Hey guys and gals. I am using AGE, and i want to modify a projectile to track a enemy target. for instance, if i make the projectile have 1 movement speed, that it would follow the target until spent.

If you want to make it track targets, you need to set Smart Mode to 1 or 3.

i dont think hes talking about ballistic type smart. rather projectile “seek” enemy. currently the game doesn’t have a way to do that unlike SWGB

Yeah i was meaning a tracking mode. I experimented with giving a petard some cannon ball graphics, (Standing and moving graphics, Ect.) but that was just shutting down the game when it/you make it attack…

lol yea you have to experiment different stuff. both fun and frustration of testing different things are good/bad of modding

Yeah,it takes patience and fine tuning to get the desired unit sometimes. I will give you one of my ideas that i put into a map. (Creating a Boss unit) I have a unit that i want to use (Bad guy), and he is the witch king. When his damage reaches 25 50 and 75, then i made it so that his graphics get overlayd with a bolt of lightening. I also made it so he can garrison units. Then i used the voodoo doll unit and made him into a military unit that can kill, and named him a Zombie. Then in map editor, i set the triggers effect to create garrison object, (inside the witch ) and then another on the same trigger to unload unit, (Witch). There is no condition, i just turn the trigger starting state off, and then i create three triggers that each activate the garrison trigger. Their conditions are when the witches health reaches 75, 50 and 25. So is what this does is when the witch receives enough damage, that it summons a bolt of lightening, and then a pile of zombies appear to attack you.

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seems crazy but thats what modding is for.

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