Regional Pricing Issues

Guys, please consider lowering the Brazilian price, R$200.00 for the standard version is a lot, and R$265.00 for the deluxe version is a lot too.

I would like to pre-order, but at these prices it’s impossible for ordinary people.

Edit: Apparently many other countries are suffering with high prices and incompatible with practiced for the other games in the series.

For example: currently in Brazil the AoE2DE and AoE3DE cost R$36.99, while the AoE4 costs R$200.00 in the standard version and R$265.00 in the Deluxe version.


i agree! 20% and 26% of our minimum wage is slutty! I accept to pay 100R$ for Standard and 120 or 140R$ for delux! it would be fairer for its size and for being a nixo game! we are in difficult times here and not even for a common worker to be able to have a little fun it’s been hard with everything becoming more expensive! physical media I understand but digital is so expensive!


I think there is an issue with the currency converting on steam, the base game is $60 USD so converted to Australia Dollar should be about $78 AUD However it shows as $99.95 AUD which is about $76.96 USD.

So why does Australia have to pay $16.96 USD ($21.95 AUD) more? It is not like they have to pay for shipping or anything.

Does anyone else have some same currency converting issues for their countries?


different countries charge differently based on a number of factors. it’s not just a straight conversion.

40 usd for China is also so much ,we are poor😂

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The previous games all the way from AoE 3 2007 version to the latest AoE2 DE Lords of the west have had realistic price conversion for developing countries such as Latin America, Russia, Turkey and others. But now AoE4 seems to be absurdly overpriced in those regions. I understand if you want to sell the game as an AAA game but make the regional pricing at least close to what Valve suggest…

As can be seen from the image, the pricing for Argentina is 3.6 times what is suggest by valve. The minimum wage in Argentine is 8060 pesos which would mean the price of the game is 37% of the country’s minimum wage… Similar things can be seen in other Latin American countries as well as Turkey and Russia. Those countries have a big and loyal player base and the pricing is a stab in the back for those people that have played games from the franchise for decades. Please fix the regional pricing of these countries or you will have issues with player numbers in the game as most of those people won’t be paying for these absurd price tags.


I live in Turkey and ı want to buy this game badly but thanks to microsoft I wont buy the game. I dont understand why they choose these prices for the game. If they choose good prices the game sell well but now ı know game doesnt sell well. Age of 4 isnt like assassin creed or god of war. Good luck devs to sell the game with overprice.


I would like to further add that in Turkey I bought the AoE1 DE and AoE2 DE bundle for 86 liras and AoE3 with discount for 19 liras. If I add the US civ for aoe3, lords of the west and dukes of the east from AoE2 to that, in total it becomes around 150 liras which is half of what you ask for for AoE4. If the regional pricing isn’t fixed and brought down to reasonable levels then I will gladly continue playing the first 3 games of the franchise and will not buy this overpriced game.


From Bangladesh here. It is absurdly overpriced here.
8 civs and 4 campaigns(but larger) feels too much for 60$. If they had offered more than just 8 civs and 4 campaigns then I would’ve been ok with that. I will say reduce price 40$ USD. Still the price is too much for the base game. We will get new civs undoubtly via DLC. It will be ridiculous just to pay 15$ USD or more to unlock new civs.


At least you can see why the game has 4 European nations. It is aimed for western audience mostly.


You do realize it also has 4 asian nations right? :slight_smile:


Just Check this… not even the entire franchise reaches the price of IV DELUXE


Welp. Time to contact my old friend from Kazakhstan, Nordbek Vepenov, to see if he can get me this game as a gift.


I do get your pint. What I find interesting though is that valve for EU sems to still think a new AAA game should cost 50€. that time is long gone, 60 is the usual price now. Sow maybe reduce the valve price difference by 5% to get more realistic values. WHich is still shockingly more :smiley:

keep in mind though, all old age games are old. very old, or only remastered. This is a completely new game, so it should cost around triple of age 2 DEs base price.

The price of the normal version of AoE4 is 5.3 times the price of AoE2DE in Turkish lira…


I forgot to atdd the “at least”. Well…Turkish economy did change a lot since the release of age 2 DE, so the pricing may seem unfair, but it actually may be fitting (although I am sure to sell well they would need to adjust).

What i mean by that:
back in age 2 DE time, a new AGe should have cost around triple. But since then liras worth declined a LOT. WHich means what back then was around a triple, now may very well be 5 times as much. I am sorry though, and I see how MS should change the pricing in some countries to adjust to the income tehre, because otherwise the game wont sell.

However I also think if they make a physical copy, they can hardly do this, ppl would simply buy it where its the cheapest :slight_smile:

Turkey isn’t the only country that has this issue, Latin America and Russia have it too. And as for the Turkish economy, it’s true but the price for AoE3 DE and Lords of the west both are reasonable and are actually the recommended prices by steam, the economy hasn’t change much since then so it’s definitely doable if Microsoft was less greedy…


200 TL is more reasonable price than 300 TL. 300 TL is superb absurd price for this game. This game is not Assassin Creed or other Aaa games.

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doesnt mean its production cost was less than AC or any other AAA game. Maybe it was even more.

if you were talking about content on an existing game i would agree, but they had to make this game from the ground up. it’s not a comparison at all. do you complain about the price of call of dutys new games?

do you have a real source that says DLC will be 15$ for the DLC or this just you trying to stir up everyone against the devs and MS?

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