Prussian Civilization and More!

This would be just a personal mod, but I was curious about other people’s thoughts on the changes and get others’ opinions. My first attempt didn’t work so I resubmitted and now the mod seems to be working properly. It is my first mod but I tried to be as thorough as I could. There probably is some testing and balancing or number tweaks that needs to be done but I wanted to get it out there right now.

I already mention them in the description but I want to say it again. I want to give a shout out to those who I was able to look at their work and learn how to mod or get ideas for what changes to make.

Opdepov - Germany, history, Austria and Prussia
Ropi336 - Mods Single - Age of Empires
Napoleonic Era Mod Team - Napoleonic Era | Age of Empires Series Wiki | Fandom


I dream of an official Prussian civ and an Austro-Hungarian civ in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition in DLC :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face:

Prussian civ

Prussians civ would be a civilization of infantry (lots of ranged units) and industry (building Grube - this building is being built on a mine providing an unlimited source of coins, but slowly and construction limit. Only Miners (speaking in Silesian) could work there - they would be trained in the Mine or available in Home City cards (at the beginning of the game the Prussians would have one Miner). They have a unique Outpost - Grenzposten in which can train Landwehr

The only archaic unit that the Prussians would have could be the Teutonic Knight (a cavalry unit with a lance that can dismount and fight as a two-handed swordsman), which would be a reference to the Teutonic Order from which Prussia was founded.

Austria-Hungary civ

Austria-Hungary would be a civilization of a weak but numerous infantry that could flood enemies with their numbers (UU Austro-Hungarian infantry would occupy a small number of the population). Austria-Hungarian civ would benefit from good cavalry, cheap Taverns and a unique Festung building (connection of the Barrack with the Stable. Unlike Fort and Blockhouse, it doesn’t defend.

Austria-Hungary, due to multi-ethnicity, would have units that speak several languages, e.g:

  1. Pandur - Croatian language

  2. Hungarian Hussar - Hungarian language

  3. Hajduk (trained in the Barracks or in the Tavern as a mercenary) - Bosnian or Serbian language

  4. War Wagon (in my opinion it should be renamed to the Hussite Wagon. It would be a unit available only with Home City cards) - Czech language

  5. A nice option would be a unique Settler - Gorals. It would be a Shepherd’s ax armed unit and would be slightly more durable than a regular Settler. It would have more powerful melee attacks, but it would not be able to fight at a distance. This unit could train sheep. This unit would speak the Slovak language

  6. The other units would speak German

For more suggestions for Prusacy civ and Austro-Hungary civ (and not only) I invite you to my topic:


Very nice!

I gave it a quick lookover and it looks very fun. I dont agree with al thematic and balance choices but I will look further into it when I have some more time.

Overall a very good job.

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Really nice!

There are some missing text strings but I’m really impressed by the new unit models.

How did you make those? I wanted to mod arquebusiers to replace xbows

Thanks, for the models I just mixed and match the models the games already used. What text strings are missing?

The new units don’t have a name on my side. Though this may have to be with the localization files (I play the game in spanish)

They read

Yeah that is probably it. I don’t have Spanish text in the mod yet. I will try and see if I can get that in but not sure when I will be able to.

How did you mix and match the models?

In my mod I only use the English text, but without defining a language in the stringmods file:

Language name=""

This way I use the same file for all languages, but the texts are always in English, and then I have to copy this file to each language folder.

I would also like to know that, do you plan to do a tutorial or do you have a link to a guide?

Haha I’m no expert at this by any means and I really don’t know how to do everything. If you know how to get into the files I just switched what the file said to use for the model and kind of hoped it worked lol. If you would like more info I can see if I can make a guide up. There is also this guide I found I haven’t had time to read it yet so not sure if it is what you or I are needing.,38424,,10