Propposals to avoid sandbagging in TG ranked

Sandbagging is the act of purposefully loosing ELO in order to matchup against easier opponents, it has a Highly negative impact on mid to low ELO TG games.

I propose a real time poll ingame system to abort games without affecting anyone ELO whenever anyone either AFK´s or purposefully drops out of the game, cheats or griefs. My hypothesis is that this will make the Sandbagger purpose way harder to accomplish, because he would not be able to loose elo fast.

The system could be used inmediatly after someone quits after the first 7 minutes or later by each team once with a cooldown of 30 minutes.

This idea is further exposed at Game drop ban does not solves or improves game experience completely. where it was shown also as a way to avoid unfair bans.

You can already report these players. I dont really see how this will be having a different impact. If you get mass reported for this, you will get banned by the devs, which also would ends the elo dropping. So the end goal be the same.

I dont see any real benefits of another system. It wont really change much in my opinion.

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Reporting does not differentiates between someone that purposefully drops a TG to sandbag from pepole whose game crashes at the start screen by chance. that is why implementing ways to either continue the game by balancing both sides or abborting without affecting anyone else elo might help.

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