Problem with lag

Hello, I’m posting to ask about a lag issue which happens to me randomly, and it’s supposed to be PC lag I think (since the clock next to my nickname appears red). I am playing on the lowest graphics possible, but it doesn’t do any difference. Is this a known bug? is there a way to fix it?

The thing is that sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t. When it doesn’t the game runs perfect, no slow down nothing, not even with ships in post imp. Also in most games it gets fixed at about 10-15 game minutes, but on other games it just doesn’t get fixed.

I checked my PC stats when this is happening and it’s never at 100% or anything like it. Anyway, this are my stats:
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 (6 core) 3.20Ghz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti (8gb)
Game installed on SSD
Ranked Benchmark Test: 1238.7
*I’m always running the game on “Real Time” priority

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What was the situation in that your game was performing bad? 1v1? 4v4? Custom scenario?

EDIT: I just saw this thing here with more attention. RED FLAG ON THAT! Don’t run the games on real time priority!! There’s no need to do that.

This means that your CPU will prioritize running the game calculations over anything else, even mouse and keyboard inputs. In fact, that could probably be what’s been messing with your performancing during multiplayer matches.

I am playing on ranked rm 1v1.

The real time priority thing is something I started doing after trying the “high” priority settings as recommended by the official website. But seems it didn’t do any difference, then I started trying “real time”.
This is what my cpu looks like when I’m playing, so you can see that it’s not at 100% for that to be happening. I think it’s some sort of bug.

It is not a bug. AoE2DE can only run on a single thread. That one you’re probably overloading with real time priority. And since there’s no real gain between high and real time, you shouldn’t be doing this anyways.

You problem must be located elsewhere. Does your CPU has integrated graphics? If so, do you mind giving it a try?

So just leaving it on normal priority should be even better than potting it on high? I really didn’t notice any difference with any of the priorities, I mean the problem was still there.

No, the CPU doesn’t have integrated graphics.

High can make a difference in some cases, but real time it’s really for the worst when you talk about games. Normal priority should get you pretty fine on the majority of time.

Ok, and your game performs as bad on singleplayer?

See, I’m kinda confused because your benchmark score is quite good, you shouldn’t be experiencing red clocks on 1v1s.

You can also check this topic after some tips for performance.

It only happens on multiplayer games. So it might be related to lag, or to the servers. I am living in Japan, so I guess there’s not much people playing nearby, nonetheless playing with people from Vietnam or China, I also expereinced the same thing. But as I said, it’s random, sometimes the games run perfectly, sometimes it’s having this problem, and sometimes it get fixed during the game (all randomly).

Looking at your other post, do you think there’s a chance of it getting better by re-installing? it’'d be quite painful to have to download those 40gbs again :S

Hardly related to connection, as a high ping to the server would only cause delayed inputs, not stutter.

Since you’re saying that the occurence is random, I’m inclined to say that the lag is not on your end, probably. The way that the multiplayer works on DE, if any other player on your match have bad performance (below 30FPS), everyone else will experience lag too, since the online simulation slows down to the lowest tickrate.

When you notice the lag, pres F11 twice and monitor your framerate at the top of the screen.

Since the last update I haven’t had this problem even once. I don’t want to hurry to say that it is fixed, but it might be the case. I have no idea what they changed but it seems to have worked.

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