Quick visual proposal for Husars and Uhlans (only in age2)

I see how lately there are many new skins… so here my proposal.

Change the skin for hussars and Uhlans only in age 2. In age 2 all units are relatively archaic but husars and Uhlans seens like they would be one age up.

For example in age 2, all german units seem like Renaissance or late medieval. But the Uhlans seem like they would be 2 centuries above.

This seems like that with practically all civs. Musketeers in age 2 seems like 30 years war unit. While hussars seems like 1 centurie or more above.

Hussars or Uhlans in age 2 could seems like that:

Edit: Hussars and Uhlans are very similar in age2 and age3. So this change would make the 3age update more recognizable


I also have similar thoughts, but according to the background of the game background, these two units should not even appear in the commercial age. This approach may serve as a simple compensation for historical details.

One minor thing: most European nations did not have a “hussar” unit in 16/17th century. So if you use a regular horseman model it’s not technically a “hussar”.

Or if one wants to put a “16th century hussar” model into the game (which irl only applies to Eastern Europeans), it should look more like the native shock rider.


Dont care, hussar would be the standard hand cavalry. Ulhans are a very late unit too.

The most important thing would be dont to have a skin out of its time.

Just providing some additional solutions here.

It’s hard to find a name that works for all ages.

In the case of the Uhlan it could simply be renamed and get the Uhlan name back with the Royal Guard upgrade.

The Hussar is a very common unit and not a Royal Guard in many cases so the name can’t just change.

The Age 2 Hussar could take some design hints from the AoE2 Light Cavalry to bridge the gap between both games.

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Uhlans should use a lance cause is what they used, that was a missed oportunity on DE. But now most lance cav uses the lancer class (basically for a spanish card) except stradiots.

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Devs could rework this point in a future too.

I want to refresh this topic.

The problem here is that there is no archaic melee cavalry in the game, and the pan-European version of Hussar did not really appear until the late 17th century at the earliest. This means that an Age 2 “Hussar” design based on Renaissance warfare would either be

  • Irregular and mercenary light melee cavalry, i.e. Crabats, Stradioti, Jinete, Border Reivers. These units are often regionally recruited and have little in common in uniform/clothing.
  • Armoured medium melee cavalry, i.e. Demi-lancer, Harquebusier, etc. Ignoring that the names are already used, it would be quite jarring for players that Age 3 Hussars appear significantly under-armoured compared to Age 2"Hussars".

For the visual proposal to make sense, there should be an Age 2 archaic melee cavalry (“Scout Cavalry”) in the game. However, I doubt the devs are going to make this change.

@FourCloud176402 here is your answer.

Hussars and Uhlans are the only standard unit that seems out of their time. Mercenaries are out of any age because they don´t evolve

Me gusta la idea, pero la imagen de la derecha parece más un dragón qué un ulano, tiene los depositos de pólvora en el pecho.