Quicksearch in AoE3:DE - Top 10 Player vs ... [meme, but serious point]

In this clip we see Mitoe, leader of ESOC community, multiple tournament accolades to his name, highly experienced, insane game knowledge reviewing his opponent from the last game, who turned out to be probably a private at best with an ELO of 770.

So this game there was an ELO difference of >1,000, noob bashing happened (Mitoe wont resign due to upcoming tournament), Opponent probably hated the experience when new to the game and now might not come back to play it, mitoe wasted 7+ mins of queuing as well as 9 minutes in game (greedy spain ff vs dutch) and gained 0 elo.

Matchmaking is really hurting the upper end of this community and is a big big reason why people are leaving the game.


Are you suggesting that we should get ranked lobbies? I think the solution here could be to make it so that there is an indefinitely timed queue to find an opponent that is above 1000, maybe even above 1100…1200 for someone like MyToe.

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From the clip, it is his 10th game and the matchmaking system probably were still trying to estimate his skill level. But it should not let the new players face top players. I agree the matchmaking has to be more accurate.


No, just fix whatever is wrong. At 1600 I have never played anyone under 1300, it makes no sense that mitoe got paired with a 770…

I think the qs currently for the first 4 minutes accept only close matches, but after that idk what happens. After 4 mins I have beem matched from top1 player to someone in 1300, but for some reason, top players after 4 mins are getting matched with 770…lol

Maybe keep 100 elo diference until 4 minutes, up to 300 at 6min, up to 500 after that, and never more then 500.