Purely for fun speculation on future civ additions for AOE2 DE

Ok I know these will probably not get added but I am mostly just doing this for my own amusement. It would be cool to have a new expansion with a new set of thematically uniform civs. We have had the Conquerors which introduced the Americas, Forgotten Empires, the African Empires, The South East Asian Empires, The Turkic civs in the DE edition and I am thinking what the theme of the next expansion could be. And after some contemplation I thought it would be to cool to have an expansion based around the idea of religious reformation.

So I present you AOE2: The Kingdoms of God expansion.

Now I dont know much about balancing civs for competitive play or anything so have no idea if these ideas would make for OP or weak civs but here are some of my ideas for the civs anyway.

The Bohemians:

The Bohemians or Czechs would be a late game powerhouse with gunpowder units, Infantry, crossbows and Halbs, they should have a relatively weak Navy.

They will be classed as a gunpowder civ.

Some idea for bonuses could be:

  • Free Block Printing.
  • Some sort of faster work rate for villagers. Maybe 5% collection, building and repair rate.
  • Monks benefit from blacksmith infantry upgrades
  • Monks cost 50% less.

Unique Unit:
Their Unique Unit would be the Wagon Fort. A horse drawn wagon similar to the Korean War Wagon but with the difference being that it is a gunpowder/siege unit that fires bullets in 2 direction to either side of the wagon instead of a single bolt to the front. The units can also be “unpacked” like a treb and joined together to form an impassable wall functioning as a makeshift mobile fortress. In this mode they can be given increased damage at the cost of immobility. The unit can also be used as a transport for foot soldiers similar to a ram. Garrisoning hand cannoneers in this unit increases the firing rate of the unit this would increase the damage of the wagon fort unit while protecting the garrisoned units but the overall damage output should be less than if the units were ungarrisoned to offset the invulnerability effect on garrisoned units. This unit would be cool And unique as it would be the first time we have a unit that can fire in 2 directions at once which would make for some interesting tactical play such as driving it into the middle of a pack of infantry and shooting at enemies on both sides of the unit. This could even be encouraged more by making each single shot weaker than the normal hand cannoneers shot but the sum of the damage output from the 2 shots could be greater than a single shot from a hand cannoneer. The packing and unpacking mechanism would also make for some interesting decision making in how they are deployed.

Unique techs:

  • Castle age UT: Piety - Make Monks cost food instead of gold.
  • Imperial age UT: Apocalypse - Wagon Forts pack/unpack and travel speed greatly increased.

Team Bonus:

  • knights have bonus attack against enemy monks and resist conversion.

The Swiss:

The Swiss while linguistically and possibly (Correct me if I am wrong) ethnically diverse throughout the Medieval period nonetheless were culturally united by their shared experience of living in the Alpine region and as such developed a unique identity and had several politically significant states during the Middle Ages and early modern period until today.

In the AOE2 game their civ could be an infantry/anti cavalry civilisation considering they had the best Medieval infantry (The Swiss Pikemen) IRL. They should have strong emphasis on economy, making them an ideal “slinging” civ in team games to reflect their historic position as being at the crossroads of several major kingdoms that they traded with and provided mercenaries to. They should have relatively weak siege and navy but strong fortifications and access to gunpowder but nothing special in the gunpowder department IMO.

Possible Bonuses:

  • All market techs (cartography, coinage, banking, guilds, and caravan) are free
  • Fortifications receive additional damage bonus when attacking down hill.
  • Relics do not generate gold but each captured relic increases max pop limit by 5 up to a maximum of 25.
  • Gold mines last longer.
  • Villagers attack speed against other units increased.

Unique Units:
The Swiss Pikeman: (Imp age upgrade to Halberdier, similar to Imperial Skirmisher of Vietnamese) made out of Barracks.
Mordax: A unique axe wielding infantry with good all round stats that can build palisades and outposts. Trained in castle.

Unique Techs:

Castle Age UT: Swiss Guard - Increase infantry movement speed (so they can reach allies quicker and chase down mounted units more effectively)
Imperial Age UT: Pike Square - Increase Spear infantry line damage bonus against cavalry. (These should be the best anti-cav infantry units in the game)

Team Bonus: Allies have access to Swiss Pikeman upgrade in Imperial Age

The Fatamids:

The Fatamids while not a European civ, and not related to the Christian reformation are still thematically relevant because they were founded by religious “heretics” who fled persecution and this was the basis of their identity. They also left a lasting religious and cultural legacy. Their architecture would be a mix of Middle Eastern and North African architecture and their wonder would be Al Azhar University.

