Propose your own Regional Units

I like the idea of the DE version to give us new units like some elephants and the SL available to a bunch of civs, and most important, without the need to build a castle. So I want to hear if the forum have any unit they would like to see in the future…

My list would be

Heavy Pikemen: replaces halbs for Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Sicilians and Teutons (just to reflect the different pikemen units under the Hasburg empire suchs as tercios and landskenecht)

Varenguians: inspired in the berserker… a fast unit with good melee dmg, I can imagine them with more base hp but no regen… could be availalble for Vikings, Byzs, Slavs, Celts

Rider/Heavy Rider/Imperial Rider; replaces the knight line for most non european and non mediterranean civs… basically a slighly downgrade from the knight line, but slightly cheaper and slightly lower TT

Nest of Bee; a siege unit for that replaces mangonel and far east asians civs. Does a little more dmg, but the proyectile do not hit all at once like the mangonel (see AoEIV nest of bees to understand me better)

Javelinmen: a unit for african civs, cost gold, has lower range than a elite skirm or xbow. But has a higher dmg to pierce heavy armored units… it will also have a lower RoF


Boarding or monk ships that can convert other ships to all or most civis.
Galleases for italian/mediterranean civis.
Long ship type unit for baltic civis.
War canoes in dark age for meso civis.
Mercenary unit which has no pop cost only cost gold for all civis from the castle.Visually it can look different based on the regions eg.for celts gallowglas byz varangian teutons landsknecht.


Poison Bowman
Elephant Gunner
Chained Morningstar
Pulled Falconet
Dhow Ship
Naffatun Bomb


Not a brand new unit, but Genitour being given to Spanish and Portuguese (alongside any future Iberian civs if there any) as a regional unit alongside Berbers.

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Siege Tower with cannon or bowmen
Elephant Lancer with +2 range
Trade Cart/Cog that can defend itself

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I also like this.
Upgrade cost 450 food and 500 gold, 60 seconds
HP : 65
Attack : 5
+30 vs Cavalry
+30 vs Elephant
+24 vs Camel
+11 vs Mameluke
+18 vs Ship
+18 vs Fishing Ship
+1 vs Eagle
+1 vs Standard Building
Armor: 1/0
ROF: 3.0
Speed: 1.00
LOS: 4

Heavy Cavalier: Replaces Paladin for Euro-Asian trio (Huns, Cumans, Magyars). Stat, upgrade cost and time will be in between Cavalier and Paladin.

Talwaar swordsman: Replaces Long Swords man, THS and Champion. Asymmetric Militia line upgrade (like Hussar vs Winged Hussar) for civs with bad stable

Heavy swordsman: Replaces THS and Champion. Upgrade cost 600 food and 250 gold, 75 seconds.
HP: 70
Attack: 12
+7 vs Eagle
+4 vs Standard Building
Armor: 1/1
ROF: 2.0
Speed: 0.9
LOS: 4

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Shaman / Priests : act like healing mangonels. For some asian and meso civs or civs with a weak stable.

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It would be nice if there was a regional unit for the Aztecs, Inca and Maya that uses the Atlatl or Spear-thrower as it is also called. This unit could perhaps be called the [Dart Thrower] or [Dart Throwing Runner]. Another name for the unit could be [Atlatlist]. It will serve as the Pre-Columbian counterpart of the [Cavalry Archer].

Maybe the [Eagle Warrior] could be turned into a unique unit for the Aztecs only in the future, since they were warriors of the Aztecs not the Incas and Maya. Though I have heard from another user that the Mayans did possibly have Eagle Warrior societies as well so maybe it wouldn’t be wrong for them to have access to these warriors, but I still think it would be better if they were exclusive to the Aztecs because they are closely associated to them.

A new unit line that possesses a more general Pre-Columbian background can be introduced to the game, which will serve a similar role to the Eagle Warrior and be available to all three Pre-Columbian civilisations. It will also only cost food which will therefore make it into a trash unit.

