[PUP] Found and calculated big error in Sipahi function actual 4% instead 50%. Urgent please read devs

I come here because I very love the devs for bringing big happiness to our life.
Please allow me to humbly and respectfully offer a small help for game, team and community.

I have run controlled analysis to calculate effect of Sipahi function Fortitude in raid chase villager and versus archer hit run.
I have set up 1 Sipahi, 2 Sipahi, and 3 Sipahi scenario.
I have made siginficant discovery. Effect of Sipahi Fortiude is technical design error because in reality damage per second (dps) is only relevant parameter.

In only 1 Sipahi scjenario, real effect is 7% boost dps not 50%.
In 2 Sipahi scenario, real effect 4-5% bosst dps not 50%.
In 3 Sipahi scenario, real effect 3-5% boost dps not 50%.
Fortitude efect vs archer also 9-16% far from 50%.

Fortitude ability make Sipahi only 3-5% stronger (usually real situation less then 5%), not 50%, but it make Sipahi actual 50% weaker vs melee. So it gain 4% stronger at same time potential 50% weaker. Normal horseman already mediocre at raid, Sipahi only weaker.

This numbers easily making Sipahi maybe weakest unit in all aoe4 game. MAthematical reason for result, is the Sipahi engagement animation long duration, relative movement speeds of both units in experimental test, and move path interaction dynamics.

Therefore wrong dynamics is targeted, result is catastrophic. Easiest solution should be +50% attack value not +50% attack speed because of all reasons above.

I also make quick calculation actual damage per second per resource (dps/r) and damage per lifetime (dpl) for Janissary, Crossbow, Archer, Handcannon at real situations, Janissary very lowest dps/r and dpl at reality.

Design error of course happens always in all games, everyone ake mistake, I make mistake too but I believe can help more urgent this because this situation happen very big effect. This not enough to fix Ottoman but make problem less serious.

Please devs contact me send email I’ll give more informstion scientific methodology, I have methodology to less result inaccuracy.

@SavageEmpire566 Very sorry mention you, can not find other dev. Also sorry for reporting this on Sunday. Please kindly I petition for opportunityu to discuss all the details of proof, we love you and game.


No problem—got it! We’ll investigate.

Do you know if you were buffing with a Mehter at all? There is a bug with the Mehter buff + Fortitude that we’re working on currently.

I think he means it’s not a bug, it’s a deisgn error, not operating as expected.

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Much of the community, even pros and casters are talking about this Fortitude situation. Any updates?

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I believe this was pushed to the balance team for them to investigate. This is functioning as intended from an attack speed perspective. Perceived ineffectiveness of DPS is a different issue and is not considered a bug.

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