Quality of Life Improvement recommendations

There are a lot of QoL improvements they Devs can do to make the multiplayer experience more accessible and enjoyable (and that is before we even jump in game). It is a bit sad how shallow it currently is. Let’s see if the Devs actually read these forums and whether the community can stimulate a change.

Here are a few areas to help improve the experience:

  1. Leader board

a. allow a search function so I can find a particular player. At the moment unless a player is top 100 you can not see their rating. Even scrolling through the top 100 is painful.
b. include a filter search by server so we can identify who the top players are per region/server

  1. Matchmaking window

a. allow people to use other tabs while in queue (ie. leaderboard).
b. allow players to look at tech-tree when selecting civ
c. When in ranked games during the map loading screen, display the opposition players ranking. Helps everyone understand who/what they are up against (also transparency of the MM system).

Spectator mode

a. The spectate game lobby should have option to order games based upon players rank. Making it easier for people to watch high ranked games instead of randoms.


It would also be nice to look at other players profiles, and look at profiles of players we have played against via a shortcut in the replay system.

Would also love to see your rank listed when you in the ranked tab as well as the ranks of allies.

I would love to be able to chat with my opponent post game and rematch

Not sure if this is possible or not, but it shows chat options in the score screen, I once said gg in the score screen but got no reply, is it not possible for people to see the chat in the score screen?

With 3-4 min queue times I absolutely want to browse other pages while searching. Yes, please.

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