QoL: Improved Skirmish Loading Screen

Hey, here AL with another concept, a loading screen similar to how it is in AoE II DE, with some extra details, I hope you consider it, a hug :slight_smile:


throw on whether its classic or standard and im down

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Loved the static minimap addition!
But IMHO, the extra details post the teams are a bit much. Instead, we could have a larger image of the static minimap.
Mercenaries and settlements are a good addition.

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Hey @AL6984! Thanks for the suggestion!

I have added this to our database as a QoL Suggestion and linked it with the existing ticket I previously added for Display Mini-Map on loading screen. :cowboy_hat_face:


Wouldn’t it be convenient to also display which mercs show up in the game ?

Thanks to you Bread and the team for considering my suggestions <3!

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Too much information, I would only add minimap and player’s ELO