all the time. You generally want to build your resource buildings in a way that they’d be easily (quick)wallable as well.

If at some point all your units have to move off the foundation, it’ll just be very clunky and awkward lmao.

I thought foundations already have 0 armor? If not, then that is a compromise I can agree with - foundations shouldn’t have armor.


without quickwalls Knights are an insanely OP unit and it would be Knights vs Knights nearly every game so no TY.

Quickwalls are 1 of the reasons Crossbow as a unit is viable.

I’m fairly sure unbuilt buildings have 0 melee armor - you can test this vs e.g. a half built castle, melee units like Knights destroy it very fast.


the last time they did to remove fog of war scan already introduced so many bugs took them like 6-7 months to finally patch and fix everything.

this engine isnt capable of doing such, nor do we need such a thing. at best, they can make foundation palisade wall extremely weak and only become the palisade of what it is now upon completion.


Dident pallisades suffer enough and people still cry over it

Quickwalling shows your micro skills and is a defensive basive for the game in no shape or form should they weaken or remove it


As is now when you place foundation under your or enemy units.

You can fix that with game balance.

pros will show you new ideas with micro skills even without quickwalling no worries.