Ranked DeathMode needs treaty

Deathmode is unplayable due to player rush in the first minute.

A treaty of 10min length must be added. Also the Speed should be reduced to normal.

Death match was always played on these setting for years and years and years. Changing this make no sense to me.

Did you hear DM will be gone from ranked in the next patch? You can still host the game in the lobby and you can pick you own settings as well. So if you are one of the few players who like DM with a treaty and on slower speed, then you can already host these games in the lobby.

If you missed the new about DM not in ranked anymore in the next patch: It will be change to Empire Wars game mode.

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Imagine wanting to change something that have been the same since 1999, while not even knowing the full name of the thing

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There actually have been discussions going about something like that on the big DM Discord server, as they wondered why so few new players tried out DM. If I’m not mistaken some people proposed to remove the starting scout, so that it wouldn’t be so hard for players who don’t know how to build perfectly thigh to be able to survive the first 3 minutes without getting denied by one hussar. I feel like it would be a better idea than a 10 minutes treaty, as it would be too long for a fast paced mode such as DM.

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It’s just hilarious.