Problem mutiplayer

i’m writing about age of empires definitive edition. I’m from Italy and from yestarday i have problem relating on the multiplayer because when i try to lunch the multiplayer it can’t find any match. So i want to know if this is a problem relating the server and if somebody have ever had the same problem… thank you for the answer


I just found this thread (“Issue with multiplayer…”), where they say:

If that doesn’t resolve, you might make sure you’ve done the Ranked Benchmark Test. You can find this in the Options menu, in lower-right…

Or by clicking the “Ranked” tab of the Multiplayer area, and this will pop up:

And you could also check to make sure you have enabled cross-network play. I don’t know why this one would prevent you from seeing lobbies or playing a match, but it might? I think a friend was unable to see lobbies until he enabled this.


He mean Age1. That options doesnt exist there.

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I’m from Perú ando have the same problema
Did You fix it?

Ohhh, you’re right. Sigh. Thanks for the heads-up! These forums drifted me into the AoE1 area somehow, someway… ugh

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This problem has been going on for a long time now. The best way I know to fix it is redownload the game from MS store. Everything will update you to version 36211. Also when searching for games, type ‘any’ in the search boxes, except for cheats. I normally see 2-10 games listed depending on the time of day.

Ok, after try all:
Logout an login and then.

  1. Enter Lobby Screen
  2. Set a server filter to only display servers from a specific region
  3. this should display a list
  4. now reset your filters
  5. The full list should be displayed
    And, yes, crossplay is enabled.

I think the game has a bug in lobbie screen, i’ll explain you.
(My language is spanish, but is easy to undertand)
1º Enter lobby screen, as you can seen, not games found

(continue, i’m noob and only can post 1 image)

2º From server, i choose westeurope, and i can see “searching games”. Never change text after first change

continue, only 1 imge :wink:
Ok, i can’t upload more images, and more post, but, if you don’t touch anything, and select first row, where you can see “Buscando partidas…”, you can see under player games, one game (in that case 2 players, but i can see another games with more players)


Thats Age2. Here is the Age1-forum.

thank you so much for the answers. I solved the problem