PUP suggestion

I noticed you guys nerfed the consulate card trickle from 0.5 to 0.4, as well as leaving only one goat.

I can understand the second goat being too much, but not compensating by giving more food in crates defeats the purpose.

Additionally, you correctly pointed out that the new consulate card having those properties is what allowed for it to be an opener and go for example for a food trickle in Age I or even food with France. This is no longer possible with the nerf, besides reaching min 10 with about 100 less export, which is significant at that stage of the game. There are far more powerful age I cards out there and this is being blown out of proportion only because it’s China, same misjudgment USA got at release, before even having the chance to try it out competitively.

Sadly this was pretty much the only new card worth it (hence why people complained) with maybe the Iron Troop one. I know it’s hard to please everybody, I hope the team is not closed to feedback like this


Agreed. I think the tickle needs to be back at original value. At this point I find it hard to justify sending the consulate over other openings.

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food trickle opening is almost never desired, its worth 2 vils at best and is slightly less, a china 1 village opening is technically better.

French consulate is still perfectly viable as an opening, you can get the food crate to speed up age up and have less vils on food during age up. You get enough to send the food crates from just natural export rate alone.

Russian is still a powerful boom option with the vil cost decrease and you still have enough to send the blockhouse by time you age. heck you can even sneak in Sumptuary Laws to get more trickles in


They should buff (TEAM) samtuary laws, now is worthless

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I mean if they buff it to be a good card worth sending for NR I’m in for it, right now it’s just a terrible decision.


Creo que para el próximo parche deberían mejorar capitalismo. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Con cada edad nos debería sumar el equivalente a un aldeano en oro

Base 1.65 de oro por segundo
Age II + 0.70
Age III + 0.70
Age IV + 0.70
Age V Nada

De esta manera capitalismo seria mas competitivo.

Capitalismo aumenta el goteo de oro de los bares

Bar 0.60
Bar con capitalismo 2.65

Esta alternativa fomentaría el uso de mercenarios.

Si me dijeras que todas las civilizaciones tienen Espías, te apoyaría, pero que solo europeos, hausa y un par de asiáticas con consulado puedan luchar contra mercenarios, no me parece justo.

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Me parece un excelente argumento para que los desarrolladores agreguen una nueva unidad equivalente a los espías para las civilizaciones que no los tengan, o que alguna de sus unidades tenga bonus contra mercenarios.

Que mal lo tienen que estar pasando esas civilizaciones contra los Ingleses, Holandeses, Japoneses y Suecos. :sweat:

PD: Es injusto que solo las civilizaciones europeas y asiáticas tengan unidades Anti-Mercenarios.

Japan has ninjas which are decent for anti-merc

For china - weird idea but disciple given a x2 bonus against merc

India - again weird idea - Tigers given x2 bonus against mercs


that is a pretty extreme amount of passive gold from an age 1 card.

capitalism is the equivalent of almost 2 fully upgraded villagers with no population cost and which can be sent from age 1.

to give a comparison you need about 20-25 villagers working on plantation for it to be beaten by a plantation improvement card. sure its not as strong as the passive wood gather rate but its still pretty good.

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No estoy seguro de a cual de las opciones estas contestando. :sweat_smile:

¿La opción del bar?:
Podemos usar una combinación de las dos ideas.

Bar Base 0.60
Bar Age II + 0.60
Bar Age III + 0.60
Bar Age IV + 0.60
Edad V Nada

¿La opción de capitalismo?:
Bueno, ¿y si el capitalismo escalara por edades?

Base 1,65 de oro por segundo
Edad II + 0,40
Edad III + 0,50
Edad IV + 0,60
Edad V +0,70

Las cantidades son solo una sugerencia.

Esto es algo que los desarrolladores deberían arreglar.
No es bueno que solo determinadas facciones puedan defenderse eficazmente de los mercenarios.

PD: ¿Entonces solo los europeo y los japoneses pueden luchar de manera efectiva contra mercenarios?. Ahora entiendo porque los mercenarios son aleatorios.

