Proposing Mongol nerf

Below are my opinion only. Currently smashed by Mongol player so much that i need some sort of expression vent…

1.Mongol econ is too strong :

a. Ovoo make mongol 3(?)vil ahead already at start of the game. - ovoo stone gathering rate 50% at age 1, 75% at age 2, 100% at age 3, 125% at age 4

b. Pasture is much superior than normal farm. 1 pasture served for 4 vil and Sheep could be preserved and villager/pasture gather at one location make it hard to raid.

  • Pasture need the hunting cabin treatment , a aura reducing sheep production rate if built together. Cost increase to 200w

c. Age 3 gold landmark too strong that basically give you 10 vil if 20vil mining gold. The gold mine also extend longer than usual

  • age 3 landmark should give 40% gold gathering rate aura insteas of 50% drop off

2.Khan too strong at harressing and too fast to Respawn

Reducing damage to villager
Respawn time to increase to 4min
General combat stat nerfed

Other things like tower cost , build siege from inf, double unit production is fine at my view and as civ characteristic, only if that Mongol econ should not be also top tier also.


Khan shouldn’t be free, you lose the best and most difficult unit too kill? buy it.


Throat singing intensifies


It’s bought with time, the most valuable resource in the game.

In order to play the Mongols, the player needs to be more skilled than other players who are choosing easier civs in the game.

This is why we have a difficulty mechanic for each civ.
The more difficult = more reward.

Moreover, you can check the pick rate and win rate of this civ.
It is picked less and played the least.
One of the reasons why is that lower-skilled players cannot stand a civ without the wall.
Therefore, they tend to pick the Chinese (high difficulty civ) and others.
This leads to a higher victory rate for the Mongols.
As skilled players kinda appreciate the reward for trying harder than other average or low skilled players.
Low-skilled players would tend to play more defensively and would not prefer challenging civ above their potential. This leads the aggressor to win the game than the defender.
So yeah, Git Gud!

2 Likes>1600

For games over elo 1600 and Mongol have a 60% win rate while others civ are all negative win rate.

I do not belive Mongol is not the strongest civ at the moment and doesn’t need to nerf.

While i dont quite understand why mongol is called difficult. As I also play mongol on hybrid map. I think the most difficult part for Mongol player is the khan micro🤔.

I also agree with this

It is difficult bcse the Mongols:

  • get the weakest trebuchets and bombards.
  • Unique upgrades are only unlockable through stone and it is not available earlier in the game. Therefore, most of the Mongol players cannot get +30% horse hp, 20% inf attack, and HP and other economic unique upgrades due to early two-unit stone production near Ovoo.
  • The Mongol players need to move the houses frequently and needs to be able to maneuver and defend their economic areas without wall and control the map. This pushes more skilled players to pick the Mongols as lower-skilled players are not able to control the map due to their own poor decisions.

i’m sure to put a tower on enemy base with 5 spearman with 0 impact on early economy when any civ can’t counter it without a big impact on there economy is a mark of epic skilled player …

What if they just made the ovoo an age2 building rather than an age1 building?
I dont think that would make mongols weak since they still save a lot of wood early game but strats like tower rushing, and they being able to mass a load of archers while quickly going to age3 would be much easier to deal with, also would make hybrid maps more balanced.
Another alternative could be ncreasing the ovoo cost to 200w

Maybe nerf stone collection rate in Dark Age but 100% do not remove ovoo from dark age. Dark Age aggression is a specialism of the Mongols and part of their identity. They are built around being better at it than other civs and the ovoo is key to this.

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Yeah, you have a point there

Mongol are not that hard because they have the best winrate even at low elo.


The person you talking too is likely a mongol abuser… for him to say such (be nice…) wrong things; it can only mean he’s blinded by his bias. We currently have THE TOP PLAYERS IN THE GAME ALLLLLLLLL complaining about mongol and rus and this guys wants to believe mongols are just fine? @MahoganyHalo80 can you name top player (other than yourself if you’re a top player) that AGREES with your assessment??

Their trebuchet has less range but it costs less and moves faster and can be built in the field.
They do not need to build houses or a university - all the university upgrades appear in the armory in age IV.
They can still get those upgrades without stone - just the advanced versions by ovoo require stone.
Their gers can unpack and move as needed so they don’t need to build as many resource drop points.
Khan requires some skill and micro. The rest of playing Mongols is not particularly difficult once you understand their mechanics.

tower rushing is a little bit annoying but can be countered.

how many people understand it?
The answer is very few!
Lots of people dont read when they pic civs. They just assume and play.
I haven’t seen it in any streamer mastering the Mongols.
But see some good plays.

ger is an expensive building.
At the start of the game, the Mongols need to unpack the TC and build ovoo. Already at a disadvantage.
Attacking its economy is the best way to encounter it. For example ovoo. It is vulnerable from the start of the game. You have a complete 3 mins to destroy it easily.
And how am I an abuser?
I never try to take advantage of bugs and glitches unless I didn’t notice it.
The game devs need to be banning pro players (and all) for using bugs and glitches intentionally to win the game or take advantage. It is their code of conduct in the game and is written there.

Please give other civilizations such a disadvantage, I like this disadvantage, I can get better resources :joy: :joy: :joy:

Ger can be moved, so Mongol player doesn’t even have to rebuild dropoff building to get a shorter distance like others, or waste resources making a new one if the gold/berries/deers depleted, which is an advantage. If that happens they don’t even need to build a Ger early at all.

just a few sec, but you can select a better TC location, and later ur vills don’t have to walk to the wood line or gold when it spawned saving time in the process. If the gold is close to the wood line it is even perfect, all vills are protected by the TC.

They already got 50 extra wood for Ovoo. So it means 2.5 vills were indirectly given ahead of other civs. Plus sometimes, you don’t have to make a Ger at all if gold, wood are close.

Mongol’s spearmans can easily come out before two minutes.

So imo Mongol with a lot of eco and military advantages is one of the easiest civs to play with. Not to mention Khan and landmarks buff, save woods from not building houses, cheaper tw and stuff.

Mongol, imo, is not easy to counter, but once you face them regularly on a daily basis, you kinda get used to it and know how to respond. Plus most Mongol players who should be at the same elo as you already have +100 elo ahead. This means that the one you fighting nowadays has lower skills than you. XD Meaning if you try to survive long enough it will pay off and you can outplay (micro/macro) them.