Add Matchmaking to Return of Rome Already

There have been several topics below over the past year asking about adding a matchmaking feature to Age of Empires II: DE Return of Rome DLC. I was really looking forward to playing team games, comp stomps and the occasional 1v1 but without matchmaking these take a long time to set up due to the lobby mini-game. Let’s face it, the lobby system is outdated. It’s based on the premise that up to 8 people can all agree to do something at the exact same time which quite often leaves me frustrated when I’m supposed to be having fun playing the “real” game. Every other game in the franchise has matchmaking as a feature. If Return of Rome is supposed to be a new and improved version of Age of Empires: DE, then why doesn’t it have a matchmaking feature? I feel like the original Age of Empires playerbase has been treated very poorly. First Age of Empires: DE was not given the full definitive edition treatment to bring it up to modern standards and then Return of Rome DLC is released and it too is missing features to this day, including matchmaking. Is playing a “complete” Age of Empires set in the ancient time period to much to ask? I have hopes at least that Age of Mythology: Retold will have matchmaking. Please add matchmaking to Return of Rome already.


I’ve never played RoR, but I do think it needs more attention. I think the big problem of why it isn’t very well-received is because it’s basically the same thing as AoE DE.


Nice idea, you also linked to one of my threads, but i think it is already too late. RoR is death and match making wont make it alive again. The devs should have give us this at launch, not after years.

And if they will add this, then make sure you can queue for normal AoE2 and RoR at the same time. That would be my only hope for a revival.

  • New people appear and ask for development.
  • You keep responding the same to all, I remember: “But” stop asking, it’s dead, it should stay dead because late now.

What you do is not helpful, if not annoying. Please.

To the topic :newspaper:,

some things should be done because it’s a fair to be done, and an obligation. Since RoR has a price, it should have all the necessary stuff.


also needs for aoe2 and ror a new league system becuz i believe so its more playability