Queue Dodging Timeout Feedback

Totally ignoring the fact that those Lobbies were ranked and changed your Elo 11 - boy if you dig up the past, at least make sure it’s in your favor

Also absolutely insane proposal


ALT-F4 Update made matchmaking worse. You’re forced to play maps you dislike and u either have to play it and grief or resign at start making game for 9 other players meh. :grinning:

If devs were interested to improve ranked tg mm, they would fix smurfing/boosting issues instead of focusing to this garbage update fix.


What’s so insane about it? If you want to play the game, play it right or deal with the consequences.

I can think of nothing more entertaining than the endless salt of people forced to play arena over and over until they play it for real.

You can ask for a refund despite having 1000 hours if you prove you got banned cause the actions of others, which in current state is demonstrable and easy to replicate.

You don’t get a timeout, you are getting a ban, you can’t use the game, the punishment are cumulative and there ain’t any cooldown, if you got a 20 hrs punishment 2 days ago, the next time you get another punishment you don’t start in 5 mins, but you continue with the +20hrs ban(which seems to be the max), so if you are unlucky enough and got a bunch of games where your allies dropped early, or the game just crashes as thousands of reports since release, you are damned.

Also if you don’t know something about laws, avoid the subject, not in all countries the winner can demand the fees of the trial, if you demand a corporation it is under the laws of that country not the usa laws.


Ok , this new time out thingy is literally the worst decision the devs made . i resigned in a game at min 3 , cuz i tried to go for khmer 15 pop into scouts . somehow i lost a vill to a boar so i resigned , now i have a time out …


Hey Devs, thanks for ruining the game! and forcing everyone to play BF! Wonderful!

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Actually it’s a good implementation, finally they punish those who constantly waste the time of others and are for whatever reason not able to host a lobby, where they would 100% get their specific map.

To everyone resigning min 0 or deleting your starting tc: this is not a solution. You can and will be
(rightfully) reported for this and get sooner or later your well deserved ban. The constant trouble of having to make new accounts and grinding them up is not worth it.


This thing sucks, sorry.

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Here is what the devs are telling you with this change:

  • If BF is one of the worst 3 maps, ban it in 1v1.

  • If BF is the very worst map in TG, ban it.

  • If there are more than one WORST maps in TG, find that many friends to increase your vote and ban those maps.

  • If you hate more than 3 of the maps in 1v1, then Ranked is (currently) not for you. Please use custom unranked lobbies while a solution is developed.

  • If you and your 4 friends hate more than 4 of the maps in TG, then Ranked is (currently) not for you. Please use custom unranked lobbies while a solution is developed.

They literally asked for your opinion, and you shared it, which I can respect. Yours just seemed like a very applicable comment to explain this on. nothing personal to you or your opinion.


How about, just leave the GD game alone? It was fine how it was. There is no way this is better than how it was before when people were pushing Alt f4. Additionally, when people resign early because they hate the map, it deflates thier elo, which then causes them to be a smurf and beat up on lower rated people.

I thought the whole point of this was to get a more accurate elo by having people play all the maps? If people’s elo is artificially low from quitting, its having the opposite effect and making elos more inaccurate. I am not sure how anyone can deny that. This is definitely worse.

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I agree that the implementation was needed. for the first time in forever, I had 5 team games IN A ROW that nobody alt F4.

However, I can empathize with those who just had their 100% arabia or 100% arena mode ripped from them. I hope we can continue to encourage to devs to implement a solution that lessens the damage this change had for those groups hardest hit for our benefit.

Devs: Please implement visibility of unranked elo in the custom lobbies quickly while whatever other solution is developed. I may be ignorant, but that seems like a relatively small change that could heal some of the wounds felt by those who have loved and carried this game through the years.


Unfortunately this actually IS way better than it was before. you just never knew, perhaps because of the game mode you chose. I would literally sit for 20-30 minutes to get any game at all in team games. found a match. someone alt F4. Found a match. Someone Alt F4. Found a match. Someone Alt F4. Found a match.

Today I played 5 team games IN A ROW with not a single Alt F4. And nobody resigned early in any of them. That is Absolutely unheard of before their solution.


I am definitely resigning if I get a black forest map. I dont care what you or anyone else has to say about it. I’m not wasting an hour to an hour and a half on playing something I do not want to play. I’ll just be a smurf then and kill some noobs. So be it.


You’ll get bored within 10-20 smurf accounts. I guarantee it. So if you’re going to smurf anyways, go Smurf in unranked arabia (or your preferred map) for a while. You’ll likely even meet up with other people of your opinion and make friends with Arabia Only Folk of your own skill level.

Please keep commenting though to encourage devs to make a solution that works for all of us, we do want a solution that will work for you someday.


Well, even Rome had to fall one day. The game had a succesful 20 year run–its more than anyone could have hoped for. At some point, those in control would find a way to ruin it I would expect.


The game is more succesful than it ever was since it s evolving and attracting more and more players. If you can’t adapt the problem is with you not with the game.
That grumping sounds like an old dog that can’t learn new tricks. Like a doctor who graduated 40 years ago and didn’t undertake any professional education ever since complaining about all the new treatment technologies his not familiar with.

“I’ve been doing amputations for 40 years, and now they say i can’t do it no more, i need to apply this funky new treatment that saves limbs. That’s it, i quit. And when i quit there will be no more doctors left and the medical system will collapse”

Spoiler: no it won’t it will only get better.


The ban threat is working. It’s not a perfect solution and I’d still like to give players the option Arabia only or Arena only queues.

But team games are actually playable and really enjoyable again.


Obviously the veil of Stigma and blindsightness veils as this new change is very welcomed as it should stayed and be intended a ranked system that encourage and rewards people with skills over several maps.

Now i see as in 80% or an equivilant of a large margin that was set for a “standard map” but its just factionally wrong as now we see the clear intended shift that they wanted years ago but through excessive work and maybe some hinderance couldt acommplish

As it stands atm the devs push variety and analized the massive amounts of alt f4 as a problem that do not conform their conduct of a ranked system

Everyone should be rewarded for variety and those arabia and arena only player fear not your place be now in the lobby or in other games because change as in right now like this was needed and deemed to shift an unholy trilogy of unconducted behaviour alf4 and narrow minded thinking


It happened … 20 hours you’re right. The next step is auto unistall?

I got a refund for the game 11. I guess that says enough about the feedback.