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How do you access the Civ?

Hi, I don’t understand your question, could you be more specific so I can help you?

Nah its all good i restarted the game.

Can i suggest some Treaty based stuff for the Age up bonuses you get? If you don’t want to its fine but I want to see what more the Danes can offer

That may be. Any ideas? Any buff, nerf, add something or what? I don’t play treaty so I didn’t make this mod with treaty in mind, so I’m not sure what changes to make about it.

i liked it, maybei will use it if all my friends install this mod, im going to give them instructions to download it

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3 Heavy canons- Price adjusted to 900 coin
reason- its worth 2400 Res and too strong on Sup

New Card- Infinite Mortar/Infinite Falconet/Infinite Culverin
reason- its to have a similar footing to other Euro civs at age 4

New Card Farshot- Increases range of Falconet and horse artillery by 2
reason- I have a bias towards Dutch,Russia and Portugal having great artillery cards and sweden also has a lot. Maybe Danes can get at least 1.

New Card-Infinite Hussars 6 on age 4. 4 Hussars on Age 3
reason- They can be the only civ that has infinite hussars and it adds a unique flare to them.
British also get infinite 10 Longbows on age 3 as well as several other civs on age 3.

New Building- Dane’s Storehouse
The ability of this building is to store Res by 100 to 500. So that the player’s resources are safe from the Exchanges that take place from the Age up. It also generates a very small amount of XP.
But i saw that the UI is too full to put a new building in. Maybe this building can be a unique Market.

New Card- Fortified Warfare
Units fighting near forts and Castles gain increased Hitpoints and attack.
Grants the Town center a healing aura effect

New Card-Frontier Settlement
All your current houses transform into Torps and spawn a Berry bush
Can only be sent once or twice depending on you. PWAO
(Torps are included in the house build limit)

New Card- Infinite Native Allies card Age 4
Can be anything with a coin cost

Nerf- Opportunity contracts
50% coin/50% food
change into
60% coin/40% food

This is to avoid Spams of cheaper mercs on age 2 in sup for example Irish Brigadier(which can snowball)
and prevents the spam of Uber mercs on age 5 on longer treaties

Castles already fulfill their role and they also trickle coin because of Oldenburg.

:slight_smile: I Like your mod! Keep up the good work


Absolutely loving the mod so far! I’m getting more and more used to the trade alliance age ups. Btw was hoping we could get the Danish voice for the friskytte/snapphane unit at some point. Thanks for all your hard work! :slight_smile:


I updated the mod, adding Spanish translation, new cards, some balance changes, and the Norwegian and US revolutions. Check the bottom of the mod page to read about the changes.

I’m thinking about the possibility of adding some mechanics related to this, but for now the tip I can give you is to queue anything when you’re close to Age Up, for example you can queue many settlers. Then you can remove them from the queue.

This sounds good but it could be badly broken. I’m still considering it though.

As long as I don’t need to use the space for something else, I prefer to leave the tavern, if I remove it some players will ask me for it even if it’s to generate some gold.

Thanks. I’d like to change the voice of the Friskytte, but I’m having trouble changing the voices of units that have only one voice option (Like unique units and mercenaries).

Thank you very much.

Fighting near buildings to increase hitpoints and Attack isnt Broken its kind of like Malta. The ability doesnt stack.
However its a flat rate however gets be. It doesnt effect artillery and Mercenaries. This is to incentivize a defensive playstyle.

10% Age 3
11% Age 4
12% Age 5

Also houses transforming into torps Doesn’t seem so bad(but it does make them less unique than Sweden)

The infinite card on age 3 can be any 10 of infantry or 1 falconet. If hussars are not acceptable

Just played with the mod the other day, conceptually interesting with a lot of good ideas. Note I am mostly a Treaty player so my observations and suggestions come from the mindset of a Treaty gamemode perspective.
Opportunity Contracts is a great card, really plays well and is a good way of designing an alternative mercenary playstyle. Some issues with the design choices though:

The alliance system has a ton of age ups, and most of the cards you get aren’t very good. The res conversion is also pretty awkward. From the treaty perspective the only age ups that matter are France and Germany as they give a unique villager with their own build limits equating to 10 vills for each, giving the Danes a 112 (effectively 119 pop) vill count. This gives them an insanely strong economy. The Danes should either lose these alliances or have their village count max reduced to 80 villagers (8 coureurs equate to 10 villagers in efficiency, 5 settler wagons are another 10, this is 20 vills giving the danes 100 villager eco power, in line with other civs).

In my opinion, these age ups should be reworked to fit with each age and be closer to standard age ups. Personally I think if the Danes were added as a civ they would need to follow the standard European age up system. That said, something else to mention is the USA alliance card in the current system. The USA age up feels incredibly weak, and offers weak merc choices, assuming no major rework to the system, the USA cards should be made stronger for treaty to compensate the added card cost, and instead of mercenaries the age up should grant the USA outlaws in the tavern/castle at reduced pop cost (equivalent of Theatres card being sent). This would make the USA age up much more unique and worth taking. The second card from the USA could then be an outlaw upgrade or outlaw shipment.


Hi Blademaster1215, I’ve been pretty busy lately, but now I’m working on an update that adds content, and where I intend to solve some problems.

Some changes:
-Each alliance delivers experience books such as US and MX.
-The Danes start with a Settler limit of 75, each alliance/revolution increases that limit by +5, except the alliance with the French and Germans.
-US: add 3 cards and 3 mercenaries.
-Slightly increase the power of the cards that each alliance adds.
-And more stuff.

I would like to explain that the purpose of the cards given by each alliance is to replace the shipments of Settlers and resources of ages II and III (with some exceptions), which is why they are no longer very useful in the later stages of the game.

New update! More cards, like TEAM cards and including the new cards from the USA revolution, some balance changes, improvements to immigration cards, etc. Check the bottom of the mod page to read about the changes.