The recent buffs to rajputs put them way over the edge, they are super OP. They rodeleros but with way more siege and way more damage.
They have no business having such high attack, siege, and speed. Also it is very confusing having non standardized attack speeds. They can get 18dmg every 1.25 secs in age2. They are unstoppable.
Please reduce their speed, standardize the attack speed so we can compare DPS without a calculator, and maybe reduce their siege or attack or hp, in some way, they are way overtuned. They basically shred everything, including musketeers and villagers. At the very least make them 5 speed again.


Didn’t they get a small buff to rate of fire in return for a drop in base damage? I’m pretty sure the overall dps is now lower than it once was which is ok considering they got lowered in cost. The real buff to them came in siege damage because they had quite low siege damage.

You’re probably just seeing them more now because they are actually a decent unit and the fact sepoys damage to cav got halved means people are looking for alternatives.


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Devs wanted to see them on the battlefield, now they are🤷‍♂️

Bring them back as before? Eliminate them from the game as they are useless, you have sepoy tanks

They are good vs mass cavalry tho, if they are going to keep the lesser bonus of sepoys vs cav just go back with their siege attack turning them into a kind of rodelero.

Meanwhile, why sepoys have to have a lesser bonus vs cav?? They move slower, which is enough disadvantage.

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I’ve never needed them, what would I use them for, they don’t perform well against skirms if one knows how to micro and I should always be above the mass opponent because before I get there I will make many losses, against horses I have sepoys who are much more versatile and zamburacks which are faster, moreover rajput has a cost in Wood and it is inconvenient above all because I would have to mix gurkha but at this point it makes more sense to do gurkha and sepoy or gurkha and zamburack.
With the current rajputs it may be useful to make them against certain civilizations, I would like to try against Russia but it would be all to be seen, for they are not op you just have to know how to micro to beat them they are frail because they are heavy infantry therefore countered by light infantry and musketeers because they have body resistance melee, dragoons and most likely halberdiers as well as artillery

Cuz they still are what amounts to a combination of janissaries and redcoats even after the nerf.

They were actually good before the patch, they were just overshadowed by sepoys. Now it’ll be the other way around. Again, they are essentially halberdiers in age2 with the speed of a rodelero. They destroy everything in their path. Wait until you get lamed by it, you’ll see.

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They have high melee resist and good damage, but they should still be weak to musket balls no?

I occasionally play india myself and I’ve been using them. Stat wise they’re fairly similar to a rodolero except rodoleros are faster and fight better in melee due to 40% melee resist, rodoleros are also cheaper and have more upgrades. Vs cav they’re pretty much the same the only major thing going for the rajput is higher siege damage so it’s like a lot more expensive and faster moving pike. I don’t see any balance issues with it currently it does cost 125 resources. They’re quite fun to raid with because while slower than rodoleros they do have more hp in exchange for lower melee resist which is more useful for raiding and surviving tc/tower fire while running away.

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They shred cav way more than rods. They are NOT akin to pikes, they are halberdiers with almost the speed of rods. They destroy muskets. Rods trade poorly vs musket. The problem with rajputs is that they’re good at everything. Raiding, sieging, chasing down infantry, they are 100% overpowered, you sir just like to defend everything lame under the sun. India can now spam only rajputs and win easily.

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No need to be rude, I may be against a lot of nerfs that I see as unnecessary (such as inca nerfs, civ remains in a terrible state, nobody plays them now and they still receive more nerfs) but if 1 thing is not op it’s the rajput lol.

The rodolero does 38.5 damage per attack against cav, the rajput does 43. Now sure the rajput attacks a bit faster but the rodolero has 20% more melee resist and more speed so better in the fight and better at catching cav. The rajput is also more expensive than a rodolero and lacks upgrade cards compared to the rodolero which has 3 combat cards and a royal guard upgrade.

Jack of all trades master of none is my comment to you’re claim they’re good at everything. Rods are better at actually catching cav and being effective anti-cav units, pikes give more siege for their much cheaper cost. They are decent at raiding because they’re fast but they are far worse than any normal shock infantry, a coyote runner for example costs less has more hp, ranged resist and more speed. It’s not like the rajput is better than specialized units, it’s just decent at several things.

Your math is not taking into account that rajputs get 8 more hits in per minute than rods.
The math:
Rods attack every 1.5 seconds at 11 base dmg.
60 sec ÷ 1.5 = 40 hits per minute.
40 x 11 = 440 base damage per minute.
x3.5 multiplier vs cav = 1,540 dmg to heavy cav per minute.

Attack every 1.25 seconds.
60 seconds ÷ 1.25 = 48 hits per minute
14 base dmg x 48 = 672 base damage per minute
X3 vs Heavy Cav = 2,016 damage to cav per minute.

Therefore they are significantly better at killing cav than rods. Rods only do like 10 siege btw, and take forever to kill vills. Rajputs ARE INDEED OVERTUNED. They are like an age2 oprichnik mixed with a halberdier. The spam is real, the lame is real. I guarantee you they will receive a nerf. Hopefully to their speed and cost. The only buff they needed was the siege to compensate sepoys siege nerf, which was a good change.

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Very interesting math so thanks for that. Just in case you forgot to calculate it’s old stats they were 18 base damage at 1.5 rof so 18x40= 720 base damage. x3 vs heavy cav= 2160 damage.

So what you’re telling me is that rajputs damage has been nerfed but now since the update they’ve suddenly become god tier units? Tell me how that works.

Rajputs might be the least used unit in the game so devs just overbuff them and make them not just viable but super braindead.


The reduction in their attack is minimal compared to the speed buff and enormous siege boost, in addition to being cheaper. Forgot to mention they also snare a lot better because of the high rof. So yes, they are god tier units. It doesn’t take a genius to realize they were buffed too much and are now too strong.
P.s. when you factor in the resource reduction and the slight attack reduction, it really isn’t much of a reduction in attack at all, the unit still basically does the same amount of attack per resource as before.

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Ok so you were wrong about their damage agreed. What speed buff did they get, I don’t see any buff in the patch notes? Any difference to snare is absolutely negligible, rods snare just fine with 1.5 rof it certainly doesn’t matter more than a reduction in damage.

Resource reduction is neither here nor there, the unit was ridiculously overpriced when it was 135 resources. A reduction in 10 food is tiny and if anything they perhaps needed more of a reduction because 125 res is a lot. The reduction in 1 unit by 10 food is also more than offset by the 5% nerf to the kani wonders gather rate boost.

Let’s speak plainly here, the unit is a tiny bit cheaper and does less damage than it did before. The only reason you’re here making this post is because sepoys got nerfed vs cav and now people actually use the rajput.


Nvm, I thought I saw speed buff, doesn’t change the fact they’re too fast and need a big nerf to their speed and attack or hp or cost. They were fine as before, it’s not that they were bad, it’s that sepoys were too good.


Then we agree that they haven’t suddenly become good because of this patch.

I don’t think they need any kind of nerf, they cost 125 resources each, that’s like 50% more than a pike they should offer more than a standard pike for that cost. Other than the sepoy nerf I’d say a big reason they are used now is because they can actually siege like a pike and they should always have had a decent siege for such an expensive melee/anti-cav unit.