This unit replacement can go be these following names:

Runner Scout → Foot Chaser → Padded Foot Chaser


Maybe its just me but the idea of more regional units feels overbearing. Without adding any new regionals we can easily add 50 new unique civs using what we already have


Natives Americans (Aztecs, Mayans, Incas and futures Natives civs)

Native canoe aoe3de Canoe: Native boat that can attack or transport units.
War canoe aoe3de War Canoe: Strong in naval combat when built in number.
Warrior de Warrior: Quick-training Native defender who quickly loses hit points, becoming less effective over time.
Inca Maceman Icon Maceman: Powerful Heavy Hand Infantry which inflicts splash damage with a large bludgeon. Good against buildings, cavalry, and anything within range.
Warrior priest de Warrior Priest: Heals injured units and are also effective in combat.
Inca stronghold Stronghold: A powerful military building that can train and garrison all military units to strengthen its attack. Replace the Castle for the Natives Americans. Costs 1000 Stone.

Africans (Berbers, Malians, Ethiopians and future African civs)

Levied spearman portrait aoe3de Levied Spearman: Quick-training Spearman who quickly loses hitpoints, becoming less effective over time.
Levied bowman portrait aoe3de Levied Bowman: Quick-training foot archer who loses hitpoints over time, but gains attack speed at lower health.
Levied gunner portrait aoe3de Levied Gunner: Quick-training Handcannoner who loses hitpoints, becoming less effective over time.
Desert warrior portrait aoe3de Desert Warrior: Hardy javelin warrior equipped with a large shield. The shield grants different armor types when switching combat stances. Good against cavalry.
Desert archer portrait aoe3de Desert Archer: Secretive, skilled archer that can hit distant targets as well as shoot fast at short range. Good against infantry.
Desert raider portrait aoe3de Desert Raider: Plundering Desert Raider. Good against buildings.
Javelin rider aoe3de Javelin Rider: Ranged cavalry. Good against hand cavalry, particularly in melee.
Battle canoe portrait aoe3de Battle Canoe: Battle Canoe. Powerful, agile warship that can also train units.
Cannon boat portrait aoe3de Cannon Boat: Cannon Boat. Somewhat expensive, but powerful boat good at blasting ships and builders from a distance.


yes! bring in the unused editor units like Heavy Pikemen as a defensive variant of Halberds!

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50 more civs? I don’t think many player would like to try this game anymore… 100 civs would be way more overwhelming…

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Yes, I think that more than 48 civs will not put, for something now they began to focus on AoE 1 (the dlc of Return of Rome is just the beginning) …


Okay my point still stands that the game functions fine if they stop adding regionals for the sake of the illusion of solving stagnation.

Norman knight: Replaces the cavalier for Britons and Sicilians, it deals slighly less damages and/or has slightly less HP, but speed and LoS are more in lign with those of light cavalry and it deals bonus damage against archers and monks (and the Sicilian one still benefits from hauberk) making it a mixture of both of the main common cavalry line. Added benefit: people would stop wondering which of those two civs actually represents the Normans.

And I agree on war canoe for Meso civs, jineta for Iberian civs and a few others. Some people may not be surprised to see me say it again, but I think the cataphract and boyar should be turned into regional units replacing the knight line (or parts of it) and be replaced as UU by the flamethrower and the stretsly respectively.

The missionary may become a regional unit too, I don’t think it’s such a game changer.


I’d like to see regional units only where they are actually different units. Elephant archers, battle elephants, genitours in the case they’re expanded to Spanish and Portuguese… those are worth being a different unit altogether.

A different champion is not. Champions already represents generic swordsmen. Same goes for alternatives for knights, pikemen, etc… Those would just be reskins with slight different stats.

Edit: Just in case, I’m taking about the concept of what a unit is. I’m not saying those units would not work gameplay-wise. In terms of gameplay anything fun and balance can work.


Lets see what do we have missing unit vise.
Horse unit xbow and mace user
Camel unit spear xbow skirmisher gunner cannon
Elephant unit skirmisher gunner cannon
Foot melee mace hammer one handed exotic weapons
Foot ranged blowgun bombs exotic weapons like boomarang sticks clubs flame throwers

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Throws stones to make enemies realize their mistake and join thy side.


Not sure if it should be regional but a sea wall/gate creating boat

Like this fisted war hammer? It may look like a fantasy weapon but this replica is based on a historical 15th century design that was apparently popular in medieval Bohemia and Germany.