[PUP] June Patch - Patch Notes

Alongside AoE 3, Age 2 also received a PUP that’s now downloadable if you have the game on Steam. Below are the patch notes :slight_smile:

Branch: pup_may_june

Stability & Performance

  • Fixed an issue where the game was crashing after using backslashes in the browse mods search bar.
  • Fixed an issue where reasearching Wheelbarrow/Hand Cart after Flemish Revolution was causing a crash.
  • Fixed an issue to prevent a crash to occur if a player attempts to create a Co-Op Campaign lobby while in Return of Rome mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash when a player accepts a lobby invite that has altered settings.
  • Users are now limited to sending 10 messages over 10 seconds, to prevent spam messages from being sent rapidly, causing the game to crash. Also, empty messages wont be sent anymore as intended.


  • Fixed various Steam Achievements texts and icons.


  • Assigned the correct graphic to the Imperial Centurion decay animation.
  • Fixed an issue where units would appear to glide and unable to move in formations when loading older savegames.
  • Relic glow effect is no longer dimmed in fog of war.
  • Idle Pointer no longer appears when villagers/fishing ships die.


  • Barracks and Archery Range now have the proper building sound in Return of Rome.
  • Fixed an issue where sound objects were not correctly getting freed up on Xbox.
  • Fixed an issue where the position of a unit-bound sound would never update along with the unit’s movements.
  • Audio mods now works properly even if Windows username or modname has special characters.


  • Fixed various text issues in Return of Rome.
  • Fixed various outdated strings in campaigns due to Roman civilization addition.
  • Added two missing Spectate with Capture Age buttons in Return of Rome replays and escape menus.
  • Some adjustments has been made in the Campaign sword rating to better reflect the difficulty of some campaigns.
  • Some adjustments has been made on the map recommendations/filters.
  • Added missing Return of Rome filter option to the game filter dropdown.
  • Return of Rome tech tree has been updated to show fortified gates as disabled for civilizations with unavailable fortified walls.
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect icons were displayed for towers in technology tree preview for Koreans.
  • Return of Rome tech tree now shows the correct price for Archer Chain Mail.
  • Improved the way the warning message at the bottom of in-game UI is displayed.
  • The global queue icons of units which can’t be trained because of the housing/population limit now receive the red glow if the current population is lower than the maximum supported.


  • Fixed an issue where pressing space bar to confirm the action to send resources in the diplomacy menu was not working anymore.
  • Tab key no longer causes UI lock up when used for cycle commands.


  • Fixed various stability issues on Xbox.
  • Fixed various UI issues, strings and wrong/missing icons on Xbox.
  • Fixed various issues while using the Keyboard and Mouse inputs.
  • B button now cancels queued farms/fishtraps as intended, instead of adding more of them in the queue.
  • Singleplayer game will now be paused when Xbox sign in dialog is appeared.
  • Wall foundations can now be selected even if they are covered by the Fog of War as intended.
  • Panning speed now scales based on zoom level.
  • Fixed an to allow Urumi Swordsmen to use default military command menu.
  • Restarting games from loaded saves no longer creates a completely different map.


  • On Xbox, villagers will no longer attempt to harvest from garrisoned livestock units.
  • On Xbox, rally points from the Site Command menu can now be created properly for buildings that are off screen.
  • Fixed an issue where Monks in group, without “Theocracy”, weren’t all losing faith after a successful conversion.
  • Defensive buildings do not continue firing at units that have moved out of range. Firing continues only slightly outside of range (less than .25 tile) when the units are near the edge of the range in the cardinal directions, up, down, left, right.
  • The Return of Rome Priest’s site command to heal units works now as intended on Xbox.
  • Waypoint flags get now properly removed regardless of the mouse options selected.
  • Shift queueing attack is now working correctly, instead of having units getting stuck after killing their first shift queued target.
  • Fixed a parity issue on Xbox where Franks unique techs were age swapped.
  • Fixed an issue where Town Center sometimes weren’t firing at enemy units properly.
  • Own/ally units in “Defensive” and “Stand Ground” stance or with “Guard” or “Follow” order don’t obstruct building foundations anymore, preventing construction.
  • Fixed an issue where units were unable to move when using Guard stance.

Campaign Missions

  • Yodit #4: Broken Stelae
  • Fixed an issue where starting forces would not change their loyalty to you.
  • Jadwiga #1: The Matter of the Crown
  • On Xbox, the Jadwiga unit no longer have the healing icon present when hovering over an injured ally unit.
  • Pyrrhus #1: A Second Alexander
  • AI error no longer occurs on the start.
  • The bridges by Demetrius camp are no longer on fire.
  • The other enemy players are now more likely to help Antiochus out when you’re destroying his Stables.
  • Some of the player’s starting Houses are changed to Army Tents.
  • Antiochus now starts with some Cavalry, to ensure he always has some level of defense.
  • Antiochus also makes a last ditch defense effort when he has lost most of his stables on higher difficulty levels.
  • Fixed a bug where the enemy forces would keep walking away from Antigonus’ camp during the finale, if you destroyed Antiochus’ Stables before your allies fell back to defensive lines.
  • Antigonus no longer builds Storage Pits close to the enemy lines.
  • Lysimachus no longer researches Centurion or Iron Age armor/attack upgrades.
  • Antiochus no longer gets Scale Armor for Cavalry on Easy or Moderate.
  • Antigonus spawns a few extra defenders as a last ditch effort, if his camp gets overrun before the finale.
  • Flags now mark out the Stables you need to destroy.
  • The final enemy push is now less intense on all difficulty levels.
  • Moved a tower so that you can see the nearest gold mines from the start.
  • Gave Antigonus a Storage Pit by a good wood line.
  • Minor AI updates.
  • Ensured stable counter isn’t activated twice, which could previously cause issues in rare circumstances.
  • Pyrrhus #2: The Many Kings of Macedon
  • The victory message now has its proper dialogue sound playing.
  • Neoptolemus no longer tries to steal your gold mines when he’s allied to you.
  • You now get some resources for defeating Neoptolemus.
  • Demetrius’ transport are no longer on fire.
  • Minor AI updates.
  • Pyrrhus #3: Pyrrhic Victories
  • Rome’s villagers no longer gather gold from Asculum’s camp.
  • Minor AI updates.
  • Pyrrhus #4: Savior of the Greeks
  • The pop cap is now correctly set to 100 as stated in the hints.
  • Added scout section about the Carthaginian Suppliers.
  • Blocked an unintended path by a mountain.
  • Minor AI updates.
  • Pyrrhus #5: Sisyphus
  • Rotated some out-of-season brown bushes so that they are now green.
  • Fixed a rare bug where the dialogue for defeating all enemy factions would play even if the player achieved victory the standard way (by protecting the allied Wonder).

Balance Changes

  • Battering Ram move speed increased from 0.5 :arrow_forward: 0.6
  • Battering Ram garrison capacity increased from 4 :arrow_forward: 6
  • Capped Ram move speed increased from 0.5 :arrow_forward: 0.6
  • Capped Ram garrison capacity increased from 5 :arrow_forward: 6
  • (Elite) Battle Elephant Line of Sight increased from 4 (5) :arrow_forward: 7 (8)
  • Elite Battle Elephant upgrade cost reduced from 1200 food 900 gold :arrow_forward: 1100 food 700 gold
  • Gillnets gather rate reduced from 25% :arrow_forward: 20%
  • Stone Shaft Mining cost reduced from 200 food 150 wood :arrow_forward: 175 food 75 wood
  • Gold Shaft Mining cost reduced from 200 food 150 wood :arrow_forward: 175 food 75 wood
  • Sanctity cost increased from 120 gold :arrow_forward: 175 gold
  • Heavy Scorpion HP increased from 50 :arrow_forward: 55
  • Fish Traps now receive anti-building damage (10 class 11 armor and 0 class 21 armor)

Civilization Specific Changes


  • (Elite) Ratha in melee mode is no longer unintentionally affected by the anti-skirmisher attack bonus


  • Hussite Wagon frame delay decreased from 30 :arrow_forward: 20


  • Receive Gambesons


  • Dismounted Konnik base armor increased from 0/0 :arrow_forward: 2/1
  • Elite Dismounted Konnik base armor increased from 0/1 :arrow_forward: 2/2


  • Elite Arambai attack reduced from 15 :arrow_forward: 14
  • (Elite) Arambai now properly affected by Chemistry instead of only using a graphic change to the projectile
  • Manipur Cavalry moved to Castle Age
  • Manipur Cavalry cost reduced from 400 food 400 gold :arrow_forward: 300 food 300 gold
  • Manipur Cavalry effect reduced from Cavalry deals +5 bonus attack vs. archers :arrow_forward: Cavalry deals +4 bonus attack vs. archers
  • Howdah moved to Imperial Age


  • Greek Fire changed from Fire Ships +1 range, Bombard Towers +0.5 Blast Radius :arrow_forward: Fire Ships +1 range, Dromons’ and Bombard Towers’ blast radius increased
  • Bombard Towers now deals 25% damage in radius, no longer deal friendly fire damage.


  • Technology discount civilisation bonus reduced from 10%/15%/20% :arrow_forward: 5%/10%/15% in Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age.


  • Forager faster work rate civilisation bonus reduced from 15% :arrow_forward: 10%


  • Lose access to Guilds
  • Grand Trunk Road cost reduced from 400 food 400 wood :arrow_forward: 250 food 200 wood
  • Grand Trunk Road now also reduces the trading fee to 10%
  • (Elite) Ghulam attack increased from 8 (10) :arrow_forward: 9 (11)
  • (Elite) Ghulam HP increased from 55 (65) :arrow_forward: 60 (70)


  • Pavise cost changed from 300 food and 150 gold :arrow_forward: 200 wood 150 gold


  • Military units (except siege) cost -20% wood civilisation bonus changed :arrow_forward: Archers and Infantry cost -50% wood, Warships cost -20% wood
  • (Elite) War Wagon base cost adjusted to 200 wood 60 gold (unchanged after the wood discount)
  • (Elite) Turtle Ships affected by Siege Engineers


  • Team Bonus changed from foot archers +2 Line of Sight :arrow_forward: Cavalry Archers trained +25% faster


  • Lose access to Gambesons


  • Gold Miners drop off more gold civiliation bonus reduced from 15% :arrow_forward: 10%


  • (Elite) War Elephant Line of Sight increased from 4 (5) :arrow_forward: 7 (8) Developer Note: “Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: changes are on the horizon for Persians”


  • Feitoria cost increased from 250 gold 250 stone :arrow_forward: 350 gold 300 stone


  • Galley-line +1 attack civilisation bonus removed
  • War Galleys +1/+1 armor, Galleons and Dromons +2/+2 armor civilisation bonus changed :arrow_forward: Galley-line and Dromons +1/+1 armor
  • Ballistas no longer grants attack speed to the Galley-line
  • Ballistas now grants +2 attack to the Galley-line in addition to Scorpion attack speed
  • (Elite) Centurion formation position moved behind infantry units instead of in front of them
  • Romans enabled for Ranked Play!


  • Lose access to Fervor
  • New Bonus: Monks move +20% faster


  • Janissary attack range reduced from 8 :arrow_forward: 7 (Elite Janissary unchanged)


  • Economy technologies now also research 100% faster
  • Imperial Skirmisher upgrade cost reduced from 300 wood 450 gold :arrow_forward: 300 wood 300 gold

Return of Rome


  • Slingers are now affected by Alchemy technology as intended
  • Fixed the attribute values for several units:
  • Hoplite, Phalangite, Centurion - reload time 2 :arrow_forward: 1.5
  • Cavalry, Heavy Cavalry, Cataphract - reload time 1.3 :arrow_forward: 1.5
  • Heavy Catapult - blast width 2 :arrow_forward: 1.2

Lac Viet

  • Ballista receives +2 armor (in addition to Archery Range units)


  • 25% siege discount now applies to Ballista as intended

Map Balance

  • Amazon Tunnel:
  • Fixed an issue where player’s gold mines could fail to generate or generate next to another player.
  • Arabia:
  • Reintroduced the Asian, European and American themes.
  • Boars may now generate again on some map themes.
  • Gazelles now occasionally generate on some map themes.
  • Ponds have been entirely removed from player forests. They may still appear in neutral forests on the map.
  • The forest generation around players has been modified to create slightly more open generations Prey huntable animals have been pushed further away from the players.
  • Michi:
  • Players now start with 9 villagers and 2 houses.
  • Explored map visibility is now used in ranked games.


  • The rotation of the Ranked Maps Pool happening every two weeks around 01:00 am UTC will now happen around 08:00 am UTC instead.
  • Due to long queues times and low activity making it difficult to find matches, Empire Wars and Battle Royale game modes have been removed from the Quick Play Menu on PC, and Empire Wars has been removed from the Quick Play Menu on Xbox.
  • Changed the population setting for Return of Rome ranked games (both 1v1 and TG) to 250 instead of 200.
  • Fixed an issue where the reset and randomize buttons weren’t disabled in ranked lobbies.


