Quickmatch Return of Rome

Please add a quickmatch option for unranked multiplayer games. Age of Empires II has a few different ways to join a random map game quickly and I would like the same for Return of Rome. The multiplayer lobby experience is inferior.


Totally agree.

I believe they will add auto-matchmaking sooner or later.

Quick play in AoE2 is a terrible system. It is pretty much useless and almost no one uses it.

I hope you meant ranked match making. In that case i do agree with your suggestion. I see it as a big mistake that the devs didnt implemented an ranked match making system. As result we are stuck with terrible lobbies.

This is one of the reason i havent bought this DLC yet. For someone who mainly enjoy ranked this DLC have nothing to offer:

  1. Romans is not playable in AoE2. At least not yet.
  2. AoE1 civs dont have a proper place to play ranked.

I suppose that makes me an oddball for wanting unranked quickmatch. I would play ranked quickmatch instead if it was available, for what it’s worth. I just want to be able to jump in an play without having to deal with game lobbies that never fill up or are abandoned after investing some time waiting.


That´s weird. I use it many times and almost always end up finding a match.

I wanna try it, teamup with other 3 guys vs ai? Is it useful?

I agree totally, we need a ranked system like AOE2 DE.
I hope we will get it soon.
Actual Ranked lobby is a waste of time. We can wait almost 15minutes to find out 2 or 3 players. If they don’t do it fast, Return of Rome will be dead soon.
There is no communication from AOE2 ROR developpers, it’s disappointing

This statement is based on absolutely nothing, and it ends up misleading just after checking if you find people with it. I find people with it pretty normally. QP 100% useful.

Also, everybody who doesn’t play custom scenarios, should use quick play for good of all of us (even better waiting times). Black Forest and other popular team-game maps are permanently in the map pool.

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Ranked is far superior to quick play.

You can choice:

  1. Being matched against a random player(s) after 15 minutes
  2. Being matched against an equally skilled player(s) after 2 minutes

The number of players in quick play is really low. There is t really a good reason to use quick play over ranked. In ranked you will be matched against players with the same rating, so about the same skill level. On quick play no rating is used and games are much more unbalanced for that reason. People prefer the same skill over random skill, so less and less players go for quick play. As result waiting times in quick play are become bad. Last time i tried (that is some months ago) i was in the queue for quick play for 15 minutes. This never happens to me in ranked. Even having to wait 5 minutes in ranked is a long time and almost never happen to me.

Quick play just functions the same, but without matching on a rating. Ranked is just superior to quick play because of the matching based on a rating. I have seen matches in quick play like 700 elo va 2100 elo. I have really no idea who enjoy such match ups. These are even worse then the pros very rarely got match to a 1400 rated player. On ranked it happens really, really rarely, on quick play this is business as usual.

Only reason to play quick play is for the games against the AI, to quickly get in these. But i have no idea how popular they are. I never tried these games. So i cant really comment on this game modes. I think it is fine to have a queue for these players.

Note: other difference is the victory condition. Quick play also allows for relic and wonder victory. But these doesnt matter in most games. So i ignore this difference in this post.

So dont tell me that my opinion is based on nothing. That statement is based on nothing.

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Yes it is exactly the current situation we have

Original poster: Add a quickmatch option for unranked games. Lobby experience is inferior.

You: Ranked is just superior to quick play. There is t really a good reason to use quick play over ranked.

I mean, come on, you are 100% out of this topic… which is about unranked games.

PS: We know that ranked has the most accurate matchmaking. Unranked serves in a different way; warm up, test a strategy, or as the place for a more relaxed play for some people.

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For games against other humans (not AI) you are always better off in ranked or the lobby. I cant really think about a case in which i would play in quick play instead of ranked or the lobby. To be clear: With a lobby i mean the unranked lobby (but i dont think there is a real different between the unranked lobby and the ranked lobby).

Quick play is a weird hybrid between the ranked match making system and the unranked lobbies. It kinds of merge the drawbacks of both together, without giving any benefits compared to theses modes. It doesnt make much sense to add quick play. There is a reason why no one really uses it.

If you have the choice between adding ranked or quick play to the gane i will always vote for ranked. Ranked + lobby is so much better then Quick play + lobby.

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Yes and now the normal aoe2 is Rank + Quick play + lobby which is a total mess

I still dont see any ROR games for online play. It’s making me sad