PUP-Ottoman First Impression

I’ve played around 2 hours with Ottomans (and 1 match with Mali) thats my impression so far

-Twin Minaret Medrasa is not greatly designed (still good ) and its bonuses are lame tbh could’ve done better and its built by Seljuks not Ottomans.

  • Janissaries are weak compared to how they really are. At least they shouldnt lose againts normal cannoners.Janissaries definitely needs buff and while increas on cost to balance it.

-Sipahi doesnt have horse archer switch and there isnt Horse Archer unit as well i got pretty dissappointed because Horse Archers are essential units for Ottoman military and they were in the trailer i didnt expect false advertisement from aoe tsk tsk.

-Great Bombards should have higher damage compared how slow and expensive they are.

-Musofadi Cannoners are pretty op i dont think its historically accurate ( not a malian expert myself i might be wrong but im almost sure they werent excellent about gun powders)

Other than these i think both civs are pretty good i liked them both a lot.


Simply perfect @LichKing5742 .
You’ve gone through the most urgent points in a fair, direct, brief and balanced way.


thanks a lot. I was really excited for this update so i wanted to point out things to improve the game.

  • I might be mistaken but i’ve seen brown and black Ottoman units as well. If thats the case idk if its because of beta or devs done it like that but that would be a huge mistake as well.

I’m not going to argue about the Landmark (I think it’s ok).

The Janissary is supposed to be a specialized unit against cavalry, but it has 2 problems in Castles: Lack of upgrades and poor stats. Within the deficient stats we can see a lower range than any manual gunner (nonsense, since ranged units beat them equally with range 4) and that they receive 50% more damage against ranged units (it does not make sense either , but since it’s done that way I take 50% less damage against melee units?). With these 2 changes, we could see some more competent Janissaries.

The Great Bombard seems to me correct in cost benefit, but where great potential is really obtained is with the EXP technology that allows units to be placed inside the bombard, there we would see a very powerful bombard.

Yes, a horse archer like the Rus must be added to the civ or the Sipahi must have the ability to become a horse archer for a certain time.


i thought features of landmark is lame but im completely fine if they leave it as it is now.
As u said janissary taking %50 more damage from ranged units and having short range is doesnt make sense but their health and damage is very low as well (excluding cavalry bonus) some improvement is really necessary.
Maybe base great bombards is okay but at least when unit is inside of it it should be much better than current state , i saw someone pointing out base great bombard does 99 damage per second while normal cannon does 98 per second .

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i hope devs consider our feedbacks and fix ottoman.I’d still play and enjoy like this but every time i open the game im starting to think about this issues and feel annoyed . Its still PUP i believe it’ll be much better after actual release

Remember that the janissary is cheaper than the manual artilleryman and is third, I’ll settle for it having a little more range and at least resisting that 50% melee.

The Great Bombard has area damage and bonus against infantry, I don’t see a bad thing about a +20% attack speed bonus putting a cheap unit inside.

Janissary being cheap doesnt make sense either. They should be more expensive and powerful .

I almost never see the Handcannon on the field. If you make the Janissary more expensive, it would be a rare sighting and no one wants that. AOE 4 is built on a rock, paper, scissor counter system. It’s what makes the game fun. For the sake of the game play, Janissaries have to fit into that system. The devs decided to make them counter cavalry and die to things like archers and other handcannons. Maybe they should counter infantry and die to cavalry instead. Either way they beat something and die to something. They cannot beat normal handcannons because normal handcannons are one of the few units that do not fit into the rock, paper, scissors. They instead have really high base damage and are expensive with low health (glass cannon). You cannot give the Janissary higher base damage than handcannon because then it would A: be more expensive and thus never be seen in battle and B: not fit into the rock, paper, scissor.

Their great bombard does splash damage, which means it obliterates units in the splash zone - something the regular bombard cannot do. Garrisoning a unit inside means it reloads to fire 25% faster. It also has 11 tile range.

Idk about your games but i use cannoners every game . I play mostly team games and almost everyone used cannoners as well . When i said expensive i meant like normal cannoner —> total 240 or like rus cannoner —>180 thats the only way boosting their stats and im sure its necessary they at least needs to beat normal cannoner .

Yes but GB will be first target for everyone and make otto player lose 1500 resources. And GB having only 1 damage per second more than normal cannon is not really logical.

You don’t balance a game around player error.

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They should consider it and the thing i see as a issue is not this its GB having only 1 more damage per second than normal cannon
GB —> 99 damage per second
Cannon —> 98
Ingame GB fells pretty good thou

I watch pros play tournament games (mostly cast by Aussie Drongo on Youtube) and I play against the A.I. (which at the moment cannot get out of Feudal before dying cause it’s really bad). So I don’t know about team games. Maybe Handcannons are popular elsewhere, but I don’t see them often.

I watch them as well the thing about them is that they are 1v1 match with pros. They do rush all the time you wouldnt want a 4th age expensive unit to broke your rush. Team games carried to 4th age a lot even thou people rush so hand cannoners become pretty important.

I play Ottomans and I see that Ottomans dont have good siege tecnology. I mean ottomans are famous for also siege. they have Grand bombard but all this. Other civs have some good tecnology but Ottomans dont have. Another thing that imperial.council.aka divan ı hümayun doesnt give important advantage. They arent good.

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i noticed that too they dont have a single unique tech for siege, weird.

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@LichKing5742 regular bombards have splash dmg?? And your calculations is factoring in bonus vs infantry? Reliad bonus with garrison and plus 1 range??


Also keep in mind jans can repair which is pivotal bc that repair might allow you to get out 1+ extra shot in battle without idling villagers.

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