Proposal for a new DLC

Age of Empires II DE: Lech, Czech, and Rus

The Slavic civilization is poorly constructed. It does not represent the Slavic nations in general, only the Kievan Rus. So I propose a new DLC that will add two or four new Slavic civilizations.

  1. First of all, I propose to change the name of the present civilization Slavs to Ruthenian, because the present civilization is based exclusively on Kievan Rus (Orthodoxy, boyars, architecture).

  2. Creation of new Slavic civilizations:

  • Poles (very important civilization in the times of AoE 2. It must appear in the game)
  • Czechs
  • Serbs
  • Croats
  1. New campaigns:
  • Rurik or Alexander Nevsky - the Ruthenians
  • Władysław Jagiełło, Bolesław the Brave, or Mieszko - Poles
  • Jan Hus - Czechs
  • Lazar Hrebeljanović - Serbs



Proposal campaigns:


South Slavs were dominated by Hungary. What could these civs bring to the game?


We already have an East European expansion TLK.

Other underrepresented regions need to be prioritised first = India, Africa, America.


sure lets rename one civi and open up another can of worms.


Civ renames won’t happen, I can already tell you that. Seconding @Juggernaut8704 that considering we had already “The Last Khans” as Eastern European expansion and now “Lords of the West” as European expansion, it’s time to revisit world regions which definitely lack civs like India, Africa and America.


The Hungarians have dominated only Croats :wink:

New campaings, new units, new mechanics and new archiecture (Balkan for Serbs, Croats and Byzantines)

Unique units:



  • Poles - winged hussars or “kopijnik” or “pancerny”

Hussite war wagon

Hussite warrior

  • Czechs - a war wagon and a Hussite warrior

  • Croats - croatian light cavalry

  • Serbs - Jugović

You’re racist???
You call the Slavs - to quote “worms”…


Well, Hungarians always destroyed Serbs and other Balkan kingdoms such as Bosnians, even the Bulgarians, we just couldn’t handle big territories, so we abandoned them: We once conquered Napoli, but we couldn’t keep it because of distance. Serbian army etc. is already covered by Slavs well.

Agree, there are little-used regions in the game (both Americas, Africa), but it’s a pity to leave such shortcomings aside. It is impossible to depict all medieval Slavs with one civilization. However, Central Europe is the heart of the European continent. And of all civilizations, the Slavs are the most thrown into one bag. At least two or three Slavic civilizations will be useful. It would be nice to represent each of the separate groups of Slavs: eastern (Mongolian, Finno-Ugric and Orthodox), western (Roman Catholicism) and southern (Hungarian, Turkish, Mediterranean and Byzantine culture).

I’m not saying it has to be the next DLC. But it would be much better and historically consistent if what I propose were created.

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Not to mention that the Magyar Huzsar with the Corvinian Army is already a Serbian unit, since Martinus Corvinus trained a unit of Serbs into the first true Hussars.

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You already have Slavs and Bulgarians.


You can say it Magyar Huszárs are Serbians, but I’d say they are both Hungarian and Serbian - Hungarians adopted the Serbian hussar tactic really fast. The only thing that makes 0 sense is the shield of Magyar Huszár, because it’s from Árpád-dynasty, which ended in 1301


Ruthenian campaign would be Svyatoslav- the last great Pagan prince, who did probably the most conquering.

Bohemian campaign wouldn’t be about Jan Hus (he was a preacher, whose execution sparked the Hussite wars- you’re probably thinking Yan Zizka, or the Prokops)

Sure, it’d be cool to get Poland and the other kingdoms in the game, but a DLCS just for the slavs? I don’t see it happening.

Bulgarians are a Turkish people who only assimilated with the Slavs over time. In AoE 2, Bulgarians are still Turkish.


Bulgarian language sound very Slavic also the AI names are 80% Bulgarian, not Volga-Bulgar. You don’t wanna call today’s Bulgarian people Turkic. :smiley:


It is in line with AoE2 design, where units usually have several reference to several historical periods at once.

Like in AoE1, where the Centurion unit literally uses a Sarissa (Macedonian weapon, Centurions were actually famous for an Axe called the Kalavra, meaning Skull) and a Greek helmet.

It is usually how AoE does things.

No, that was the Bulgars. By the time they were Bulgarians, they were already mostly Slavs.


Their voice clips sure don’t sound Turkish.


Bulgarians are a specific nation that represents two cultures at the same time:
the ancestors “conquerors” - Turks and the new - Slavs.

You are right. But the Balkans are too rich ethnically and culturally to have only: Bulgarians and Byzantines.

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At least the Vlachs weren’t Slavs. :smiley:

Needless to say, they are not Slavs :rofl: