Purely for fun speculation on future civ additions for AOE2 DE

Won’t happen (see Slavs).

Anyway, good night.

Honestly I wish they kept those civ choices.

We would have prob have gotten an Indian and eastern European DLC by now and Italians would have a more accurate name as well

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Also, I think Scythians = Sogdians and Alans so they are an okay civ choice imo even if a bit too dark age

Yeah, I did a poll some time ago and as far as we can trust the results, South Asia was the highest demand, followed by the Caucasus.


Huns were a terrible civi choice anyway.


We need more civ variations

Whuddya mean?

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the new dlcs add more variation but only in these civs, the old civs feel old in terms of innovation balance

I actually agree with this.

I support this.

Also, kinda curious how you predicted bohemian and pole roles in 2019.

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Well I’d like to think of it less as a prediction and more of giving the devs the ideas for the civs haha :joy:

I second your opinion.