Ranked ELO rigging evidence

I played a 4vs4 ranked game where two players immediately quit as soon as game started.

It doesn’t take rocket science to know you can’t win a ranked 2vs4 game if you’re in a team of 2, so I refused to play and resigned imediately.

The two players to report are using fake ids. In the game they appeared as Pawel and art.rott but once the game finished, Pawel became Kaleb of Axum and art.rott became Henry V (the grey one, the cyan Henry V is explained on my edit note later on). If they at least have two names, they probably have n-more names meaning their abuse is probably systematic.

Pawel —> Kaleb of Axum
art.rott —> Henry V (grey)

EDIT: I noticed that my gameID was changed to HenryV in cyan. How is that possible? I keep my SAME ID and don’t change it so that people recognize the player, this assuming my ID was not hacked.

I provide the print-screens and game save as evidence.
MP Replay v101.101.59165.0 @2022.03.18 183627 (4).aoe2record (1.8 MB)

ELO rigging exists and is an issue in AO2 game, and honest players are paying the penalty for system exploiters, early quitters or smurfs manipulating their win/lose ratios.

I got that -16 rank penalty because of dishonest malicious behaviour. However, let’s not be naive: early quitting in team games will continue to go unchecked if no one complains.

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The truly amazing stuff about this post is that someone actually managed to unintentionally reach elo below 800 in teamgames.

As for the actual topic, interesting bug. And sad for you to be stuck in a 2v4, this things happen - mostly when someones game crashes. However, this has nothing to do with elo rigging. If there was a secret technique to rig the system, people would certainly not use it at the very lowest elo, but rather at the top.

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The players left 1-2 min, almost simultaneously, after the game started not in second 1 due to disconnect. So the disconnect excuse is uncalled here.

Watch the game and see the two players chatting 1 or 2 things and then they leave. The evidence is all there.

Honestly, It takes a lot of courage to play a 4vs4 with people you don’t know… This kind of things will always happen, especially at low elo levels where player dedication is somewhat low. Play with your friend(s), and you won’t suffer early quitters.

I don’t think this is a case of "elo rigging’’, because the gain of being sub elo 1000 is quite dubious. Probably these two players did not like the map.

If you want my two cents, there is no fake ids in aoe2. In your case, the player names were just replaced by placeholder names (which correspond to the civilization played by these players). The same things happen to you because you resigned.


I really dont care. If one player leaves, its obvious other players will leave as well because there isn’t really a chance to win anymore. Heck, YOU left as well, so are you in on it as well??

Just stop seeing conspirancies everywhere, accept that aoe2 is a hard game, play the art of war campaigns and you will win 20 games in a row easily.


People are using it at the top :smiley: THis account will probably team up soon with a 2.8k+ palyer and they will only get matched vs players around 2.3k…oh and the 2.8k player will still get a lot of points for a win.

Welcome to the smurfing issue in this game, which hasn’t been touched for 9(?) months.

Sounds to me like they don’t like the map and decided to fall out. Also 2v4 at 800TG is more than doable lol

They say something when the game starts, i wonder what.

Oh i know about this. But thats really nothing like what OP is decribing, its just regular smurfing. And its far less common than people complaining about it is.

Well if i have a closer look these accounts indeed have too many games so i do think these are not smurfing accounts as well.

I heavily disagree about the other thing tho. Don’t know what ur teamgame elo is but elo manipulating is a huge thing in teamgames. If you play vs asians it’s like 80-90% of the time that sb has a new account but plays like a 3k elo player.

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I play at 2.7k TG elo, so yeah, as i said, i do know about this stuff. Its just maybe one game in 20, and i dont really care about it. If they smurf, they beat me and i lose points; if they dont smurf, they still beat me but i dont lose points. Since my ego is not tied to my ladder rank, i dont see a difference.

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smurfing happens a lot around the 1500-2000 +/- TG. 2.7k is pretty good, congrats!

I don’t care about your poor opinions either. I care about voicing problems I see and not pretending they’re not there. The links are there, so you only get fooled if you want.

Well let me put it another way: Do you want to be of higher rank than you are now?

those are AI names
this is probably nothing the players did but the game assigned them AIs names for some reason