Propose your own Regional Units

Yep war pick/hammer type weapons and other bizarre looking things too.Africa is full of such weapons.


moar africa civs incoming!

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I really like more civ-related units for the sake of immersion. I’ve recently installed a chinese data mod (“real history mod”) and the reskin to regional units is incredible.

For the slavs/rus, one could envision a new light cavalry unit, the ratnik. Armed with a sovnya (a russian version of the more famous naginata), it could have a slight bonus against cavalry.

Another unit could be the infamous strelez, a post-imp gunpowder unit that could give the slavs (or rus) a stronger lategame.

Image sources: Wiskowatow

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Where italians have condotieros, Spanish should have tercios (essentially a kamayuk but dressed like the hand canoneer / or like a conq (historicaly accurate:,605,x0,y87&width=1900&height=1069&optimize=low&format=webply) )

also, spanish should get Genitours AS WELL, historically they are a unit from the Spanish that was given to the Berbers in aoe2 but Spain is who employed them, so both civs should share them, they fought on both sides for 800 years straight, mostly on spain’s side

Pike and shot units are more fitting in aoe3.

they were founded on 1534, in line with the Conqs UU,

take a look:,605,x0,y87&width=1900&height=1069&optimize=low&format=webply

like in reality, actually, they could look like a Conq infantry

Different upgrade of archer line

Crossbowman → Heavy Archer
HP : 40
Attack Bonus : +1 vs Infantry
Training Time : 32 seconds
Upgrade Cost and time : 125 food, 175 gold and 40 seconds

Arbalester → Elite Archer
HP : 50
Attack Bonus : +1 vs Infantry
Training Time : 30 seconds
Upgrade Cost and time : 350 food, 500 gold and 60 seconds

Rest stats remain same.

Eu apenas adcionaria:
Mantelete: unidade hibrida de infantaria e cerco. Se beneficia de todas as tecnologias de infantaria e cerco. Eu daria a esta unidade: ataque corpo a corpo semidistante (4 a 6 de alcance). Resistente contra ataque perfurante, e cerco. Fraco vs cavalaria. Tambem poderia dar a ele a habilidade de garnecer unidades (no maximo 2 ou tres). E assim
essas unidades se protegeriam de ataques perfurantes, mas nao atacariam enquanto estivessem guarnecidas. Tambem pensaria em dar a esta unidade dupla cadencia de tiro (arremeçando machados ou tochas incendiarias duas vezes seguidas em sequencia antes do intervalo da cadencia). Daria ataque extra vs edificios e unidades de cerco. (Unidade regional americana)

Zarabatana: unidade com ataque a distancia, armado com zarabatana, com ataque “venenoso”: habilidade: apos atingido pelo ataque venenoso, a unidade inimiga perderia gradativamente 1 a 2 de HP por segundo, durante 5 a 6 segundos. (Unidade regional americana)

Obs: essa unidade (padre guerreiro - habilidade de curar unidades aliadas e atacar unidades inimigas, corpo a corpo, sem poder de conversao) seria interesante. Mas faria com que ela fosse uma unidade fosse unica dos mississippians, ao inves deunidade regional das america.

The tercios are pikemen, they could be a unique imperial upgrade for the Spanish…

Sim, estou de acordo…


I 100% agree. Honestly at this point, nearly every unit niche has been added somewhere into aoe2.

I think the SL can be expanded, and the Genitour made into a regional unit. Maybe the camel scout could be re-worked somehow into an regional scout unit. But what’s left for BRAND NEW units to become regional units?

My best effort to try to come up with something that could fill a new niche.

These have some marginal merit.

  • An elephant monk. A tanky elephant monk could maybe have a use case. Candidate civs already have other elephant RUs but it’s not impossible to add more i suppose.
  • Elephant gunpowder unit. tanky elephant gun power would counter pikes even if still themselves being countered by pikes, and be less susceptible to monks so maybe. An an elephant gun powder unit requires a very niche civ tho. Gunpowder and elelphants don’t have a large overlap. Probably a UU not a RU if it’s added at all. -EDIT on second thought it’d be pretty similar to the elephant archer so even if you could find multiple civs to gov edit to I think and elephant handcannoneer would be too similar. Maybe an elephant bombard cannon could distinguish itself from a regular bombard cannon. Idk.
  • Anti-Cavalry CA (basically a genoese xbow as a cavalry archer. I could actually see that as a UU).
  • An anti-gate/wall/villager/trade raiding unit. Honestly the SL is kinda this unit anyways. Better at getting through walls than a knight, and almost as good at picking off vills as a CA. We very nearly already have this.

IDK how I feel about these.

  • Camel Monk. Very good at converting cavalry (therefore also the scout cavalry line). Very memey/meta lol. It’s so stupid it kinda comes back round to being interesting. Maybe, possibly, this could be a secondary UU like the missionary. I think the last thing we need for all the elephant RUs going around these days is a camel monk RU that’s extra good at converting them.
  • Anti-gunpowder archer and/or CA. Seems very niche but I suppose it could exist. having an RU that has bonus damage against a lot of civ’s power units from range seems hard to balance. you could go UU, but if your UU is an archer you’re probably an archer civ and thus your opponent is less likely to make hand cannons cause you’re less likely to field infantry, and if your UU is good against hand cannons, it’s probably also got good pierce armor, so you’re opponent is less likely to field handcannons, and even if they had bombard cannons, if you have your archers out and about they’ll just switch to trebs. So now you have no reason to use your UU. Not great game design IMO.

The rest of these range from OP, to useless, to pointless, to meme.

  • elephant skirm.
  • A trash siege option. Something obviously garbage but better than other trash units. Maybe ladder people.
  • An anti-building archer. If they’re good as archers AND taking down buildings then probably op. If they’re bad at fighting units, then might as well make archers and siege. Maybe there’s some middle ground where they’re good against units, but they don’t take til the end of time to bring down a building. Good luck finding it and having the community as a whole agree.
  • A moveable tower like the OG siege tower
  • A Gate/Castle converter
  • Ram Ship

At BEST the elephant monk could be a new RU. Everything else is either something we already have, a potential UU not RU, or probably unworkable from the get go.

Macemen which are infantry good at smashing buildings and heavy armour units. A Obuch but more general for other civs.

Actual Pikemen: a regional upgrade path for the spear line with lower stats but +1 range

Not my ideas, but I do like:
War canoes (smaller ship with lower pop cost?)
Boarding ship (replaces fire ship)
Hwacha: a replacement for the Scorpion line, available after Chemistry, many projectiles but no pass-through damage (similar to organ gun), maybe bonus damage vs elephants