  • Fixed an engine bug which caused AI villagers to idle after constructing a building if the villager was facing a corner of the building.
  • AI now slings the correct player in response to taunt 58.
  • AI researches Royal Heirs and Greek Fire under correct conditions.
  • Extreme difficultly: Fixed an issue with the group micro evaluation function. This allows the AI to properly consider unit upgrades when deciding whether to take a fight involving ranged units.
  • Fixed an issue where camps may be placed on inaccessible islands or forest gaps in explored maps.
  • Fixed an issue where AI occasionally built fewer mining camps then intended.

Return of Rome

  • If betrayed when locked teams are off, the AI will match the new diplomatic stance after a delay or if it is attacked.
  • AI will ask for wood if it doesn’t have sufficient wood to place a market in response to taunts.
  • AI now counters units in Tool Age to a greater extent than before.
  • AI now builds a greater number of watch towers for defense with more intelligent placement for the initial tower.
  • AI now no longer suffers from idle villagers on very high population limits.
  • Improved the AI’s ability to play very high and very low population limits in general.
  • Fixed a bug where the AI may not obtain the prerequisite buildings for Iron Age, particularly if it was Macedonians.
  • Fixed a bug where fire galleys were not included in the AI’s water attacks.
  • Fixed a bug where the AI occasionally did not attack despite being near full population.
  • Fixed a bug where on Hard or Hardest difficultly the AI would unintentionally pick Fast Bronze strategies more often than intended.
  • AI now considers Inland a mixed map instead of a full water map. In addition, the minimum area of water required for the AI to build a dock and contest it has been increased.


  • Fixed a bug where my-unique-unit was undefined for Vikings.
  • my-unique-research and my-second-unique-research now always refer to the Imperial Age unique tech and Castle Age unique tech respectively.
  • Fortified wall and Ballista tower are now correctly included in wall-line and tower-line respectively.
  • Added XS support for AI, allowing AIs to store more information (including between games) and perform more advanced mathematical calculations.
  • Use (include “script.xs”) command to load a XS script.
  • Use xs-script-call “function name” action to call a XS function. It is not necessary to defconst the function name.
  • Use xsGetGoal(integer) and xsGetStrategicNumber(integer) to read a goal and SN respectively.
  • Use xsSetGoal(goal ID, value) and xsSetStrategicNumber(sn ID, value) to set a goal and SN respectively. The value must be an integer.
  • AIs can also store information using commands such as xsWriteInt(). However, it is important that before opening the file, xsSetContextPlayer() is set to the player number, and the same command is used to reset it back to -1 before closing the file again.


  • Changing in-game music does now work properly in Return of Rome mods.
  • Power up task now provides the same speed increase regardless of the unit having its speed increased by a technology or not.
  • Added a new flag 4 for Blast Attack Level attribute which can disable friendly damage for ranged units with blast attack.
  • Power up tasks with round power up area now display round range indicator if it is enabled.
  • Buldings with power up tasks can no longer receive invalid commands from right-clicking on units specified in the power up task data.

Scenario Editor

  • Enabling Technology Trigger no longer disables technology for other players.

Not a fan of this, would prefer if they have something like cheaper barracks but lose the current bonus if Malay are too strong

Everything ekse seems good


You just created almost a second byzantines 11
Yes they don’t have cataphracts, but the trash discound is basically the same.

Ofc saving wood isn’t as good as saving food (or mixed), but the free armor for the skirms more than compensates that.
I can already predcit if this gets live, we will see a lot of the byzantine special + towers from koreans. And it will probably be even harder to stop. Vill LOS, faster stone mining and tower upgrades say hello.


Ooooo! Got my fingers crossed for that Central Asian architecture!


@FloosWorld where are the further pathfinding fixes? We still see units not walking straight lines and scouts cannot kill vils because they block each other.

Yayyyy! And Persian steppe lancers pls! To complete their full stable identity.

I also hate that Malay lose gambeson. They don’t have strong options against infantry already without HC.

I also hate the nerfs to Chinese and Franks. Good buffs to Hindustanis!


