Put your opinion about the Spanish rework here - PUP April Update

No one’s talking about the two battleship card! That’s extremely strong and basically gives the Spanish irrevocable water control, admittedly at a high cost, but probably not high enough. 1 battleship for a shipment and 1000c is reasonable, so if we go off of 1600 res for an age 2 shipment, the 2 battleship shipment should cost ~3500c instead.

It doesn’t seem to work in the pup. I sent it twice and just got 1 battleship each time.

Also the new year card is busted.

Yes. I think its a mistake in PUP notes.

It sends one battleship but can be sent twice…

i keep waiting for fixing of all bugs i reported, i guess aeoV is going to come sooner

Interesting. Must be a bug, since there’s an infinite 1 battleship card.

I think the difference is that the 2x 1 battleship card is free but the infinite battleship card costs 1000 coin


Perhaps it’s intended that way then, either way you can still have 2 battleships out at once.

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This PUP smells a little bit of Spanish Nationalism: card with Viva España, Reconquista (a very disputed historiographical term), and specially the explorer skins: I’m sick to see Flamenco clothes representing our country (at least we didn’t got Torero skins that could have been worse or at the same level)

Could have been cool to have a Militia capitan from the Peninsular war.


That unction nerf is sad…

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They effectively spread it out into 2 cards with that age 4 range attack upgrade, though its an effective nerf for melee units.

edit: that age 4 card is pretty insane now that I think about it, it buffs all range infantry, including native allies, mercs, even grens


hmm spanish merc fi might be on the cards

Have you checked stats? Im curious. Also Spain gets a 25% for all kind of units while azzys get 10% for just a weak unit lol


Anyone know what is the year referred by the card “marvelous year”?

Yeah it works for all range infantry, its about comparable to aztec getting 10 wp to dance for attack dance tbh.

And the true purpose of the card is to make up for the nerf to unction since the unction nerf is about 25%

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It doesnt, 10wp are comparable with 10missionaries, more now that both dont cost pop slots

Isn’t one of the main developers from Spain?

Mexico had a huge amount of cards with spanish names, which was unusual because all other civs had a just a couple of cards or so in their own language while 99% of them were in english.

I have always found it odd, specially because Mexico had been a pretty questionable choice for a civ already.


Yeah, I see it weird to have spanish names in the english version as Soldado or similars

eh no, 10 missionaries give a 50-ish boost to units, its even in the notes.

10 wp gives about 21%


if 10 wp gives the same buff as missionaries, people would be crying for aztec nerf

Fico feliz de até que enfim ter uma carta para a infantaria moderna espanhola!
O nerf da unção é uma compensação para o buff dos missionários.
Embora a Casa de Transtamara seja de fato uma casa espanhola, sinto que devia haver alguma menção também aos Habsburgo, afinal o apogeu espanhol se deu com eles no trono.