Queue Dodging Timeout Feedback

Maybe read through the previous discussion and understand the situation?

In short, devs want a diverse map pool and don’t want players to just stick to one map. So, of you start abusing the system now you get temp ban.


Well , i know that the devs don t want to let players stick to just one map . but u don t get the ideea of a , feedback " . i don t like their ideea of , solving " the problem , that s why i m here .

I don’t see any feedback, just whining. “I can only play Arabia, if I get any other map I will dodge.” Then go to lobby. If unranked lobby is bad then lobby to get it changed.


same goes for arena players . a guy who only plays arena won t have too many chances on arabia against an arabia player . so i ll ban arena , my opponent will ban arabia so we both will be forced to play marketplace , even tho none of us likes that map . so unlimited bans is the best option .


lmao if you truly want agressive you should be picking socotra every game


we should just be allowed to pick 3 maps that we are guaranteed to get, that way we are happy with the matchmaking


yeah , but the mata on socotra is focused too much on laming and towers , that s why i don t really like that map . that s why i didn t banned socotra , cuz it a way better map than archipelago ( even tho i don t like socotra )

Forcing people to play on settings they don’t want is a fundamental design constant, the people in charge will not let lose of it.

As a user you either have the choice to use the ranked queue and live with that.
Or you host a custom game, but these are mostly for people who can’t pass the benchmark test.

Even someone like me, who plays all settings, gets negativly impacted by that. Because I get matches with teammates, who don’t know how to play/instant resign/or are annoyed heavily.


They can’t do unlimited map bans unless they completely rework the match making system. The current implementation matches people and then filters through the bans to see what maps are left; this is why you only have 1 ban in teams so that in a 4v4 you are guaranteed to have at least 1 unbanned map.

Why they are so reluctant to rework the match maker is anyone’s guess: not worth it from a management resource perspective; a design belief that we should play a spectrum of maps; a fear of breaking legacy code; or its simply not possible with which ever server / system they are using.


The programmers may be just bad or underpaid or understaffed, as so often.


I like the new change. I haven’t played yet. But from your feedback and the patch notes I’ll love it.
I like to play the non standard maps. So I often get dodged after banning Arena, Arabia, etc.
That’s also the reason why infinite map bans will work for our arena clowns and Arabia elits. But it wouldn’t work for me. Because 9/10 players ban/doge the maps I’d like to play. Sure que times for arena or Arabia only won’t get too bad. But what about Crater, Marketplace or Landmadness these maps won’t be played at all. Because you would need to que for arena, arabia to find a game in a reasonable time.
This sounds all too much like voobly. Where it was really really hard to findfair matches beside arena or arabia.

For all “I only want to play X-Map Clowns and Elits” I have ONE advice: Go create a Topic about your fetish, gather all your peers and start play lobby games again!


I think a good solution for all the alt f4 people would be introducing ranked lobbies with controlled settings where they can play Arabia, arnea.

So when creating a new lobby their would be a checkbox: make ranked rm/dm/empire war lobby’s. (next to hide civs)

This then causes settings to automatically be set accordingly and locked, like 200 pop, locked teams etc.

Only map, game speed, and a few other stuff can still be adjusted.

Finally we can also introduce dm ranking again. As was promised, remember :slight_smile:


so why don t u create a topic about ur fetish ? also , no1 plays lobby games at a high elo . u should go play market place in a lobby game if u like it that much . most of the ppl enjoy arabia / arena . so why are we supposed to play lobby games just cuz there are 2 guys like u ?


Because the devs choose an inclusive matchmaking system instead of an exclusive one!

I also do host/play quite a few lobby games.

Maybe you want to check out ncZone. Because they absolutely do play high elo lobby games


While I think this is a good change, a lot of the Alt+F4 players are not going to stop quitting, they’ll just wait until the game starts before quitting instead. So there should be a penalty for quitting team games within the first 5 minutes too. Or at least reduce the ELO points lost for the remaining team mates when this happens.

yeah , and i m saying that an exclusive matchmaking system is way better than an inclusive 1 . As i said , at a higer elo the game is very very different . As a 1800 arabia player u can t really compete with a 1800 elo guy , who s only playing arena .And it s very frustrating to lose ur time and ur elo just cuz the devs want u to play all thier maps . also , how many players are in ncZone ? cuz i m pretty sure i won t get an 1vs1 opponent at the same elo as me anytime i decide to play the game . also , i wanna play 1vs1 , not tg


let them be, remember them, report and destroy in the next game with mangonels
Evil should be punished.

I just hate the decision of the devs to go for punishment instead of trying to find a solution.

Why devs want to punish a part of the community?

I - and also most others - have no problems if other players don’t want to play specific maps or one map only or whatever. If they want to restrict themselves so heavily, just let them restrict themselves.
Nobody is harmed if you just allow people to play what they want.

Make ranked modes for certain map only, like arabia and arena in RM and runestones in EW. Problem solved, no dodges, everybody is happy, nobody needs to be punished.


yeah , u are right . also , the majority of players have arabia as their favourite map . so why is the majority of this community forced to play a map they don t like , just cuz there are some players who like marketplace or islands , i really don t know


Exclusion is always inferior to inclusion. Because you exclude someone. In this instance you want to be selfish and are only looking at your enjoyment, that’s why you come to the false conclusion that exclusion would be better. But only for you. Maybe even for the largest minority/majority. But it would still exclude all other minorities at that point and would therefore be suppressive - not to say discriminative.

You said: nobody plays high elo lobby
I disproved you.
Like I said before. Gather your peers and work on a thriving Arabia/Arena Lobby scene.
Stop complaining start acting!