Questions about the Game

Hi, im new in this forum and i just want to ask a few things about AoE2 Definitive edition. First of all im from Spain so im playing it in Spanish of spain (not the same as Latinamerican spanish) and a lot of tecnologies and unit descriptions in the three of tecnologies and the buildings are bugged, the description is not the one of the unit or technology. Also in the campaigns, the intel and explorer info is bugged too, for example in the first mission of the cumans campaign the explorer info is the one of Tariq Ibn Ziyad first mission. It also happens with the audio dialogs. In the battle of york you can hear the audio of Dos Pilas battle. The second thing is, what happened to El Dorado campaign? They deleted it or something? Thank you for answer my questions and please apologize me for my spelling errors, my english is a bit rusty.