They would be classified as a Navy and Monk civ. They should have a pretty broad tech tree, access to heavy cavalry, light cavalry and camels, crossbows and good infantry but no gunpowder. Their siege options should be ok but not great but their defences should be strong. They should get stronger than usual war galleys (extra pierce armor perhaps?) but no galleon upgrade. This would kind of be historically accurate as they had a relatively strong navy first but were later outclassed by the Byzantines and Crusaders and so the gameplay should reflect this, strong early game on water but weak later on.

Possible Bonuses:

  • Herd animal decay rate reduced.
  • Theocracy available in castle age and is free (needs monastery). (This is because I feel their monks should have an advantage converting enemies early on in the game, as they converted many native Berbers in their early days of setting up in Egypt.)
  • Galley line has bonus damage against land based units. (to reflect the Fatamid’s tendency to use their fleet to secure coastal areas rather than the high seas.)
  • Galley line has +1 pierce armor each age starting with the Feudal age.

Unique Unit:
Kutama Horseman - A fast cavalry unit that could potentially have an attack bonus against camels. This would reflect the fact that the main enemy of the Fatamids were the Abbasids (represented in game by the Saracens???) and this would introduce an interesting spin on the game mechanics by introducing an anti ‘anti-cavalry cavalry’ unit giving this civ and their UU a very special niche. These should be faster than knights but not as fast as camels so the camel player can still decide to engage or not engage in battles.

Unique Techs:
Castle Age UT: ahl al-kitab - Monk faith restoration time between conversions greatly decreased.
Imperial Age UT: Bahriya - Galley line gold cost halved. (The Fatimids were known to conduct very brutal recruitment campaigns to recruit reluctant and often poor subjects far from the coastal cities to man their warships, this provided them with very cheap source of sailors and this tech would be a way to reflect this.)

Team Bonus: Trade cogs have extra armor and/or HP so they are extra resistant to damage.

The Poles:

So why the Poles? Poland as some might know becomes a major success story in the counter-reformation but that falls slightly outside of the AOE2 timeline but still during the early years of Protestantism’s expansion Poland was still a battleground between the different religions and also a lot of protestant refugees migrated there so its kind of an important part of the picture. And anyhow the Polish kingdoms are sorely missing from the AOE2 landscape and as a major Medieval power I feel should be in the game and now that the Lithuanians and the Slavs are in they could be included as well.

The Poles could be a cavalry and Defensive civ. They shouldn’t get Paladin bust instead get a very strong Unique Unit in the Winged Hussar. They can get gunpowder units. Good infantry and good monastery.

Possible Bonuses:

  • Start with +150 wood.
  • Palisades can be upgraded to “gord wall” in Feudal age (possibly a TC or a market upgrade?). Kind of like the fortified wall upgrade for stone walls essentially giving the Poles access to a unique ability to build “fortified palisades” something much stronger than palisades but weaker than stone walls with the advantage of not costing any stone.
  • Masonry and Hoarding free (requires university)
  • Cavalry deal increased damage to fortifications (walls, towers, castles, outposts)

Unique Unit:
Winged Hussar - Unlike the normal Hussar in the game this should be a heavy cavalry unit with a lance. I was thinking of how to make this unit feel unique and different to the tons of other cavalry units in the game, and thought it would be cool if this unit had the ability to “charge”. Now I know the game doesn’t have proper charging mechanics for cavalry but I thought maybe it could be simulated by having the first attack against a target do more damage and also be extremely fast, followed by normal attacks. To make sure this doesn’t become abused it could be made so that each “charge attack” can only happen immediately after the unit moves so that you can’t just stand in one spot and “charge attack” different units around you to get the bonus damage against them. To use the attack again you would have to move to a target that is a few tiles away from your position, no idea if any of that is even programmable but I couldn’t think of anything else, keen to hear what others think…

Unique Techs:
Castle Age UT: Szabla - Knight line and Winged Hussar attack speed increased.
Imperial Age UT: Golden Liberty - monks convert enemy villagers extremely fast (almost instantly)

Team Bonus: Allies receive gold for each relic captured by the Polish player at a reduced rate (only stacks for a maximum of 5 relics), obviously this is something that would have to balanced properly but something like between 25-50% less gold per relic for divided between the allied players so the more players that are allied to the Polish player the less gold each one gets.

