PVP Disconnection Issue - Cheating

Players can intentionally disconnect everyone from a game by doing something malicious.

Players with names as numbers have a way higher chance of doing that. Those players also learned that if they hide their match history, others wouldn’t be able to see their “no result” appears very often. They would think in a 4v4 game no one would be able to tell, but it always shows on the right side of the result screen the cheater left the game.

I suspect this has something to do with the game anti-cheat engine where if malicious software is detected, then the game of the device running that malicious software will crash / force stop but it also crashes everyone else in the game. But I can be wrong.

I am sure a lot of 4v4 players have encountered that. Please leave a common about your story with that issue.

Please spend some time finding the issue and fixing it. I have had roughly 4 games where we were less than 30 seconds from wonder victory (and they are not even close), then everyone in the game disconnected. And another 20+ games where the game just disconnects me when one side is clearly losing. (and the result match shows someone from the losing team left the game)

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