Prince-Electors now makes no sense!

So imagine that your natives allies you get from the map starts to cost population without any benefit lol

This are the natives after sending Prince-Electors and making an alliance with the same house:

Why in the goddamn now the natives cost pop?? What is the benefit of making an alliance with the same royal house if that will make them cost pop? Makes no sense.
Also before the patch you could make 30 Brunswicker by default with Prince-Elector, now just 15. And if you get them with a TP it goes to 30, but the TP’s ones cost pop.

Getting the same natives from the Electors card and from the map should give you a benefit, not a punishment. or am i wrong?


The easiest way around this is to not pick the same natives as what’s on the map.

The way they implemented it is pretty dumb though. They should just be regular 0 pop natives with a small build limit, not something available at quantity that also makes natives on the map worse.


It’s probably a bug (I hope so).

The natives of the TP should compute differently than the natives of the card to avoid this. Similar errors have already occurred in the past and that’s why I assume it will be fixed.

Yes, like the Crees of the United States. Even if they are less than what would be available on the TP, it would still be a better benefit.

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But it IS a benefit to be able to make as many native units as you want. And of course in such a situation you would have to have a population cost, otherwise you could just make 500 of a unit. In fact there are cards that do nothing other than increase the number of natives you can train by just 20 percent.

In this situation, there is still a build limit and a population requirement. So no, you can’t just make 500 of them. It would be better and more consistent if they lowered the build limit but left them at 0 pop.


Prince electors now basically give you one instance of a regular map alliance but adds a pop cost to those units, so the build limits are equal to the build limits of the regular natives since they are actually the same.
Before it would enable the units that would come with shipments to be build. But this interfered with shipments like circle army for example, which it now no longer does. You can look at the French card to see how it used to work (dunno why this one didnt get reworked as well?).
The old version had altered build limits yes, and Id like to see a way to increase the build limits again. Perhaps a tech or shadowtech that gives you another instance of the alliance in a later age? And increase embassy limits while were at it :slight_smile:

But in general: dont ally with natives you get on the map as well unless you really want those units.

I prefer it this way though, I can get native shipments on any map while Hanover for example only appears on a few maps. Id rather it interferes with the trade post than with the shipments.

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In that scenario the card give 15 free units more on top of their army, fact that germany doesnt need or otherwise they would become OP.

Right now, they are extra barracks that trickle experience

In my opinion, this Home City Card could double the training limit of units from the German Royal Houses. I think it’s better than capturing a population resource.

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But pop space avoids an unstoppable german mass. They can get too much resources with all their villagers. They have the penalty of getting less units.

Which is why I’m saying there should be a lower cap. 8 or 10 extra units would be more reasonable than 15.



Do you think it would be too OP if natives treaties (card) work with the chosen native alliance as it happened with Incas?

The reason why these units acquire population cost is because there are already 2 cards with natives that can be used indefinitely (14 habsburg allies + Army of the Circle). I had already discussed this before in these forums:
The new Letter from Germany and France that allows you with a royal house (NATIVE EUROPEAN POST) should work as it is with the Incas or Ethiopia, to be viable
Germany new cards - #6 by OperaticShip743

Moving it to age 1 was nice, plus it grants a native embassy.

This is designed so that it is not unbalanced in the late game (I guess), so my proposal would be that the population cost is not necessary until the imperial age.

This is just a penalty for going Imperial which is not a good idea.

As long as you don’t send Prince Electors the other infinite cards don’t cost population so I don’t think it’s a restriction to balance those. Circle Army even grants the upgrades so Prince Electors has no synergy with it.

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I ask something. Does the card that cheapens the natives also affect these units?

Yes it does. 20 chars

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