(PUP) Fully Remappable Hotkey issues

As the picture shown above, I have already remapped the Construction Menu for every age. But it seems no effect for Abbasid dynasty. Only the Abbasid civ have this problem currently.

Reproduce Steps:

  1. Change the ‘Construction Menu’ hotkey in Fully Remappble settings. Use Fully Remappable Hotkey as the Default hotkey settings in game.
  2. Play Abbasid Dynasty


Another issue:

These three hidden commands in TC are not included in the Fully Remappble Hotkey settings . They are not visible until a unit is garrisoned. All other garrisonable buildings have the same problem. Currently it seems that they are still bonded with the Grid Hoteky system.

Please add

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After testing, I found that there are still many hotkeys that do not have any effect. They are still tied to the Grid hotkey system, even though I have set the fully remappable hotkey as the hotkey layout.

Some Examples:

  1. The Mongols Stable. Even though I modified the hotkey of Mongols stable , it is still stubbornly tied to the grid hotkey.

  2. Scholar in the Dome of the Faith(Delhi age II landmark). I am unable to modify the hotkey of this unit.

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Thank you all for pointing out these inconsistencies! The team will look into it. I’ll leave this thread open in case any others pop up!


i also have the same problem. The age 4 hotkey R is not remappable. No matter what i change to, it shows me R everytime inside the game with all civs. Also if i keep 1 single hotkey to select all buildings like for example B. When i change all to B fo all ages then it selects only the Age 1 (contruction menu 1) buildings and not all. Can we not have a single build button like we have in all other age of empires series? Like b+e, b+y, b+s. One hotkey to select all contruction menu? Thank you.

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Another one. Cancel Construction is not included in the remappable hotkeys.

PUP: On hover it doesn’t show a window showing the full command unlike the last patch

photo patch 15965

PUP: The activation of fully assignable keys Completely cancels the queue of orders and does not allow the production of 5 units, with the shift key. Unlike in the grid system that only when deliberately assigned, for example shift + A and shift + q , to other functions then when the conflict does not allow the order queue and the production of 5 units is not allowed
photo patch 15965

*Select all monasteries
Does not recognize the dome of faith

From patch 15965 it has been removed, in pup, from the select all farms hotkeys, which limits the use of Ctrl+click but only shows the farms on the screen, please re-incorporate that hotkey
Rotating through landsmarks has also been removed, although I would like it not to rotate through wonders and towns centers

photo patch 15965

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Adding to this thread (just gonna keep updating this post as I find stuff, lol).

Ungarrison All Units seems missing as remappable from most buildings. I.e., Delhi Mosques.

Unload Garrison on Transport Ship, same thing.

Assign Scholar Directly doesn’t seem remappable for Delhi, as well.

SIege Engineering keys when controlling infantry seem to be missing entirely. I.e., Springald, Battering Ram, etc.


  • Wooden Fortress keys are not remappable. Or, rather, the remappings do not seem to stick. There’s Castle Turret under Outpost but changing it doesn’t work, nor do any other of the general hotkeys seem to update Wooden Fortress
  • Lodya Ship extra panel is not remappable. Should at least mirror the Dock hotkeys
  • Golden Gate keys are not remappable and do not mirror the Market keys


  • Attack Speed Arrow refuses to remap. It starts at Q, and remapping it to D doesn’t actually make it change to D when selecting the Khan.
  • Town Center next to Ovoo, Textiles (Improved) or Villager / Scout 2x cannot be remapped / are not mirroring the previous panel
  • Professional Scouts (Improved) is not mirroring the Ger hotkey


  • neither Shipwrights (old name) nor Admiralty (new tame) is remappable under Dock
  • White Tower unit production hotkeys do not update
  • Wynguard Palace is not remappable


  • Astronomical Clocktower siege is not remappable
  • Barbican of the Sun emplacement upgrades not remappable


  • Palace of Swabia does not take the Town Center hotkey for Prelate, seems hardcoded to E
  • Burgrave Palace unit production is hardcoded to QWE (the upgrades seem fine)

Another one. Cancel Construction is not included in the remappable hotkeys.

This one seems tied to the General Commands under Stop, but yeah should probably be separated out.


Longpress functionality also seems missing. I.e., I can no longer hold a button to create archers and have it queue many up. I have to press and release. This is VERY inconsistent, though. For instance, it works fine on most special buildings (White Tower, Council Hall), but not on less special buildings (Town Centers, Archery Ranges).

I assume it’s remapping related somehow but not sure how - perhaps all the buildings that do not correctly remap the hotkeys maintained the longpress functionality?

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yup same problem here

This same issue applies to the market. With fully remappable hotkeys you cannot just hold down the keys to buy/sell resources in large quantities like you can with the fixed grid layout which is in the live build.


Wow—thanks, all! Keep 'em coming!

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now I remember that in the panel of the villager all the farms produced are shown, if that will delay the patch more, I withdraw my request

At this point we’re locked, but could you go into a bit more detail on this?

I remembered that I can see the number of farms by selecting any villager, so it is not necessary to put it in the hotkeys configuration

PATCH 17718 the error persists

PATCH 17718 the error persists

patch 20249 persists

@HasanIchess this is one that will come in an update; not a patch. Hopefully the next one! But we appreciate you keeping us honest. The team is on it :slightly_smiling_face: .

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