Proposal balance change for August patch

In this topic I would like to collect your proposal for the balance change for the upcoming change. I know it is quite early now just collecting ideas and I will try to update every day.

I think for the developer, it is easier to have list of proposal from the community instead of reading every comments and discussion.

The patch is less then a day old and we already start discussion the balance. How many games do you already have played?!


I have to try the patch first. Anyway, I’m sure about one thing:

-Increase Battle elephants and EBE speed to 0.9
-Remove elephants speed bonus from Khmer


what would you replace the bonus with? anything?

While i know a bunch of people are probably going to hop of the buff turks bandwagon, i do have to concede the point that they are a great civ on Arena, and balancing them is a pain about that.

I do think this thread is way too early and i won’t be considering any changes for at least a few weeks.


Turks still aren’t the absolute best on arena like Aztecs and Malay are, I wouldn’t worry much about that


but then we have italians are master race at sea, and mongols rek on good hunt maps, or the scout races are legend on garbage maps like acropoils, imo its ok if a civ (like turks) suddenly becomes master race at arena(which i dont see how they would), so long as they are better on all the other maps where they are simply struggling too much…

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This topic I create is not for now, it’s for the next few weeks like everyone has ideas and better to collect than to create separate topic for each units balance or something else.
And for sure to separate from the last topic we use to discuss and I like to have “August” to put in a title to not be to much confused.

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This is way too early and give the devs a break. This is like one of the reddit thread farming for reddit karma. We can express our feedback in the thread Evangelos posted instead.


Give them Trash Scorpions after Artillery, at 250 Wood a piece.

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I would give Gunpowder Units +40 bonus damage against battleelefants. Then battle elefants would have a clear counter besides helebadiers and people would use gunpowder units more often.

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But Halbs and Camels already do so much against BEs, not to mention that they are slower than normal Cav, so they will get shot to pieces.
This would likely kill all 1v1 usage of BEs against any civ with HCs.

camels fight equal to battle elefants. the camel have a weakness to archers but elefants have not. in my opinion battle elefants need a clear counter and for me the handcannon would be the best option.

for example what do you do if you are turks against khmer in a 1vs1. your only option are camels but they just hold there own and dont counter them and they have a weakness to halbs and archers of the khmer player.

you have camels that wreck them, and Elephants literally just got nerfed.
no joke
27 bonus damage to a battle elephant.

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Mass Janissaries with Hussar/Camel meatshield can deal with Elephants in 1v1.

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if that would be true i wouldnt habe a problem with battle elefants but in my experience camels are not a counter to battleelefants. camels and battleelefants fight about equal. the only clear costeffetive counter to battleelefants is the halbedier and not even all civs access to the halbs.

there is also a problem with going halbs. if you build a army of halbs to counter khmer battle elefants you win the battle in the long run because your army is cheaper but if you have won the battle you have a army of trash units and trash its hard to break the enemy. as a result the battle elefant weakens your army alot even if you counter them. the solution is that the battle elefant need a clear counter that is a good unit. like the arbalest get killed by paladins and the paladin get killed by the camel and the camel get killed by the arbalest.

this is the reason why i see more battle elefants in my team games (2400 elo teamgame) than paladins.

it is right that if battle elefants got a counter (for example the handcannon) people would use them not so often but khmer have other options for example scorptions or cavalier. i personaly would like to see more paladins than battle elefants on the battlefield.

Well if its a teamgame, then get your ally civs to help against Elephants. 1v1 Turks can deal with Elephants by virtue of Elephants being expensive

Camels win by being cheaper overall and not on a 1v1 basis.

well that is one of the reasons that Elephants just got nerfed. the units are extremely population efficient and always have been.

and they just got hit with a big nerf.

its not impossible to beat them. i dont think its a good development that we see in 9/10 team games a battle elefant spam from one side. i would like to see more classic paladins and handcannons. that is my personal opinion.

To change that we need a clear counter to the battle elefant. abit less damagne wont change it.

Elephants cost a heck of a lot, they shouldn’t be something to easily kill. you’re talking 120 food and 70 gold for the unit.
that is a heck of an investment.
and 1200 food and 900 gold to upgrade.

the camel is beating the battle elefant slightly. that is not what i call a counter. is it true that the camel has bonus damage against the battle elefant but the highter armour, hp and attack of the battle elefant make them about eqaul.

a counter to me is a huscarl against a longbow or a frank paladin against a mayan archer. you would find a clear counter to the battle elefant besides the halb and that is a trash unit who cant break the enemy.