Price of Aoe IV in Argentina and LATAM they are wrong

The price of the Deluxe Edition of AoE IV is 3999, ridiculously exaggerating compared to the price of all other AOE in Argentina.
AoE DE Collection costs 40 USD
AoE IV Deluxe costs $ 80 USD
I mean double.
In Argentina AoE DE Collection It costs $ 672.75 ARS
While AoE IV DELUXE 3,999 ARS
WTF, AoE IV would have to be worth twice what the DE Collection is worth, that is, 672x2 = $ 1,344 ARS

I also saw similar problems in other LATAM countries, while there are cheaper currencies than if they were regionalized correctly, such as South Asia - USD or Kazakhstani Tenge, in short, a shame if this is going to stay like that and it is not a mistake , a lot of people are definitely not going to be willing to pay this for an RTS. Including me.

NOTE: Something similar happened with Age of Empires 3 DE, which was worth $ 1,799 ARS and a few hours later it was corrected to $ 299.99 ARS and AOE IV?


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