Extreme language Filter (Censor)

Sign out of xbox live, there will still be censor but atleast not whole sentences get blocked.

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It’s been two months. And two weeks since we were promised a fix.
Yet @fe_dev_team still haven’t actually done anything and continue to ignore the community.

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I’m even have censored what allies said. I cant make any strat or talk with them after the game because all i see is ***** * * * *.


Is this communist censorship applied throughout the whole xbox live network? Would be funny. Keep on doing what’s best for your customers MS, we wholeheartedly support you…

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This is how I’ve understood it:

Yes. However, on xbox (the console) you can actually change your settings involving censorship but this is not yet possible on PC.


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It would be nice to be able to disable it on AOE2 DE.
Even the IA is sensored on some surendering texts.

Some players names are sensored when a color is picked, and unsensored when no color. Sound like a bug.

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Test it again now. Seems to be not as bad anymore.
All the taunts work, and “i” and “l” can be used again.
Still censors too much, but it is better now.

UNlinking your Xbox live accout from the actual game, somewhat fixes this problem.

The game ACUTALLY USED TO allow this. During the Beta. It was an option in the in-game options menu.

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I am disgusted by internet censorship and chat censorship. How does the company get to stop our right to free speech and blanket ban even the letter i. what a joke. STOP TRYING TO RUN OUR LIVES AND LET US SPEAK.


you don’t see all are based in politic lately? All media?
From where you are from early 90’s?

Did you have an actual point? Cause politics don’t mean ■■■■ here, is why involving them into discussions is also meaningless and only shows the person itself is pretty dumb for thinking so. And especially when those 3 words don’t even combine under the same banner, it’s showing the person doesn’t even know wtf his talking about.

So we are no longer discussing about the matter at hand, instead we are digressing on to a completely uninvolved subject and the person leading us to that direction doesn’t even have a clue about the subject. Complete waste of time and doesn’t help the topic in any fruitful way.

Politics can be discussed separately but this is not the place for it.

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The filter is still a joke. My name “Cyka virus” get’s now fully censored. It didn’t before, so the filter actually got worse. Why you wanna censor “virus” is beyond my comprehension.


If you are incompetent to code a well working profanity filter and don’t even want to give the option to enable/disable it, just don’t include one… This is the whole BF5 joke all over again. Wondering if “white man” also gets censored…

I am the opposite. this is not enough censoring.

Microsoft should be real soft as implied in it’s name, I should not even have to see the censor word show as *******

It should just show nothing and censor ***** all together.

Yes! Steam users now having the same censorship.

Excellent work Microsoft.

We aren’t even saying anything shady or vulgar in the slightest, and yet things are almost all stars for us. The in-game taunts look like **, and the computer player names, instead of saying King Relobo of Tarsh, say **** ****** ** ***** instead… what’s going on? Please fix this! It’s making communication unviable.

Want to preface that I Love AoE2:DE. I think the teams that are working on it are doing a great job fixing issues / balancing the game. One thing for chat though. Can we add the civ names to a whitelist? Currently if you try to type a message with “Cumans” in it, it gets censored. Probably due to the first few letters…


Hey just want to report a false positive here…
my nickname technikalex, is getting censored ingame and in the lobby. its really annoying tbh and wasnt the case before the patch. 36906. also sometimes in rare cases my nickname is shown again normally. 1/20 chance.
would be nice to play again as technikalex and not as *********

Tbh i dont get the chat filter at all we are all adults and if ppl want to bypass the chat filter they will be able to do it so why investing so much work in that?

All dev resources should shift to removing the filter or fixing it/providing options (parental lock toggle), and removing it for private matches with friends. I don’t really want or need anymore game updates until this one is addressed, personally; and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t even chat much

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