Problem with soldado’s grenade attack, and also normal ranged attack

Is this intentional?
It looks very weird how the incendiary grenades tech can affect the musket attack mode of soldado. I thought it should only affect the grenade attack after the card?

Also, shouldn’t grenade attacks have a shorter range than the normal ranged attack (e.g. 8 range)? I had this question since the peruvian legion but it’s a revolutionary unit so not that much of a problem.
It deals more damage and forces your opponents to close-in (and you can micro a little bit to avoid them). This is basically turning musketeers into skirmishers. Shouldn’t that be a more risky but more rewarding close-range attack that need to be managed on your side (like ethiopian’s higher ROF with shorter distance)?


yea , they kills every possible unit, without being, hard countered by anyone one of it. a group of then can blast a batch of skirm with almost no loss , and then stand infront of artillery and can destroy artillery also, by losing maybe few units.

This is intentional, since Soldados are tagged as Grenadiers. The grenades have a range of 12-14, which is the same as a Grenadier.

However, it has a lower base damage of 32 instead of 36 and deals ranged damage, instead of siege damage. I assume these are bugs.

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Yes I assume the incendiary grenade technology should only affect their grenade attack not normal ranged attack (it looks super weird), like the Peruvian legion.

Seeing the Mexican outlaw with a charged explosive attack, I think grenade attacks for non-grenadier units (soldado, peruvian legion) should either follow the same pattern or have a shorter range.

Having additional ranks firing is already quite a large bonus, not to mention these additional ranks are also constantly doing higher AOE damage than normal. This should be the opposite: only the first few ranks can throw grenades, the rest need to do the normal ranged attack.

Intuitively the stronger-than-normal attack mode should be a risky one. Now it’s the direct opposite. You need to approach your opponent to deal more damage (which means risking losing more hp in the meantime), but now your opponents need to approach you to avoid being blown up.

Or it becomes a different mode you have to intentionally switch to, at the cost of losing something else. Like you get an AOE damage with longer range, but you lose your melee bonus against cavalry, etc.

Or a charged ability that gives you a slight advantage upon the contact.

In either case it should not be this lamer version that can be utilized even better with micro (longer range and short wind-up). It should be an ability that requires micro.