No idea, I just copied the notes from Steam. For PUPs they generally also don’t list all changes, so chances are they worked on pathing.


Floos is a forum moderator, not a balance employee


Finally!! Nerfs to Chinese
Ohhhhh!!! My suggestion for vietnamese was also made in @SMUM15236
Jannisary range nerf is good.
Sad for Persians.
Good TB for Magyars
Koreans IDK.
Nice to see Hindus rebuffed a bit.
Franks nerf not usre if is enough.
Burmese will be a good civ for sure.
Buffs to the dismounted Konnik are welcomed


I wonder if that “you liked DoI? We are taking notes” means a Persian split, instead of Chinese (or both? One can dream). So the Persian spiritual successor would lose War Elephant to a spiritual brother

No mention of the transport bug is big sad.


Someone said its correct, tho, in the bug topic. I myself didnt have time to check it yet

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Tbh I liked the chante at first but not that I thought a bit about it I realized the change mostly is just a huge buff for their skirms and not as good for their spears. They now have even cheaper skirms than Byz with free armour while their spears stay still more expensive than Byz

It will make Koreans even more one sided, although tbh I like that they are at least trying to buff thrm


I think if janissary lose 1 range, they should get something to compensate compared to bohemian HC.


I am wondering about your work devs.
For return of rome game balance, did you really listen it from community/popular aoe1 players or you guys just changed it alongside your interest?

People who daily play in ranked games have been claiming so much about game balance, but not stuffs that you have just done. Tool age is really bad, bowmen dominate every games. Scout and slingers are supposed to be counter units for bowman but they do nothing when enemy stacked 10-15 bowmen. Villagers also die too quick to them making 9/10 1v1 game can not advance to bronze. We need rebalance the TOOL AGE meta, nerf bowman, give loom tech for villagers. Who care about slingers affected by alchemy or not, nobody uses them in iron age.

In bronze age, mass archer, especially composite bowman also broken. Cavalry is not a counter unit for them because of their cost effective. Stone throwers with 0.5 blast radius deal tiny damage on composite bow. There is no option to stop them if your civ don’t get chariot archers or compies. We need big nerf on compies and stone throwers/slingers should be reworked to be clear counter units vs foot archers. Nobody claimed about blast radius of heavy cat, we even require the bigger splash area for stone throwers/catapults. We suggested it should be 1.2/1.5/2.0 for stone throwers/cat/heavy cat…Why did you reduce it from 2.0 to 1.2 on heavy cat???

The hidden stats you made for archer in this game is also hilarious. 1.4 reload time for foot archers which faster than any melee units. Bowman and improved/composite bow are 26 frame delay and 0.9 graphic duaration, with those stats they almost shot instantly after click with 0 delay making them noticeably easy to hit and run. Bowman shots like machine guns in tool age and you just need 2-3 bowman to kill a big group of villagers. This issue turns games into all bowman abuse in 1v1

The archer projectile speed in this game is 8 while it is 7 in aoe2. The ratio of move speed/projectile speed is not property edited. That is the reason why villagers and axe/slingers mostly impossible to dodge arrows from bowman. It should be around 7.2-7.5.

There are lot of issues about game balance / unit stats I could refer but it will be too long if I bring them all here.

I hope you listen carefully the contributions from the community who active/play daily and keep this game alive. Some pointless balance changes in thisd patch really made us dissapointed


Just buff the elite Jannissary accuracy from 65% to 75% to start.


What is the point of this? All scorpion counters will still kill it in 1 hit.


Fix audio please

Dynamic sound settings plays shamburger for last khan and dlc civs when previously it played booty and kings

I want to start the game with booty and kings


Can’t really disagree with any of the changes in terms of Balance.

Love to see ram buff. I think just like Obuch single handedly forced infantry UU to be buffed, armored ele line forced this change. And it is for the better.
Bengalis change will be exploited, especially at higher elo.
Franks bonus should be removed. 11
Feels bad for Chinese being a dead end for low elo players.
Feels bad for Persians not getting a real buff. Same for BE. At least something is coming for them in the future.
I dislike Turks change but I guess this couldn’t be helped.
Malay nerf was unnecessary but okay.

Good to see my suggestion on Magyars being official. Feels really good. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Edit: Disagree heavily with Bengalis nerf as I misunderstood it first.


I never got the update ? I checked my game flies so why don’t I have it.

It seems to have been fixed.