Quickly strengthen the landmarks of English Abbey of Kings!!!!!!

Although it has been strengthened once, it is still too weak.

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Which landmark are you talking about?

About the “Abbey of Kings”:

  • I once suggested that the King’s skills be improved, so that like Joan, he can capture sacred sites in the Age of Castles. Here is the topic at hand: ( Suggestion: New Units and Mechanics to Classic Civs - January 2024)

  • The other idea was that Abbey of Kings could produce Monks in the Castle Age (Like the Byzantines). Technically, due to its name and historical simile, it should be a religious building, although it does not count as one in the subtype data.

As commented in another topic, the ability of the King to be automatically invoked when building it is a quite notable and positive change to give the English an “Alternate Strategy” in feudal, especially in ranked 1vs1, where it is almost mandatory to always play with “Council Hall” to add pressure.

Although if in 4 months it is still not used enough, perhaps what I suggest can be applied to boost it more.


No abbey of the kings is really good now. If anything wynguard palace needs a buff because you can only train the special units from there and by late game that is too slow, it should have an aura whereby any buildings in that aura can also produce wynguard units.

I do feel like the kings palace could also do with some other little bonus like slightly faster producing vills because it is quite poor compared to the white tower and its ability.

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I think Wynguard Palace is undervalued. Berkshire is often used to take a good map position in terms of resources or to defend a necessary position, but in some cases Wynguard has its value.

The same with the King’s Palace. White Tower may be a bit better, but the King’s Palace is often necessary for the English economy.

Abbey of Kings now has its role and I am glad.

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I never build Abbey Of Kings. I feel like I would fall behand more trying to stay with the french.

I think you have to build the Landmark relatively fast against some civilizations to push the enemy base fast and be able to do FC or 2nd TC in the meantime.

so councill hall is ok