Publishing a Custom Campaign with Custom A.I.?


I plan on releasing a six-mission campaign for Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition very soon, but I was wondering how to ensure that the computer factions will correctly use the custom A.I.s that I’ve built for them. Right now, I simply choose a personality corresponding to the A.I. file I want, but previously, when I’ve extracted custom campaigns, the players’ personality would always be set to Standard despite using a custom A.I. file in the actual campaign. Therefore, I’m not confident that my A.I. files will properly translate when I finally release my campaign. Is there a specific process to releasing custom campaigns that use custom A.I. scripts?

EDIT: I’m guessing the other campaigns only show Standard personality because after I extract them with the Campaign Editor, they try to use A.I. files that are only in their respective mod’s folder and not in my normal folder? In which case, I should be fine so long as I include all of the relevant A.I. files in my mod folder.

I’d recommend downloading one of the custom campaigns by Bassi or Filthydelphia. The mod menu in game has a button to show the files for the mod—click that, then look at how the AI files are included. That should give you an example of where to place the files when you go to upload your mod.


Your ai should be in the resources_common\ai catalog,if you save your scenario and pack up as a aoe2campaign your ai in the game will be fixed.The player see your scenario in editor your ai will display ‘normal’ automatically.If he copy the ai documents into the games ai folder, it will show your ai’s name correctly,so don’t worry about it.
You can use %temp% in windows commanders to extract the ai files.

AI files are saved in the campaign file itself once you compiled a campaign. That’s why you do not have to include the AI (and .per) files into the mod folders if you upload it.

However, if someone, who has subscribed to your campaign file, opens the campaign in the editor, all the AIs will reset to the default setting. If you include the AI files in your mod, this will not happen.

If you have subscribed to a campaign mod that does not include the ai as separate files, you can start playing the campaign, and then extract the files as described by cly0806.

The mod campaign of Hulagu Khan when to publish?Hope to know about it.

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