Protomods tweaks mess up the whole game

Trying to change some unit stats and availability had some strange effects.

Moded units lost their siege damage despite not having those stats changed (somehow, pikeman in cover mode still have their 16 siege damage). Intrestingly enough, I wasn’t able to mod the range of skirms.

Town centers lose their anti ship damage, but now have an autoattack that fires canon balls.

What could it be?
My xml files are the ones extracted with the resource manager 4.0

Hey @GochoARG!

This should be possible. We recently identified an issue with additive mods where it was not possible to use additive mods to modify a ProtoAction of a unit.

We are tracking the issue already.
Please keep an eye out for a fix for this in an upcoming patch! :slight_smile:

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So I get its a problem of the additive mods and not a problem with my coding, right?

I verified today that modifying one protoaction from a unit messes up their siege damage. Maybe it has to be with the fact that siege damage its not dependant on the unit stance (except for the cover stance)?

A unit that has not been modified works like normal (I’m not quite sure how I ended up giving an autoattack to the TC)

Hi @GochoARG, it’s not a problem with your mod, the additive mods code is not correctly applying the ProtoAction modifications, unfortunately.

Instead of modifying the intended proto action it modifies the first proto action it finds. That is why you are losing your AntiShipAttack for the Town Center, and why the Pikeman is losing the BuildingAttack (but CoverBuildingAttack is not affected as it is the second proto action).

A fix for this is in the pipeline and should be included in the next patch.

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Just adding a link to this post where @KiyamaHarumiS has encountered the same issue:

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