Profile icons of Spain

Hi everyone,

I just wonder why only the Spanish lancer, rod and pikeman icons are missing?

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They took out a lot of profile icons that were in the original game. So I think they just haven’t added them. They might as every week you can pick a new icon to add to the ones you can use

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Coincidentally, only the Spanish icons were forgotten … what a coincidence, right?

The same happens with the lore of Spain, which is abusive and out of context based on the anti-Hispanic black legend created by the English but I will not go into that topic


Suspicious…instead, we can have profiles of the US with the flag behind … what a shame


Will they one day put the icons?
Who knows?

bueno, los anglos odian a España y eso se nota un poco, siendo chileno he podido verlo, la leyenda negra destruyo el honor del imperio español


Si y es una pena que también lo lleven a un juego… dice mucho de ellos

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Let’s give the spanish nationalism a rest shall we? Just because a couple of profile pics of spanish units aren’t included doesn’t mean they hate spain.


Are you aware that they are the only missing profile icons and that it was already in vanilla?


Are you aware that spains been a top tier civ for a long time?

Animo gente, cuando le toque a España vendrá con nuevas skins para el explorador, nuevas cartas y mas iconos de perfil. Quizá lo tengamos en octubre para el día de la hispanidad o quizá antes.


bueno, tomare esa palabra buen señor.

bueno, no se que le hallas de bueno a la civ de España además del FF y el piroshiki, por que su bonus de envíos es devaluado con el tiempo y su economía es pobre a mas no poder, sin mencionar que su ejercito de infantería, es bastante pésimo (sin unción claro)


Every civ has good and bad points but spain has consistently been in the higher tiers and used effectively many times at the highest level. It takes more skill to play well compared to many other civs in my opinion.

Spain typically just FF because it’s their strongest strategy as do many other civs, they can do an aggressive falc ff or a more eco based ff with spanish gold. Logistician is still good though isn’t seen as much now that it’s not broken.

I wouldn’t say it’s infantry are lousy either, rodoleros are a great unit and it’s skirmishers when buffed by unction are the strongest in the game. Lancers are also 1 of the best unique units in the game. The spanish explorer is also 1 of the best with it’s ability to train war dogs.


Omg unction you can’t use it in ranked supremacy because before you can do it you’ll be dead.

Logista used to be op yes but now it’s usseles.

Spain is just poorly patched and her shipping special can be countered if the opponent makes trading posts. It is not something unique like the carts of the Germans, the French villagers, the English houses…

The rod is only good against cavalry just like pikemen. What else do you have infantry? Mediocre crossbows, musk and skirms.

Spain is a civ of gunpowder. I do not ask that it have modern units but that the arquebusiers replace the musk or skirm since they were the first to join them with pikes and that was the key to the tercios


You can use unction, in fact I’ve seen top level players use it in tournaments like kaiserklein. Usually it’s not the first choice but if the game drags on you can definetly and should use it.

I don’t think logistician is useless, it has it’s place.

Spains shipments require 27% less xp to be earned so it’s quite significant, I don’t think another civ making 1 tp equals that, spain often make a tp too which increases the shipment spam even more.

Rodoleros are good all round units, you can harass vills with them, protect cannons, kill cav, snare escaping units and they do well vs most infantry once in melee with their very high melee resist.
Also spain have access to the same units most civs have, most other civs have crossbow, musk and skirms lol.

Because unction has been used twice in competitive can it be used now?

The game has to last a long time, as a team and depending on the situation for it to be profitable.

I repeat, the ff is better than the new logistician.

Rods have 40 melee resist but 135 health. That means when they want to get to ranged units they are half dead if the opponent hit and run.

German, French, and Dutch have improvements to skirm

English, Portuguese improvements for musk

Russian strelets

Portuguese hunters

Japanese asigaru

India Sepoy and Gurkha

Spanish upgrades for pikes and rods, really?

This is a joke?

Their focus as a civ is on archaic units, that’s why they have a royal guard pike unit lol and no ranged unit shipments or upgrade cards. They do have quite a few hand infantry cards and of course lancer cards.

To answer your other post everyone knows the FF is their best strategy that’s why everyone does it.

Let’s stop crying now about spain when it’s an A tier civ.

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claro que si colega, un piquero que es igual de malo que el resto por que ahora todas las civs pueden tener piqueros de nivel vigía (encima con cartas de la metrópoli) el piquero alemán el sueco y el holandés son igual de buenos que el español, y el arquero de tiro largo ingles, joder solo con unos pocos te fundes a un montón de soldados de mosquetería, el francés tiene el mismo roster de infantería que el español (excepto el rodelero), será tierr “A” como dicen los pro (usando las mismas estrategias sin variar casi nada) pero en general España intentando hacer algo diferente no pasa de B o incluso diría C (por cierto con que otras civs tengan 2 Tps ya igualan el bonus español) se que es difícil pero la posibilidad esta ahí y también se que España puede tener tps pero si el español no se apura con los tps, pues fue bueno xd, lo que quiero no es que España sea op, sino que pueda jugar varias estrategias y que puedan ser rentables, no rotas sino que puedan funcionar medianamente bien.