I think this should be revisited

  • What card order did you use? Did you ever ship Northern Refugees (NR)?
  • You say you have a problem with getting 6 redcoats at 7 minutes, did you compare how Tea Export looks like to sending 300 export and getting those redcoats at the same time or even before and perhaps with extra export to spend?
  • This is a trade of export for regular economy (for a FF). If you didn’t ship NR: How was your economy by min 10? What were your timings?
  • If you only sent Tea export in Age I: How does the build order compare to not sending anything in Age I + sending 300 export?

@InterjectionAOE @Breadalus this card was nerfed to 0.4 most likely because of comments like this but I have a feeling that the tests weren’t done with the right context and controlling for variables. Perhaps even losing track of the objective, because this is supposed to be a buff to China (without making it OP and I don’t see enough evidence that it is).

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I can back up Kevin’s observation on the redcoats

Its doable on all china starts but the one that I found to be a TP start with the consulate without northen refugees.

Comparing tea export to 300 export - Tea Export is vastly superior because it gets you the consulate free of charge so you get the cost of the building + the xp from building it.

there is a 300 export opening for China and its considered to be very slow, almost semi-ff rather then just straight FF since you will have to spend time to chop 200 wood for the consulate which could be used for other things.

Comparing eco - you will be down 2 vils compared to a normal start however this is mitigated by things such as the porcelain tower to age 3 and remember since you didnt send northern refugee you can send it later for a larger vil gain.

the 7 red coats at 7 mins is a opening where you have less vils as china, without a doubt. But in exchange you are much more resilient to a timing attack when doing an FF and china’s goal in age 3 is to survive an age 2 timing and build up the death ball through its shipments.

Heck if you age with the confucian academy that is already a near deathball with the redcoats + 7 skirms + summer palace and then its just 1 shipment and bam you can push.

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All other forms of media are bending towards china I guess we shouldn’t expect any different here. Got to make them stronger than japan and can’t make japan any weaker. I guess the devs know where the action is and I suppose I should be surprised it took this long.


I mean they did the same thing of adding new cards to Inca and Aztec a few patches ago. I think you are reading too much into it. If they really wanted to make China broken op they probably wouldn’t have listened to community feedback to remove the second goat, nerf the iron troop card, nerf the trickle card, and nerf the age 1 blockhouse. And I suppose for what it’s worth it seems like the patch came with some significant treaty nerfs.

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The card is now an all in. Since your eco is lower, if you don’t do game ending damage with your push, it is over for you. It may seem broken on PUP cause people haven’t figured out a way yet to deal with it. French consulate FI with iron troop card was never really that good either.

Going village + TR + NR is better now.

wtf, i mean i know what im talking about lol,

i speak about ff, eventually sorry but 300 export is bad for ff even without that new consulate card lol

only 2 less vills in your eco allow you to 6 redcoats 1 min earlier and then not being garrisonned in your tc by the opponent timing push, allow you to not being outpopped with free 200w with 700w age 2 ( so 1 more village )

again for ff is bad rofl

sorry but what is your elo, show me how you play the game, what is your name ingame, and im not the only one who can think that card is a bit too good, just look twitch chat for exemple or esoc or ask any top player
sorry no offense but here all you can say is that you don’t know how to play china to think that 300 export is maybe a good card or that you have to try for ff so i don’t see how that kind of comments are good here

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Its definitely not an all in card, depending on the consulate choice.

Your eco maybe lower overall but you can actually get more resources depending on the conditions

French consulate in age 2 allows you to get the wood crate meaning an eco boost at about the 10 min mark. French consulate provides 5% to all gather rates.

Russian consulate is a boom option with cheaper and faster training vils. A blockhouse also makles it more defensive

That is also not counting the fact that the consulate gives you enough XP that you almost send shipment back to back( in a TP start)

You can go full TP boom with trade empire or the Monastery card to go for outlaws + XP trickle