Now I am not an expert on the history of these civs and already mentioned not an expert on civ balancing in the game and I was more thinking about thematic cohesiveness more than anything with my suggestions so I am keen to know what others think of all this as well and what suggestions people have about it. I know none of these civs will probably be added to the game but its fun to discuss anyway.


We need these:

  1. Tibetans - Monks and Cavalry Civ
  2. Georgians - Defensive Civ with good horses and infantry
  3. Siamese - Elephant/Infantry Civ
  4. Swahili - Naval Economic Civ with good cavalry
  5. Chimu - Heavy Infantry Civ

I don’t disagree but I was trying to propose a buncha civs that could be conceived as part of a cohesive package with a shared theme. I actually do like some of your civs but think they are too different from each other to be part of the same expansion. Tibet I think is a great candidate for some sort of central Asian themed expansion, it could have Afghans as well as the Nepalese in it too. The Swahili too could also be a good candidate for another African themed release with other kingdoms such as Zimbawe and the Kongo Kingdoms in there. And the Chimu could be another South American themed expansion that could also include the Wari as well. What do you think?

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Maybe an expansion pack called the mountain kings - Tibetans, Georgians and Chimu. The other one could be Merchant lords - Siamese, Swahili and one more?


The nihilists. No seriously, no more civilizations! thank you


Fie upon you! Fie Fie!


I like Mountain Kings actually that’s a cool one.


I would add:

  1. Chola/Dravidians - Elephant/Navy Civ
  2. Kanem - Camel civ with trade/mining bonuses
  3. Ghurids - cav/mink civ
  4. Romanians - Cav archer-scout cav civ
  5. Jurchen - Cav archer-heavy cav civ

I read once a civ focused on petards and demolition rafts, it looked balanced and fun, but i dont remember the civilitation.

I dont know about civs, but i would like some uniqur units.

The war dog. Could be used by irish. Weak, fast, bonus against calvary.

And an onagre that throws infected corpses, as mongols or tartars used. It would have really weak attack, but it leaved an area of damage on time that last for 6 seconds. Units in the infected area lose a 10% of maximun heath per second, 20% if calvary or 15% if elephants. And it can harm the garrisoned units inside rams, ships, or buildings.

I vote for remaking underrated civs.


Actually the Swiss could also fit in with this Mountain Kings theme…

Yea anything that encourages use of under-utilised units is a good addition. I think all units should get massive nerf to damage against buildings and walls to force the use of petards as a quick way to demolish buildings and bust a hole through a wall.

Also while on the topic anyone played around with the Siege Tower yet in def edition? Is it working better than it was in HD?

I saw one game in which they were used as taxis for teutonic knights…


Sorry if my reply result in off-topic, but I see that you are smart, applied and you care about the civilizations.
Do we know why greeks are not included on the game? Or maybe I don’t find them because I’m n00b :x

The Byzantines are pretty much the “Greeks” of this era and they are in the game, in fact they were there from the beginning.


Oh, thank you, I will try them!

In response to your Polish Winged Hussar idea: It is possible to give a melee unit a faux charge attack by giving it “projectiles” in the Advanced Genie Editor. The projectiles would be invisible, of course, as this concept is for a melee unit.

The first attack would be the first projectile, which carries the base attack damage, while the following secondary projectiles would deal lesser damage (based on how their stats are set).

The only downside to this is that their “reload” speed will always dictate when the charge attack is applied again. But with a little bit of tweaking, it is possible to simulate what you’re talking about.

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Mapuche, Mississippians, Iroquois, Chimu to complete America. This expansion would show off more Interamerican history like the Foundation of the Iroquois confederacy or the many wars Chimor fought against the Incan Empire. Would feature two new architecture sets (Andean and East Coast American)

Kongolese, Zimbabweans, Kanembu and Swahili to complete Africa. Same concept here as with the American expansion. Would feature one new Central African architecture set.

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As much as I like some of these ideas, AoE II now has more than enough civs. If they want to release new content then that’s fine, but I don’t think the game really needs any.


But i want my black plague catapult…