QoL and Hotkey Suggestions

Hi! I’m really excited with the upcomming changes to the hotkeys and would like to add a few suggestions for hotkeys and general Quality of Life.

  1. Movable grid icons. - This could enhance the customizability of grid and allow for changes of single grid hotkeys without creating conflicts with others. It would also maintain the visual grid-structure were the hotkeys to be swapped.
  2. Customizable Global Hotkeys with Filters. - "Select all army units button, but exclude [scouts/boats/monks/garrisoned units…] This would allow players to make the button intuitive to their own preferences. And leave standard control groups for positional control rather than access-by-unit-type, promoting more spread out battles
  3. Opt-in for moving Mini Map next to the resources display. This would minimize the nessicary eye movement and make for a more fluid overview experience.
  4. Separate Idle Icons for different economy Units. Having Idle Boats/ traders is unessicarily difficult to deal with.
  5. Leave villager age specific building menu after a building is cancelled. The current setup makes even pros mouse click instead of using hotkeys at times. Right clicking is much more ergonomically convenient than pressing esc.
  6. Make Ability usage consistent by having a cursor variant indicating that an ability is about to be used if left clicking. Opt-in to resolve “conflict” where selected garrisoned units can be ungarrisoned with a rightclick when the “exit ability cursor” is displayed. Atm, IO don’t have any “default” ability curson when using some abilities.
  7. Gather Hotkey or Click modifier key with larger resource identification area to allow for more consistency in hurried “back to gethering X” clicks.
  8. Unit right click selection prioritization improvement. Currently, villager selection priorotize wood over construction sites to a degree that makes issuing rapid commands unruly at times. The same thing happens with monks priorotizing healing over picking up relics, trees to some degree overriding relic priority, fishing ships clicking other fishing ships rather than fish etc. Specific gather commands would partially resolve this, although a selection priority based on most likely command to be intended would be a major QoL improvement for commonly occuring conflicts.
  9. A button for de-selecting a unit from selection. This would make it easier to select the intended # of villagers for a task, as well as rapidly creating control groups with a certain amount of units in each. It would also make siege warfare more convenient for those only having 1 springald control group.
  10. A button for All army units yet to have entered a control group, ideally with customizable filters for commonly immediately de-selected unit types. This would make it easier to assign non-assigned units to their intended missions.
  11. Non-shift -controlgroup-add. Shift being used for queuing commands makes accidental control group adding unnessicarily easy. Im certain you’re already onto this alongside separate hotkeys for add, steal-add, steal create and regular create of control groups.
  12. Reworked focus-on-selection logic that focuses straight onto the largest blob. Currently, players are punished in this department if reinforcements are added to the control group before arriving.
  13. A non-formation movement “formation”, and an opt-in to have this formation be the default formation in games. Pre-filtered global army control groups would remedy issues with siege slowing down an entire army just partially. Currently, a proxy for this is only possible by attack moving, making defensive micro of large armies harder. Some mobile armies like horse-archers lose a massive amount of control if just a single scout is added in for instance, lowering the amount of perceived control of the group for no perceivable positive experience tradeoff.
  14. Straight-Line Attack Command - A command that ignores any alternative path other than the bird’s route to an opponent. Such a command would remove the palisader’s advantage with enemy unit’s derping because they, unlike your units, can’t recognize a path to your units due to them not having a gate.
  15. A hotkey for cancelling units built from a building.
  16. [Questionable] An Idle-Worker Rally point hotkey, assigning a resource to mine/ place to go to for workers running out of work, as well as a hotkey for disabling the rally point.
  17. De-Prioritization of destroyed army producing landmarks for any control group they’re in. This would remove the redundant “unproducable” icon from the semi-unified production menue if there are working production structures that can produce said unit.
  18. Make it possible to utilize the “quick build near mill” farm production in descovered areas with fog of war. Or remove the ability to wall through undiscovered fog of war for a coherent information extraction through fog of war areas.
  19. Food Available display next to TCs and mills with perishable food sources, especially deer, sheep and boar since those can be hard to glance over when covered with villagers.
  20. An option to globally ignore garrisoned units would be neat.( Especially for Delhi while toggling between different scholars.)
  21. Enhanced Unified Production Cards from f1 and f2. Create default icon positions for merged command cards such that, for instance MaA are always the same hotkey no matter if barracks are coupled with stables, and/or archery ranges, etc. Ideal case would look similar to the production table of an english keep. Exclude upgrades from military buildings as they have lower likelihood of wanting to be picked. Same goes for economic buildings-> make them more like a ger. Possibly, add a secondary production card accessible by “T” if nessicary. This would make the f1 experience much more pleant and consistent independent of current production structures.

Edits: Spelling, 20, 21


Those are all great additions, and I would like to introduce few more.

  1. Option to ignore all submenus.
    I.E. Instead of having to press “Q+A” for building farms I could just press “F” for farms, “M” for markets “S” for stables etc.
    And same with English keeps. Not needing to press “Y” for building units.
    And not needing to press “Y” before building siege with military units.

  2. Remove the necessity to hold down delete key.
    2.1 Separate the delete hotkey into two: Delete all selected units (Shift+Del) and delete one unit from the group(Del).


The hotkey option id like the most is “Select all military” without having the camera jump to focus.
It is currently on available for idle military