Purely for fun speculation on future civ additions for AOE2 DE

I think they can work. I crave to have more civs that one can use in a Mezo/Carib/South Amercan war.

Maybe Marajoara? Though I don’t think much of their language survived.

Yeah that was impressive prediction
Free DLC is in order :slight_smile:

What if they added Anglo-Saxons or Scythians?

Scythians would fit better in aoe than aoe2.saxons would be an ok addition.

Tbh theres some interesting medieval civilizations thst derived from Scythiwn cultures

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But they would end up similar to Huns with made up wonders leader names etc.

Dark age civis are always tricky to have in game either they totally vanish or change into another different culture.best example are the normans we already have 4 civis that could be counted as as normans vikings britons franks and cicilians.

To start Huns no longer use made uo names. Not to mention we have a lot more info about Sogdians + Alans than about Huns

Second of all, Sarmatians and Sogdians had plenty of cities so theres a decwnt ammount of studf to choose from

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Any wonder building in mind that can be used?

To be honest, the Goth civ is better at representing Anglo-Saxons rather than Goths. The heavy focus on infantry and the huskarl unit are both North German things, and Anglo-Saxons kept having a heavy use for it in Britain. Meanwhile, Goths were East German tribes and as such had a heavier focus on cavalry in comparison.

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The Barana tower most probably, or msybe an Alannic church although they are very Geprgia inspired. Worse case scenario you have all the Timurid built or other Kara khanid buildings.

I have to admit that I overstimated how much stuff can survive a thousant years.

Some civs deserve to be renamed

In-game Goths don’t even speak Gothic language.

There’s a part of me that would like an Anglo-Saxon civ, but I think in practice it would inevitably be disappointing. If they were historically accurate, they’d be really underpowered – I can’t really see a civ with no Knights, no Crossbows and no Castles being viable. But if they weren’t historically accurate then I don’t see the point – just use Goths, Celts, or Britons like they do in the historical battles.

They have the problem of no appropriate Wonder choice as well. I suppose it would be the old Westminster Abbey, but we don’t really know what that looked like.

I just keep thinking: they already appear in the Hun campaign, so why not just make them an actual civ?

FE thought about adding them but thought they were too early:



A hard choice

It was thus possible to add new civs without crashing the game. It was still buggy, but playable. Now the hard decision came up, which civs to add? I think we all thought about this before: what civs would we add to AoE2 if we had the chance to? Many essays and long discussions in various online communities were held on this topic but none could be turned into reality so far. I still remember my first list, it consisted out of 5 civs. Why 5? It seemed like a good number and it it was also the number of civs added in The Conquerors Expansion. My first list had: Lombards, Tibetans, Incas, Magyars, Scythians. The Lombards turned into the more general name “Italians”, the Tibetans changed to the more military orientated Indians, the Incas stayed Incas and so did the Magyars. The Scythians felt too out of place and were changed to the broader and more beefed Slavs. None of these changes were decided by the flip of a coin, but came by reading through history article after article, trying to figure out which civs would fit into Age of Empires II and could bring up interesting units, tactics or story lines to our favourite virtual battlefield.

I heard at a point AoE2 would cover more than just the middle ages (I assume that meant antiquity), so why not just embrace that? lol

I honestly want them to focus on Postclassical history in Africa, America and Asia now that Europe got 3 DLCs in a row tbh.

But everybody knows my opinion…

Oh I’d like that too

But I don’t see it happening anytime soon

What do you expect next then? I have the feeling, an Indian DLC is almost a given next considering how popular and uncontested this opinion is.

If it happens, I hope they rename the India civ to something less broad.